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Browns | Team showing interest in Roan

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 10:59:51 -0700

Josh Buchanan, of, reports Southern Utah C Matt Roan is receiving interest from the Cleveland Browns.

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NFL | UNLV Pro Day: QB Jason Thomas

Thu, 27 Mar 2003 00:19:40 -0800

Matt Gambill, of All Pro Scouting, has informed KFFL that UNLV QB Jason Thomas measured in at 6-foot-3 5/8 and 242 pounds. He was clocked at 4.86 and 4.90 in the 40-yard dash, had a 7.35 three-cone drill, 4.48 short shuttle, 9-foot-6 broad jump and 32" vertical jump.

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NFL | Curtis Aces the Wonderlic

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 20:40:54 -0800

Len Pasquarelli reports for Utah State WR Kevin Curtis scored a 48 on the 50-question Wonderlic test, the psychological profile battery administered to players. That could be the second-best score ever.

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NFL | Curtis Runs Well

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 20:26:05 -0800

Gil Brandt reports for Utah State WR Kevin Curtis (5-foot-11 1/8, 189 pounds) ran in the 4.4s at the NFL Combine on Sunday.

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NFL | Harris Works Out at Arkansas' Pro Day

Tue, 26 Mar 2002 11:31:03 -0800

According to Chad Wiestling, VP of TriStar Sports Management, Arkansas safety Corey Harris (5'11", 206 lbs.), during Tuesday's workout at Arkansas in front of representatives from the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns, posted a 4.52-second "40", a 4.0-second short-shuttle, a 34" vertical jump, a 9'10" broad jump, a 7.0-second 3-cone drill and bench-pressed 225 lbs. 20 times.

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NFL | Allen Workout Notes

Sat, 16 Mar 2002 12:37:14 -0800

The Portland Tribune reports LB James Allen (Oregon State) ran a 40-yard dash between 4.53 and 4.62 seconds.

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NFL | Lewis Has Better Showing at Colorado's Pro Day

Fri, 15 Mar 2002 09:48:06 -0800

Former Colorado S Michael Lewis, according to the Denver Post, had a strong showing on Thursday at the school's pro day. He didn't have a good workout at the NFL Combine earlier this year. On Thursday, Lewis was clocked between 4.35 and 4.4 on the 40-yard dash, while his times in Indianapolis were 4.68 and 4.72.

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NFL | Draft Note

Sat, 09 Mar 2002 20:47:22 -0800

John McClain reports for the Houston Chronicle Colorado SS Michael Lewis ran the 40-yard dash in 4.53 and 4.58 at the Indianapolis scouting combine. Reports of his falling stock don't appear to be true and he should be drafted near the bottom of the first round or early in the second. Some scouts think he'll make a better free safety.

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NFL | Johnson Looks Good During Cold Weather Workout

Fri, 08 Mar 2002 14:22:21 -0800

WR DeVeren Johnson, from Sacred Heart, had representatives from the New York Jets, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills on hand for his workout according to his agent, Joe Linta. Linta informed KFFL that Johnson ran a 4.66 40-yard dash on the cold grass during 40-degree weather. At 6-foot-4 and 212 pounds, he also had a 6.75 second L-drill, 37" vertical jump and 10' broad jump.

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NFL | Court Note

Sat, 13 Mar 1999 12:35:00 -0800

The AP reports that Errick Williams, the father of RB Ricky Williams, has been charged with embezzling more than $20,000 from a nursing home. He is being held in lieu of $40,000 bail on a third-degree felony theft charge. Williams' mom said there would be no comment from Ricky on the matter and she was totally furious the father would put Ricky in this situation.

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NFL | James' Stock Rising

Mon, 08 Mar 1999 12:25:00 -0800

Larry Weisman reports in the USA Today that Miami RB Edgerrin James' stock keeps rising for the upcoming draft. He recently ran a 4.38 40-yard dash at an on-campus workout. He met with coach Dick Vermeil of the Rams and staffs from Kansas City and Philadelphia. He's not worried about passing Ricky Williams as the No. 1 RB in the draft. "I'm not concerned," he says. "I know they can't look past me."

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NFL | Combine Tidbits

Sun, 07 Mar 1999 11:20:00 -0800

Tony Grossi reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer some notes about the recent combine in Indianapolis. A potential red flag went up on RB Ricky Williams when his outstretched hand only measured seven inches diagonally from pinky to thumb. That would be considered a fairly small hand and raised a question about a potential fumble issue at the NFL level. There were 323 players at the combine and a record 100 declined to participate in the drills. The fastest 40-yard dash times were 4.37 seconds, CB Paul Miranda (Central Florida), 4.41 seconds, RB Cecil Collins, (Ex-McNeese St.) and 4.42 seconds, WR Tai Streets (Michigan). The highest vertical jump: 43.5 inches, RB Jerry Azumah (New Hampshire), 42 inches, S Pierson Prioleau (Virginia Tech), 41.5 inches, RB De'Mond Parker (Oklahoma) and WR Derrius Thompson (Baylor). OT Aaron Gibson (Wisconsin) was the heaviest player at 386 pounds and the lightest non-kicking player was DB Marvin Love (Kentucky) at 164 pounds.

