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Fantasy Football Reports

  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Standard Scoring (07/09)
    Make sure you have KFFL's trusted standard fantasy football rankings at your fingertips for the 2014 draft season!
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: PPR Scoring (07/09)
    Fantasy football rankings for PPR (point-per-reception) league scoring ... where a catch can make all the difference between winning and losing!
  • Fantasy football busts and risky players for 2014 (07/09)
    There are different levels of fantasy football draft peril. Marshawn Lynch happens to be a bit more dangerous than most other shaky purchases.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: ESPN Scoring (07/09)
    It's time to start kicking butt and taking names, and our fantasy football rankings will help you do that. These specialized rankings are designed for ESPN's fantasy football default league scoring system.
  • 2014 Fantasy Football Sleepers: 44 names to consider (07/08)
    Fantasy football sleepers and undervalued players can help you get a leg up on your competition on the way to a championship season. KFFL knows which players you need to own and buy on the cheap.
  • Fantasy Football Tips: Jamaal Charles' ranking, plus Roddy White vs. Michael Crabtree (07/08)
    Does Jamaal Charles rule the roost? Plus, which wide receiver does Tim prefer?
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Scoring only (07/08)
    Fantasy football rankings for scoring (touchdowns) only league formats.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Yahoo! Sports Scoring (07/08)
    Are you playing in a Yahoo! Sports fantasy football league this year? If so, these rankings will be your best friend and key to success this year.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: NFL.com Scoring (07/08)
    Are you playing fantasy football at NFL.com this year? These fantasy football rankings are ready to help you win.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: CBS Sports Scoring (07/08)
    Are you playing fantasy football at CBS Sports this year? Dominate your competition with KFFL's fantasy football rankings powering your draft picks.
  • Fantasy Baseball Reports

  • Fantasy Baseball Round Table: What do you do during the All-Star break? (07/09)
    What do the Knights do during the Midsummer Classic? Do they even look at their teams?
  • Fantasy baseball closer depth charts: White Sox in flux, Giants not (07/08)
    While San Fran has made a decision, the South Siders remain devoted to frustrating fantasy players.
  • Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: Sliders not meant for your plate (07/08)
    After last week's list of second-half sleepers, Lawr takes a look at players bound to slide after the All-Star break.
  • Fantasy Baseball 3 Up, 3 Down: B.J. Upton, Mike Moustakas fixed? (07/08)
    Two hitters who've frustrated fantasy players may be turning things around. One ... you might be better just letting go.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Kole Calhoun has wings (07/07)
    This Angel in the outfield is preaching at the plate, and his disciples are finally noticing his ridiculous run.
  • Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts: Justin Ruggiano, Tyler Skaggs back in business (07/03)
    The Cubs' outfielder may be in for more playing time. The Angels' returning SP could be in store for a fine season moving forward.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Free Agents: Ubaldo Jimenez fixed? Plus two Blue Jays (07/02)
    He's been a dangerous pitcher, and not in a good way. But Jimenez is capable of big things, and he may be stepping closer to breaking through.
  • Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Second-half mock draft (07/02)
    Lord Zola, Tim and eight other competitors participated in a 4-round second-half mock. Where did Bryce Harper go? What about Brian Dozier? Michael Brantley? Jose Abreu?
  • Fantasy Baseball 3 Up, 3 Down: Taijuan Walker, Sergio Romo, more (07/01)
    The Mariners' youngster is ready to take the next step as he's activated. The Giants' former closer is becoming dead roster space.
  • Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: Second-half sleepers (07/01)
    Lawr is thinking about who'll stand out in the second half. Six names, including an Angel, come to mind.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Reports

  • Fantasy NASCAR Sleepers and Busts: Camping World RV Sales 301 (07/09)
    Eric McClung gives some undervalued and overvalued options for this weekend's New Hampshire race.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Camping World RV Sales 301 (07/08)
    As the Sprint Cup series speeds into New Hampshire, remember to go conservative with your roster. Denny Hamlin should be in there.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Coke Zero 400 (07/04)
    The holiday weekend brings NASCAR back to Daytona, where the unpredictable nature of this track has Brian Polking thinking about wildcard selections.
  • Fantasy NASCAR: Polking's Picks for Daytona (07/03)
    Junior is one of the "safest" picks at the wild Daytona track. Who else is Brian clicking for the holiday weekend?
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