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Fantasy Football Reports

  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Tim Heaney (04/18)
    Check out the massive revision to Tim's NFL first-round mock draft, including yet another new team for Johnny Manziel!
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Cory Bonini (04/17)
    Cory's latest mock draft has a few twists and turns that probably will leave you calling him an idiot!
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Keith Hernandez (04/17)
    Not much has changed atop Keith's first-round mock draft, but there's some shuffling going on later in the round.
  • Fantasy Football: Chris Johnson lands with the Jets (04/16)
    Many owners may be quick to write off the newest Jets running back, Chris Johnson. Is Cory among them?
  • 2014 NFL Draft: WR outlook (04/14)
    In the third part of his NFL Draft Outlook series, Cory tackles the wide receiver position.
  • 2014 NFL Draft: RB outlook (04/13)
    Cory continues to break down the 2014 NFL Draft by addressing the running back position.
  • 2014 NFL Draft: QB outlook (04/12)
    Cory outlines the notable quarterback prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft and talks about their long-term projections.
  • Fantasy Football Tips: Bengals, Vikings offenses on the rise (04/11)
    Coordinator and scheme changes in Cincinnati and Minnesota bode well for their top players.
  • 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Nicholas Minnix (03/28)
    Minnix doesn't get worked up about the NFL Draft like the rest of you clowns do, but he must have an opinion about some of these guys, right?
  • Michael Vick regaining fantasy football value with new home? (03/21)
    Michael Vick has his shot to regain a starting gig in the NFL. Can he win the job in NY?
  • Fantasy Baseball Reports

  • Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Researching and preparing FAAB, pickups (04/23)
    A few of our Knights let us in on their thinking when they're making their final pickup entries.
  • White Sox fantasy baseball roundup: Chris Sale hurting, Dayan Viciedo on the rise (04/22)
    Will Chris Sale be lining up to have Tommy John surgery? Plus, there's another Cuban in Chicago that's raking thanks to a new approach.
  • Fantasy Baseball 3 Up, 3 Down: George Springer, Ike Davis surging (04/22)
    The Astros' top bat prospect has arrived, and Ike Davis isn't the only Mets-related player making news. Click for them and players and the downswing.
  • Fantasy baseball closer depth charts: Jason Grilli toast? Craig Kimbrel still hobbled? (04/22)
    The Pirates' stopper may have some issues. At least the understudy to grab is crystal-clear. Plus, is something still wrong with Craig Kimbrel?
  • Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: Deal or no deal? (04/22)
    The price of at-bats in NL LABR puts Lawr -- and his numerous top-shelf pitchers -- in a tough spot when he realizes he's not getting enough offense.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Justin Morneau taps the Rockies (04/21)
    Mixed-leaguers are finally embracing the possibilities Coors Field offers Morneau.
  • Fantasy Baseball Tips: Justin Masterson's recovery, Dallas Keuchel's potential (04/21)
    Tim highlights two pitchers who could aid fantasy baseball players for the rest of the season.
  • Fantasy Baseball Weekly Digest: Brian Dozier rolling, Cole Hamels returning, more (04/20)
    The Twins' keystoner is mashing. The Phils' second ace is about to debut. Get the lowdown on injuries, pitching matchups and more!
  • Fantasy Baseball Notes: Ike Davis traded to Pirates (04/18)
    The Bucs are taking a chance on Ike Davis. Should fantasy owners do the same?
  • Trouble in fantasy baseball paradise: Yasiel Puig's off-the-field concerns (04/18)
    Owners of Yasiel Puig didn't know there'd be this much drama surrounding him off the field. Can his superior baseball skills trump the rest of is issues?
  • Fantasy NASCAR Reports

  • Fantasy NASCAR Sleepers and Busts: Toyota Owners 400 (04/23)
    Joey Logano's up-and-down early-season run could hit another bump at Richmond. What drivers should you trust more?
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Toyota Owners 400 (04/22)
    Brian Polking talks about Richmond's best and worst options, with Kevin Harvick at the top.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Bojangles' Southern 500 (04/11)
    Denny Hamlin is the headliner for fantasy owners that must navigate The Lady in Black.
  • Polking's Picks: Bojangles' Southern 500 (04/10)
    Find out which drivers Brian Polking has chosen to ride to the fantasy finish line at Darlington.
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