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NFL | Williams Working Out for Everyone

Tue, 02 Mar 1999 16:35:00 -0800

ESPNs NFL-2-Night reports RB Ricky Williams in an interview said he would have a workout at the end of March for all interested teams as he denied that he would ONLY workout for the Browns. He still hopes to go No. 1 but he'll perform wherever he goes (according to him).

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NFL | No Baseball For Williams

Fri, 26 Feb 1999 09:55:00 -0800

ESPN reports that RB Ricky Williams will put off his baseball career as he is not expected to report to spring training with the Texas Rangers. Instead he'll spend his time "getting in the best shape of his life."

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Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:30:00 -0800

Texas RB Ricky Williams, an expected top three draft selection, has announced today that he will be managed by rap star Master P.

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Bronson Marquez TE
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Brooks Dan WR
Brooks Jarrett WR
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Broomfield Corey CB
Brotzman Kyle PK
Broussard Alley RB
Browder Chris DL
Browder Philander WR
Brown Aaron Z. RB
Brown Andre M. WR
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Brown Broderick CB
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Byrdsong Marvin LB
Byrum Wes PK
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Caliste Hubert CB
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Callender Andre RB
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Carder Ricky LB
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Carfagno Anthony FB
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Carlson Nick C
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Carter Cliff WR
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Covington Raheem CB
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Cox Marcus RB
Cox Mike A. RB
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Craver Steve SS
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Crawford David WR
Crawford Justin RB
Crawford Matt OT
Crawford Tederic CB
Creear Willie CB
Crier Keenyn P
Crosby Tyrell OT
Croson Duron RB
Crosson Duron RB
Crouch Curtis OG
Crowley Thomas C
Cruikshank Dane S
Crum Maurice LB
Crumbie Vosean DB
Cubit Ryan QB
Cullen Desi P
Cummings James RB
Cummings Rashad RB
Cummings Ryan OL
Cundiff Billy X. QB
Cutaia Matt WR
Cutright Brian TE
Cutts Curtis SS
Cwik Joey LB
Czerwien Mike DL
Dallas J.J. DB
Dane Todd FB
Daniels Brooks LB
Daniels James C
Daniels Wayne DL
Daniels Wyane LB
Darnold Sam QB
Dasher Dwight QB
Daugherty Andrew DL
Davanzo Victor SS
Davenport Dominique FS
Davenport Marcus DE
David Julien S
Davila Nick QB
Davis Bryson FB
Davis Carlton CB
Davis Darrin RB
Davis Devron CB
Davis Eric DL
Davis Jabari RB
Davis Jay QB
Davis Jeremy LB
Davis Jon WR
Davis Maguell LB
Davis Marquez LB
Davis Matt QB
Davis Matthew PK
Davis Mike A. CB
Davis Stafford OL
Davis Stanley SS
Davis Steven DL
Davis Terence WR
Daws Dusty ST
Dawson Calvin RB
Dawson Duke CB
Dawson Roderick CB
Dawson Trinity RB
Deattie Tyson P
Deckart Sheldon LB
DelaBarre Andy TE
Delgardo James CB
DeMars Jason LB
Dennis Herschel RB
DeRosia Damion DL
Derosia Jordan OT
