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Fantasy Football Reports

  • Top 16 fantasy football breakout players for 2014 (07/23)
    Toby Gerhart's new opportunity should mean big things in 2014.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: IDP (07/23)
    If you play in a fantasy football league with Individual Defensive Players, keep our rankings for defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs at your side.
  • 2014 Fantasy Football Sleepers: 44 names to consider (07/22)
    Fantasy football sleepers and undervalued players can help you get a leg up on your competition on the way to a championship season. KFFL knows which players you need to own and buy on the cheap.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Standard Scoring (07/21)
    Make sure you have KFFL's trusted standard fantasy football rankings at your fingertips for the 2014 draft season!
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: PPR Scoring (07/21)
    Fantasy football rankings for PPR (point-per-reception) league scoring ... where a catch can make all the difference between winning and losing!
  • Fantasy Football Tips: What is a handcuff? (07/21)
    Not every No. 2 back on an NFL team has the same role for fantasy purposes.
  • Fantasy Football Rankings: Scoring only (07/21)
    Fantasy football rankings for scoring (touchdowns) only league formats.
  • Fantasy Football: T.Y. Hilton is under the microscope (07/19)
    Cory takes a closer look at what you can expect from Indianapolis wide receiver T.Y. Hilton after all of the changes on offense for the Colts.
  • Finding veteran value to exploit (07/17)
    Some players are overlooked because of age, injury history, system changes, and new players cutting into their time. Whatever the reason, every now and then you can use that to your fantasy football advantage.
  • Fantasy football busts and risky players for 2014 (07/16)
    There are different levels of fantasy football draft peril. Marshawn Lynch happens to be a bit more dangerous than most other shaky purchases.
  • Fantasy Baseball Reports

  • Chase Headley joins Yankees, regains fantasy baseball value (07/22)
    Leaving San Diego helps any hitter. Going to the Bronx could push them even further. Is Chase Headley available in your league?
  • Fantasy Baseball 3 Up, 3 Down: Wade Miley, Joaquin Benoit gain value (07/22)
    A surging SP and a new closer top this week's countdown.
  • Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: Tout Wars Peyton Place (07/22)
    Fantasy baseball is sort of like a soap opera, as Lawr Michaels has learned via Tout Wars AL.
  • Fantasy baseball closer depth charts: Huston Street trade shakes up Angels, Padres (07/21)
    Angels secure their back end, while the Padres may even trade their new stopper, as well.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Joaquin Benoit closing (07/21)
    The Padres' new closer rewarded patient fantasy owners. Plus, another saves option, a few young infielders, and a resurgent SP can help.
  • Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts: Conor Gillaspie, Joaquin Benoit ownership on the rise (07/18)
    The White Sox third sacker is proving to be a must-own, and a trade in the NL West could open up big fantasy value for a certain reliever.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Free Agents: Wade Miley on the rise (07/16)
    The D-backs' southpaw has made some positive changes and is rolling over the competition as a result. We also have plenty of hitters who can help, including a potential soon-to-be ex-Padre....
  • Fantasy baseball players to buy and sell for the second half (07/14)
    Which assets must fantasy players need to re-evaluate? For one, Chris Davis is better than this.
  • Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts: Jimmy Nelson, Dillon Gee ready to help (07/11)
    This pair of starting pitchers can bolster the back end of your mixed staff. Don't forget about two journeyman mashers with renewed fantasy life.
  • Top 5 Fantasy Baseball Free Agents: Charlie Morton's quiet brilliance (07/10)
    The Pirates hurler has teased us before, but his growth is still going unnoticed by droves of fantasy players. Mistake....
  • Fantasy NASCAR Reports

  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at The Brickyard (07/22)
    Jeff Gordon is among those who have kissed the bricks before, so he should be good to go this weekend once again in Indianapolis.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Rankings: Camping World RV Sales 301 (07/12)
    As the Sprint Cup series speeds into New Hampshire, remember to go conservative with your roster. Denny Hamlin should be in there.
  • Fantasy NASCAR: Polking's Picks for New Hampshire (07/10)
    New Hampshire's field should be dominated by the typical big names, says Brian Polking.
  • Fantasy NASCAR Sleepers and Busts: Camping World RV Sales 301 (07/09)
    Eric McClung gives some undervalued and overvalued options for this weekend's New Hampshire race.
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