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Fantasy Football Reports

  • Explaining my Andrew Luck love (07/25)
    "Cory, dude, why so much love for Andrew Luck?" He explains why you should be focusing your draft attention toward Indy's rising stud.
  • Fantasy football busts and risky players for 2014 (07/24)
    There are different levels of fantasy football draft peril. Marshawn Lynch happens to be a bit more dangerous than most other shaky purchases.
  • Fantasy Football: Responding to Ray Rice's recess (07/24)
    Ray Rice's suspension had been looming for weeks. Now that the unknown is known, how should fantasy footballers respond?
  • Top 16 fantasy football breakout players for 2014 (07/23)
    Toby Gerhart's new opportunity should mean big things in 2014.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: IDP (07/23)
    If you play in a fantasy football league with Individual Defensive Players, keep our rankings for defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs at your side.
  • 2014 Fantasy Football Sleepers: 44 names to consider (07/22)
    Fantasy football sleepers and undervalued players can help you get a leg up on your competition on the way to a championship season. KFFL knows which players you need to own and buy on the cheap.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Standard Scoring (07/21)
    Make sure you have KFFL's trusted standard fantasy football rankings at your fingertips for the 2014 draft season!
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: PPR Scoring (07/21)
    Fantasy football rankings for PPR (point-per-reception) league scoring ... where a catch can make all the difference between winning and losing!
  • Fantasy Football Tips: What is a handcuff? (07/21)
    Not every No. 2 back on an NFL team has the same role for fantasy purposes.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Scoring only (07/21)
    Fantasy football rankings for scoring (touchdowns) only league formats.
  • Fantasy Baseball Reports

  • Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts: Chris Taylor arrives, Jake Petricka takes over (07/25)
    The M's need some offense, so they've called up one of their Triple-A stars. Plus, another closer change, by default, could help fantasy players. So could a Phillies lineup switch.
  • Fantasy Baseball Closer Depth Charts: Joakim Soria traded, Rangers fill void (07/24)
    Soria's owners don't like the move to Motown. Texas' replacement is a familiar name.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Free Agents: Add Josh Rutledge and two RPs (07/24)
    Troy Tulowitzki's injury boosts Rutledge's worth. One new closer and one presumptive option in a few weeks remain lightly owned.
  • Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Second-half sleepers and busts (07/23)
    The Knights gather to decree who will rebound and who will fade as the season winds down.
  • Chase Headley joins Yankees, regains fantasy baseball value (07/22)
    Leaving San Diego helps any hitter. Going to the Bronx could push them even further. Is Chase Headley available in your league?
  • Fantasy Baseball 3 Up, 3 Down: Wade Miley, Joaquin Benoit gain value (07/22)
    A surging SP and a new closer top this week's countdown.
  • Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: Tout Wars Peyton Place (07/22)
    Fantasy baseball is sort of like a soap opera, as Lawr Michaels has learned via Tout Wars AL.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Joaquin Benoit closing (07/21)
    The Padres' new closer rewarded patient fantasy owners. Plus, another saves option, a few young infielders, and a resurgent SP can help.
  • Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts: Conor Gillaspie, Joaquin Benoit ownership on the rise (07/18)
    The White Sox third sacker is proving to be a must-own, and a trade in the NL West could open up big fantasy value for a certain reliever.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Free Agents: Wade Miley on the rise (07/16)
    The D-backs' southpaw has made some positive changes and is rolling over the competition as a result. We also have plenty of hitters who can help, including a potential soon-to-be ex-Padre....
  • Fantasy NASCAR Reports

  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at The Brickyard (07/26)
    Jeff Gordon is among those who have kissed the bricks before, and he should be good to go this weekend once again in Indianapolis.
  • Fantasy NASCAR: Polking's Picks for Indianapolis (07/24)
    Ryan Newman's great history at Indy makes him a fine choice for this weekend. Brian Polking has more selections inside.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Sleepers and Busts: Crown Royal presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard (07/23)
    Which drivers will stand out and fail to rise to the occasion at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend?
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Camping World RV Sales 301 (07/12)
    As the Sprint Cup series speeds into New Hampshire, remember to go conservative with your roster. Denny Hamlin should be in there.
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