Derting Will LB
DeSisso Travis SS
Dial William TE
Dibbles Larry DL
DiBetta Garreth CB
Dick Casey QB
Dick Nathan QB
Dickerson Jason LS
Dickson Clifton DL
Dieker Chris QB
Dierking Dan RB
Dietz Connor WR
DiGeorgio Joe SS
Diggs Claude FB
Dillon Luke WR
Dirkmaat David OL
Dissly Will TE
Dixon Andre RB
Dixon Sean CB
Doe Dustin LB
Doering Dan OL
Doerr Ryan P
Donohue Ryan LB
Doolin Kirt OG
Doucette John TE
Downs Josh DL
Drafts Collin QB
Driscoll Kellen LB
Driskill Nick FS
Duckworth Aaron RB
Dufour Dan LB
Dunbar Steven WR
Duncan Reggie RB
Dunkley Chris CB
Dunn Dante CB
Dunnachie Alex P
Dunning Drew PK
Dunning Dustin TE
Dupy Trent C
Durant George LB
Durham Robert CB
Dutile Scott LB
Dworaczyk Josh OG
Ealey Washaun RB
Ealy Charles CB
Earls Shomari LB
Eastlake Steve OT
Eaton Brandon OL
Ebner Will LB
Eddy Marc QB
Edison Toney SS
Edmunds Terrell S
Edmunds Tremaine LB
Edwards Jyruss RB
Edwards Kirkston CB
Edwards Lonnie OG
Egbuniwe Anthony LB
Ejiofor Duke DE
Ekbatani Nick OG
Elay Brien WR
Elder Kirk OG
Elekwachi Cecil WR
Elgin Andrews LB
Elie Dion CB
Ellerbee Emmanuel LB
Ellerson Jared WR
Elliott DeShon SS
Elliott Kamar CB
Elliott Ronnie WR
Ellison Michael CB
Emokpae Vanness RB
Englemon Brandent SS
Ernsberger Donnie RB
Erving Alan OL
Estrada Angel SS
Etling Danny QB
Eubanks Michael LB
Eugene Malcolm WR
Evans Andre CB
Evans Rashaan LB
Evans Tyler OG
Everage Brandon FS
Ewing Quaylon CB
Eyster Scott QB
Ezeff Marcus SS
Faga Matt DL
Fagg De'Cody WR
Falk Luke QB
Fant Rashard CB
Farfsing Pat LS
Farms Johnnie DT
Farrell Clayton DL
Fatukasi Folorunso DT
Faulk Jasper CB
Faulkner Shonda LB
Feely Ryan PK
Fera Anthony PK
Ferguson Eldin WR
Ferguson Josh X. LB
Ferguson Riley QB
Ferguson Umar RB
Feula Vince DL
Fielder Jeff TE
Fields Devonte DL
Fields Dexton WR
Fields Jonathan WR
Findley Trent CB
Finley Adam P
Finley James WR
Fisher Scott OT
Fitzgerald Casey WR
Fitzgerald Marcus WR
Fitzpatrick Minkah DB
Flagg Robert CB
Flagler Duvaughn WR
Fletcher Damion RB
Fletcher Donovan CB
Florence Nick QB
Flores Max LB
Flournoy Jamar SS
Flowers Dimitri FB
Flowers Nichiren WR
Flowers Quinton QB
Floyd J.T. CB
Flyger Tommy QB
Fobbe Craig QB
Fofana Mohamed FB
Foggi Henry FB
Foltz Blaize OG
Foltz Ryan LB
Fontaine Raymond LB
Ford Josh WR
Ford Michael X. WR
Ford Poona DT
Ford Sam DL
Ford Terrance DL
Forde Courtney OL
Foreman Armanti WR
Foreman Joel OG
Foreman Marcus DL
Fosmark Brady DL
Foster Aaron DB
Foster Robert WR
Fountain Daurice WR
Fountain Daurice WR
Fowler Drew LB
Fox Glen WR
Foxx Vicheal DL
Franklin Jarvion RB
Franks Derek CB
Fraser Eric SS
Frazier Zack QB
Freeman Royce RB
Frey Drew FS
Friel Kaeakua TE
Frost Kris LB
Fry Roman OT
Fumagalli Troy TE
Futch Jordan LB
Futrell Charles WR
Gable Jake OL
Gage Jr. Russell WR
Gagne-Marcoux Cedric C
Galassi Mike OL
Gallup Michael WR
Gant Ray DL
Ganz Joe QB
Garcia Joe CB
Garcia Mike OG
Garcia Stephen QB
Garcia Travis SS
Garrett Chris RB
Garrett Justin SS
Gathof Brandon SS
Gaulden Rashaan CB
Gavins Jerrell CB
Geary Will DT
Gee Mike DL
Geisicki Mike TE
George Bradley QB
Gesicki Mike TE
Ghilani Todd C
Gibalski Tony CB
Gibbs Jeremy DL
Gibbs Jr. John QB
Gibson Joey QB
Gilbert Cortez CB
Giles William OG
Gill Royal QB
Gilmore Gregory DL
Gilmore Howard WR
Glasper Ryan SS
Glaspy Byron SS
Glass Chris LB
Glass John OG
Glatthaar Brad FB
Glover Nehemiah WR
Goddard Tremaine SS
Godinez Bobby SS
Goedert Dallas TE
Golden Greg CB
Golden Jonathan FB
Golden Josh SS
Gongbay Crusoe RB
Gordon Patrick WR
Gorman Adam FB
Gossett Colby OG
Grady Tommy QB
Graff Daniel FS
Graham Eric OL
Grant Jon QB
Graves Charles FS
Graves Shamar TE
Gray David WR
Gray Gonzi RB
Green Alex X. SS
Green Christian WR
Green Clay RB
Green Cornelius DL
Green Jimmy RB
Green Marcus FB
Green Rasheem DT
Green Ryan RB
Green Tierre CB
Greer Maurice RB
Greer Steve LB
Grier Jeremy WR
Griffin Derrick WR
Griffin Rodney CB
Griffin Rudy DL
Griffin Shaquem LB
Grigsby Reggie SS
Grimes Jordan OG
Grindle Terrell WR
Gronewold Ashton WR
Grothe Matt QB
Guice Derrius RB
Guidry Jacob TE
Guidry Ralph DL
Guilford Ira RB
Guise John CB
Gunn Tye QB
Gunther Kyle OL
Habern Ben C
Hackney Terrance OT
Haddix Michael TE
Hadley Eric DL
Hafner Mark TE
Haidi Josh QB
Haigler Reuben CB
Haji-Rasouli Sherko OG
Halfmann Brent P
Hall Adam QB
Hall Cam SS
Hall James C. P
Hall Kyler SS
Hall Martinez WR
Hall P.J. DT
Hall Ty OG
Hall Willie OT
Hallback Robert WR
Hamblen Clay CB
Hamilton DaeSean WR
Hamilton Justin LB
Hampton Eugene WR
Hand Da'Shawn DE
Handler Gus C
Hankins Trevor P
Hansen Braden OG
Harden Shane QB
Harmon Quentily WR
Harper Cullen QB
Harrell James CB
Harrington David P
Harrington Kade RB
Harrington Kyle DL
Harrington Michael QB
Harrington Tom C
Harris Aaron LB
Harris Adam RB
Harris Alandise TE
Harris Aleem SS
Harris Antonio FB
Harris Demone DE
Harris Mike RB
Harris Milton SS
Harris Montel RB
Harris Orion LB
Harris Taylor QB
Harris Trevor QB
Harrison Desmond OT
Harrison Ronnie SS
Hart Dee RB
Hart Ryan QB
Hartsfield Demetrius LB
Harvey Trandon WR
Hassell Brandon QB
Hassell Emanuel WR
Hassin Jared FB
Hatch Jeremiah C
Hatcher Karnell SS
Haughton Adrian OT
Haverty Trey WR
Hawk Ryan QB
Hawkins Domonique CB
Hawks Jonathan WR
Hawthrone Nick SS
Hayes Chuck TE
Hayes Jaren CB
Hayes Jesse DL
Hearn Taylor OG
Heath Garland SS
Heaton Donny P
Heckendorf Keith QB
Heit Marcus LS
Helton Derek P
Hemphill Chris FS
Henderson Ken WR
Henderson Michael WR
Henderson Quadree WR
Henderson Ray LB
Henderson Tim OG
Henry Trulon SS
Herbert Robert CB
Herbert Tyrrell SS
Hernandez Will OG
Herndon Chris TE
Herndon Tre CB
Herring Keegan RB
Hertel Dustin LB
Hester Jessie WR
Hewitt Matt CB
Hickenbotham James WR
Hickenbottom Lionel SS
Hicks Dere CB
Hicks Mike OT
Hicks Stevie RB
Higdon Aaron RB
Higgins Cameron QB
Hightower Jami OL
Hill Adam C
Hill B.J. DT
Hill Cedric TE
Hill Holton CB
Hill Stan QB
Hines Nyheim RB
Hocker Bruce WR
Hodges Greg OG
Hoffman Alex OT
Hoffman Lorenzo WR
Hoffman Ryan P
Holbrook Chase SS
Holden LaQuonne WR
Holder Place
Holder Place
Holder Place
Holder Place
Holland Jeff DE
Holland Jon CB
Holley Jarred FS
Hollis Kenneth LB
Hollison Spencer OT
Holloway Nate DT
Holloway Tyrin CB
Hollyfield Dwayne DL
Holman Quince DL
Holmes Aryvia WR
Holmes Clarence DL
Holmes Jalyn DE
Holmes Norvell OL
Holte Steven QB
Honeycutt Brad OG
Hopper Austin TE
Horn Jason DL
Horn Jon SS
Horne Aaron P
Hornsby Jamar FS
Horton Antoine CB
Horvath Ryan P
Hoskins Andrew WR
Houston Marcus RB
Houston Ryan RB
Hovarth Ryan P
Howard Daniel LB
Howard Travin LB
Howell Jimmy P
Hoyng Kevin FS
Hubbard Sam DE
Hubner Josh P
Hudson Brett SS
Huff Derrick CB
Huffman Antoine CB
Huffman Antonio CB
Hughes Mike CB
Hull Marc LB
Humber J.P. RB
Humphrey Rolando CB
Humphrey Talib FB
Hundley Marquise CB
Hunt Kreg C
Hunter Trent FS
Hurst Alex OT
Hurst David C
Hurst Hayden TE
Hurst Maurice DT
Hutchins Dan P
Hyman Mike WR
Iannotti Mark QB
Idlette Willie WR
Igber Joe RB
Igwebuike Godwin S
Imoh Mike RB
Inman Dan OT
Ioane Kane SS
Ireifej Sam OL
Irwin Billy C
Ismail Ameer LB
Ito Jeremy PK
Iyiegbuniwe Joel LB
Izzo Ryan TE
Jack Jason DL
Jackson Brian X. PK
Jackson Damien FS
Jackson DeAndre CB
Jackson Donte CB
Jackson Earnest WR
Jackson Erick SS
Jackson Josh CB
Jackson Kaleen LB
Jackson Lamar QB
Jacobs John LB
Jacobs Leon LB
Jacobson Chris OG
James Darlos CB
James Derwin S
James Kenny RB
January Glenn OT
Jarboe Josh WR
Jasmin Chad RB
Jefferson Malik LB
Jenerou Jeff OL
Jenkins Josh OG
Jewell Josey LB
Johnson Brian QB
Johnson Brian CB
Johnson Cedric OG
Johnson Cornell RB
Johnson Curtis X. LB
Johnson D.J. X. FS
Johnson Darrin OL
Johnson David X. QB
Johnson Deontrae WR
Johnson Ed DL
Johnson Jared QB
Johnson Jory LB
Johnson Kerryon RB
Johnson Lance WR
Johnson Luke P
Johnson Orhrian FS
Johnson Robert E. WR
Johnson Robert X. WR
Johnson Rod OT
Johnson Rudy DL
Johnson Tejay FS
Johnson Will A. OL
Johnson-Koulianos Derrell WR
Jolla Akieem WR
Jones Anthony LB
Jones Ben X. PK
Jones Chris CB
Jones Christian X. WR
Jones Corey LB
Jones Courtney LB
Jones Daryl WR
Jones Derek WR
Jones Earnest DL
Jones Greg D. CB
Jones J.J. X. CB
Jones Jamarco OT
Jones Jarvis X. OT
Jones Kendrick WR
Jones Perry RB
Jones Rayshaun DL
Jones Rayshun DL
Jones Robert CB
Jones Ronald RB
Jones Ronald A. CB
Jones Sam OG
Jones Tavares DL
Jordan Anthony LB
Jordan Jelani CB
Jordan Tyrone WR
Jose Jose DL
Joseph Blake QB
Joyce Kevin LB
Julmiste Pat QB
Kadela Adam LB
Kalambayi Peter LB
Kalu Joshua S
Kamara Duval WR
Kaveinga Uona LB
Kayser Josh OT
Keagle Chris P
Keating Jared PK
Keeton Chuckie QB
Keith Charlie DL
Keizer Paul OG
Kellem Jeremy CB
Kelly Jared LB
Kelly Jermaine CB
Kelly John RB
Kelly Kameron CB
Kelson Drew SS
Kelton Anson P
Kendal Kenny LB
Kennedy Brandon FB
Keomaka Ryan CB
Key Arden LB
Killebrew Robert LB
Killins Joseph LB
Kincade Arthur CB
King Aaron LS
King Damond DL
King La'Rod WR
King Marcus CB
Kinzer John FB
Kirk Christian WR
Kirsch Brandon QB
Kiser Micah LB
Knapp Randy WR
Knight Larry DL
Knighton David QB
Knott Eric TE
Koch Brandon OL
Kochevar Miles SS
Koegel Christian P
Koger Kevin TE
Konrad Joseph WR
Kornegay Tad CB
Koroma Abe DL
Kosky Steve TE
Kovanda Scott P
Kraay Robert OL
Kube Alex LB
Kubik Matt QB
Kucek Justin P
Kunelius John LB
Kuresa Jake OG
Kurfis Lee WR
Kuuan Ab RB
Kwarteng Eugene DL
Kyles D.D. RB
Lacey Akilah WR
Lackey Eddie LB
Lake Jordan SS
Lamb Cornelius CB
Lamb Ray CB
Landry Harold LB
Lane Maurice CB
Lane Robert TE
Laney Jim P
Langan Justin PK
Langford Bryan SS
Lantrip Tyler QB
Lapham Brian OL
Lardinois Joe DL
Larkin Nick DL
Larkins Marion CB
Larry Anthony DE
Larson Andrew PK
Lasley Jordan WR
Lathers Herman LB
Laub John QB
Lauletta Kyle QB
Laurence Omar CB
Laurent Ted DL
Lavey Caleb LB
Lawler Justin DE
Layne Fred OL
Lazard Allen WR
Lazard Allen WR
Leaf Brady QB
Lee D.D. LB
Lee Robert PK
Lee Ronnie OL
Lee Tanner QB
Lee Vad QB
Leffew Bobby DL
Lella Dan Di QB
Lemon Jermaine SS
Leonard Colin OL
Leonard Darius LB
Leonard David WR
Lerner Max FS
Lester Brad RB
Lewis Antoine DT
Lewis Antonio CB
Lewis Archie OT
Lewis Courtney RB
Lewis Dominic DL
Lewis George LB
Lewis Jason OL
Lewis Kaiwan LB
Lewis Lamar RB
Lewis Sterling LB
Lewis Tyquan DE
Lezotte Tony SS
Lilly Lawrence TE
Lincoln Daniel PK
Lindner Matt OG
Lindsay Phillip RB
Lindsey Danny OG
Lindsey Reginald WR
Lineberry Dylan OL
Lipford Darius LB
Lips Aaron OL
Lipsey Jordy C
Little Brooks WR
Litton Chase QB
Lobbestael Marshall QB
Lockett Akeem DL
Logan Stephen RB
Londot Ted OT
Long Robert WR
Longest Richard PK
Longshore Nate QB
Lopes Joey LB
Lott Tabari TE
Louvier Chris OL
Love DeCarlos RB
Love Jordan CB
Love Octavious CB
Love Zachary OT
LoVecchio Matt QB
Loving Chris TE
Lowery Pat LB
Loyte Jon TE
Lucas Sean CB
Lueck Ben OL
Luke Sniewski Luke QB
Lukowiak Jim WR
Luvu Frankie LB
Lyle Kevin CB
Ma Sun Palauni OG
Mac Lain Eric OG
MacDonald Chris P
Mackall David LB
Maddox Brian RB
Maddy Luther DL
Madison Cole OT
Madkins Jeremy WR
Magee Torris WR
Mageo Natanu DL
Mageo Nathan DL
Mahan Michael OT
Mahasin Jihad ST
Mainor Kenny DL
Majors Andy QB
Maldonado Sammy RB
Mall Dallas WR
Mallory James RB
Malone Rod RB
Manigo Charles FS
Mann Victor FB
Manners Lono SS
Manning Tim WR
Manns Nyme WR
Marboe Mike C
Markey Chris RB
Markray Derrick OL
Marquardt Daniel DL
Marshall Dan OL
Marshall Darius RB
Marshall RoShawn CB
Marshman Nick OL
Martin Clay OG
Martin Lawrence TE
Martin Marco DL
Martin Shaka LB
Martin Tonae WR
Martinez Jose PK
Martinez Mike OL
Marve Chris LB
Marve Robert QB
Mason Robert FS
Massey Brandon SS
Mata'afa Hercules DE
Matha Ryan DL
Mathers Lantz DL
Mathiesen Simon PK
Matte Will C
Matthews Tray S
Matthews Trent FS
Matthias Eric ST
Mauk Maty QB
Maupin Derek QB
May Chris SS
Mayberry Terrill CB
Mayfield Baker QB
Mayne Shawn DL
Maynor Pat LB
McAllister Drew FS
McAuley D.J. WR
McBride Claude DL
McBryde Bryan DL
McCain Eric WR
McCaleb Darren PK
McCann Ivory RB
McCarthy Ed OT
McCartney Derek DE
McCladdie Brandon DB
McClain Bobby CB
McClain Dave LS
McClinton James DL
McCloud Ray-Ray WR
McConathy Adam LB
McConico Greg CB
McCoy Jeremy RB
McCray Demetrious RB
McCutcheon Tim OL
McDaniel Archie LB
McDonald Calvin OG
McDonald Lequalan OT
McDonald Sameeh OT
McDougal Clarence LB
McDowell Roderick RB
McFadden Jaevery LB
McFadden Tarvarus CB
McFaddon Michael FB
McFoy Ryan LB
McGee Andrew CB
McGill Ronnie RB
McGill Terrell OL
McGlinchey Mike OT
McGough Alex QB
McGriff Tyrone LB
McKay Stan S
McKeon Corey LB
McKinney Cory WR
McKinney Nate P
McKnight Da'Jon WR
McLean Dwight SS
McManus Deon-Tay WR
McMenomy Robert TE
McMurtray Chris PK
McNair DeMarco RB
McNally Bo FS
McNitt Tyler FB
McPhearson Derrick WR
McPhee Deon DL
McQuillan Sean TE
McSwain Larry DL
Means Albert DL
Means Andrew WR
Means Lamon SS
Means Randell CB
Mears Maurice OL
Medina Eric PK
Medley Ishmael FB
Meeks Quenton CB
Meeks Vincent SS
Melinfonwu Obi S
Merkerson Tylan LB
Merrills Mario RB
Merritt Joe WR
Merriweather Marcus RB
Messina Carmine LB
Metheny Ross QB
Meyers Will SS
Michel Sony RB
Middleton Greg DL
Middleton Kavario TE
Middleton Wyatt FS
Mielsch Trey DL
Mihota Anthony C
Miklos Joe SS
Miller Anthony WR
Miller Chris TE
Miller Chris P
Miller James OL
Miller Jesse OT
Miller Kolton OT
Miller Madison DL
Miller Matthew OL
Miller Tad OL
Milligan Sean OG
Minnes Matt P
Mirambeau Antoine C
Mitchell Adrian WR
Mitchell Blake QB
Mitchell Brett QB
Mitchell Chris WR
Mitchell Dennis CB
Mitchell Kyle DL
Mitchell Maurice OG
Mitchell Scott WR
Mitchell Steven WR
Moala Viliami DL
Moeller Tyler SS
Moenoa Uriah OG
Moffett Kevin CB
Moffett Steven QB
Mohetau Ofa OG
Mohring John LB
Mondy Broderick FS
Mong Brian TE
Moniz Bryant QB
Montgomery Jay WR
Mooney Andrew TE
Moore Clearance CB
Moore D.J. WR
Moore Darrin WR
Moore Donta' CB
Moore Greg X. RB
Moore J'Mon WR
Moore Kalvin CB
Moore Leon DL
Moore Leron RB
Moore Lerron RB
Moore Marchondray DL
Moore Ryan WR
Moore Skai LB
Moore Tarvarius S
Moore Tracy WR
Moore Travis QB
Moore Tyler OG
Morgan Lamar SS
Morgan Ryan LB
Morgan Steve PK
Morris Bernard QB
Morris Deonte WR
Morris Eric WR
Morris Kelvin LB
Morris Patrick C
Morris Taji CB
Morris Tez CB
Mortensen Joe LB
Morton-Green E.J. WR
Mosely Paul RB
Moses Milan WR
Moses Renaldo DL
Mosley Corey FS
Mosley David WR
Moss Dawan FB
Mouhon Silverberry DE
Moye Jermaine SS
Muema Adam RB
Muhammad Taqiy CB
Mullins Jeff ST
Mulroe Brian OG
Murphy Deon WR
Murphy Terrance WR
Murray George WR
Murray Tristan RB
Mustain Mitch QB
Mustin Darren LB
Muyres Jeremy SS
Najm Jonathan DL
Nall Ryan RB
Natali Vince OT
Naziruddin Khalid CB
Neal Levin SS
Neal Siran SS
Nelson Cam SS
Nelson J.D. SS
Nelson Mike OG
Nelson Nick CB
Nelson Quenton OG
Nelson Tony RB
Nesbitt Darrell QB
Newsom James WR
Newton Syvelle WR
Niblock Cory OT
Nichol Keith WR
Nichols Bilal DL
Nickerson Parry CB
Nickson Damon SS
Nielson Brady LB
Nixon Cobrani LB
Nkansah Elijah OT
Nnadi Derrick DT
Noce Nick QB
Noel Kevin WR
Nolan Zach LS
Nolte Will OL
Nordyke Michael WR
Noreen Zach TE
Norell Ray OL
Norman Chris LB
Norman Drew LS
Norman Tyler LB
Norris Travis DL
Noteboom Joseph OT
Nurse Wes FS
Nwosa Uchenna LB
O'Brien Michael DL
O'Bryant Denodus RB
O'Connell Mike FS
O'Daniel Dorian LB
O'Donald D'Juan CB
O'Donnell Martin OL
O'Korn John QB
O'Neill Brian OT
Oakman Shawn DE
Oaks Craig QB
Ofili Alex DL
Ogletree Brandon LB
Ogun Tunde RB
Ohanaja Kelechi SS
Okoebor Shedrack WR
Okorafor Chukwuma OT
Okoroha Okechukwu FS
Okoronkwo Ogbonnia DE
Oliver Adamm DL
Oliver Isaiah CB
Ollenburger Allen OL
Olsen Christian QB
Olson Andy WR
Oluigbo Obi FB
Omboga Thomson WR
Ononibiaku Mike LB
Onyebuagu Jason C
Opoku Bernard SS
Oquendo-Johnson Marques LB
Orah Patrick LB
Ore Branden RB
Osborne DeQuinton DT
Ostman Joe DE
Osuocha Brendan DL
Outland Quintin OG
Oxner Seth C
O’Neal Clint OT
Pace Greg ST
Pachall Casey QB
Page Chris CB
Pahulu Brendan LB
Paige Anton WR
Paige-Moss Donte DL
Pall Ameet LB
Palmer Dean SS
Palmer Ryan CB
Parenteau Mark OG
Parish Freddie SS
Parke Delroy DL
Parker Anthony OG
Parker Chris CB
Parker Doug RB
Parker Travis DL
Parks Cory WR
Parks Devon DL
Parrish Jerod SS
Paschal TraVaughn LB
Pascley Troy WR
Patterson Jared RB
Patterson Moe WR
Patton Chase QB
Paulson Adam CB
Paxton Scott DL
Payne Da'Ron DL
Payne Leviticus DB
Payne Matt PK
Payne Phil WR
Paysinger Brian WR
Peace DeWayne WR
Pearson Radale RB
Peattie Jon PK
Peck David LS
Peck Jay RB
Peeples Embry RB
Pegram Todd PK
Pegues Derek SS
Pegues Thadis DL
Penix Sean WR
Penny Rashaad RB
Penrow Shelton CB
Perez Abel PK
Perkins John LB
Perrett Jeff OT
Perry Brandon WR
Perry Jason CB
Perry Jeremy OG
Perry Nicholas FS
Perry Jr. Paul WR
Persa Dan QB
Person Ben OG
Peters James FB
Peters Jason X. RB
Peterson Jason DL
Peterson Tucker OL
Petrie Tom QB
Pettis Dante WR
Pettway Kamryn RB
Pevoto David QB
Phelan Jim DL
Phillip Marvin C
Phillips Alonzo WR
Phillips Cam WR
Phillips Darius CB
Phillips Darius CB
Phillips Harrison DT
Phillips Jake TE
Phillips Mike WR
Pidgeon Pat P
Pierce Mark FB
Pierre-Lewis Wondy CB
Pierre-Louis Wondy CB
Pierschbacher Ross OG
Piner Edwin DL
Pinigis Eddie OL
Pinnix Amir RB
Piper Brian WR
Pitre Michael FB
Pitts Jaquel WR
Player Removed OL
Player Removed OL
Player Removed WR
Player Removed OG
Player Removed LB
Player Removed WR
Player Removed WR
Pleasant Josh CB
Plummer Emanuel LB
Poggi Henry FB
Poland Derrell FS
Polk Daniel QB
Pollack Mike C
Poller Jonathan OL
Poole Chris OG
Poole Dedrick WR
Pope Roshawn RB
Popowski Tim OL
Porter Curtis DT
Porter Donterrious CB
Porterie Donovan QB
Pou Alex OG
Powell Andrew DL
Powell Carvin FS
Powell Elliott CB
Powell Josh SS
Powell Josh P. TE
Powers Preston LS
Powers Shatone WR
Poynter Ben OL
Poynter James C
Prator Greg WR
Presley Albert LB
Presley David WR
Presley Kendrick FS
Pressley David WR
Price Billy OG
Price Sean TE
Price Tanner QB
Pride Raquan CB
Pruden Najeh WR
Pruitt Kellen LB
Puchtel Zach TE
Pudewell Anthony TE
Pugh Chad DL
Pugh Dan RB
Pughsley Kevin OL
Pullman Barron DL
Purvis Matt OL
Queen Ed DL
Quillen Drouzon WR
Quinn Trey WR
Racioppi Tony QB
Rackley Brian DL
Radigan Joseph P
Radtke Lenny LB
Ragnow Frank C
Rainey Kelvin S
Ramesh Austin FB
Ramsay Devon FB
Ramsay Mike DT
Ramsey Jacob RB
Randle Johnny LB
Rankin Darien LB
Rankin Martinas OT
Ransom Larnell DL
Rascati Justin QB
Ratanamorn Craig PK
Ratliff Ryan DL
Ravanesi Scott P
Ray Ranorris DL
Raymond Korey DL
Reader Brian QB
Rector Andre WR
Redd Ryan CB
Reed D.J. CB
Reese Mario LB
Rehring Steve OG
Reid Bobby QB
Reid Justin FS
Rembert Pierre RB
Rembert T.J. LB
Respert Jason OG
Reyer Tim P
Rhodes Tarrence CB
Riccio Sonny QB
Rice Jackson P
Rice Matt DL
Richard Jameson C
Richards Anthony RB
Richardson Dace OG
Richardson Kevin RB
Richardson Will OT
Richeson Ramon SS
Richman Nathan OG
Richmond Nick C
Richter John TE
Ridley Calvin WR
Riley Jaja RB
Riley Kejuan FS
Riley L'Tydrick WR
Riley Michael QB
Riley Trovon RB
Rippy Douglas LB
Risner Dalton DT
Ritcher John TE
Rivers Barquell LB
Roback Brogan QB
Roberson Ell QB
Robertson Jermaine FB
Robertson Korey WR
Robertson Korey WR
Robertson Matt LB
Robertson Patrick WR
Robey Anthony CB
Robey Sam C
Robillard Matt LB
Robinette Jalen WR
Robinson Bradley CB
Robinson Christian LB
Robinson Erik CB
Robinson Kelvin LB
Robinson Kwakou DL
Robinson Montez DL
Robinson Reggie WR
Robinson Trent CB
Robinson Vegas LB
Robottom Casey WR
Rochon Shaun WR
Rodgers Marques RB
Rodriguez Jon OL
Rogers Derek OL
Rogers Gary QB
Rohr Jay LB
Rollins Roderick CB
Romeo Josh WR
Rosen Josh QB
Rosette Albert LB
Ross O.J. WR
Ross Rocky WR
Rossi Nick OG
Roth Jordan DL
Rowell LeMarcus LB
Rowlands Gareth PK
Royal Terrence DL
Rubles Calvin CB
Rudolph Mason QB
Ruffin Chad DL
Ruffins Moqut DL
Runnels Louie RB
Russell Dontevius DT
Russell Jonah WR
Russell Seth QB
Russell Tyler QB
Rutledge Toris WR
Ryan Kevin DL
Ryan Mitch TE
Sadler Danny CB
Saenz Allan OL
Sakoda Louie PK
Salt Junior OL
Salubi Jarred RB
Sam Christian LB
Samardzija Jeff A. WR
Sampson Shelton RB
Samuels Jaylen RB
Sander Daneil C
Sanders Jason PK
Sanders Jeremy LB
Sanders Mike LB
Sands Peter SS
Sanni Su CB
Sapp Derrell DL
Scales Tegray LB
Scalzi Tyler TE
Scarbrough Bo RB
Schaffer Jerome LB
Schaffer Tim OL
Schall Jon C
Schaudt Chris DE
Schebler Jeff PK
Schepp Mike OL
Schiechl Mark DL
Schmidt Joe LB
Schmitt Andy QB
Schmitt Nic P
Schneider Ryan QB
Schultz Dalton TE
Schwalm Jason RB
Schwartzstein Sam C
Schwarz Will DE
Scifres Jon PK
Scott Chaz LB
Scott E.J. WR
Scott Jaleel WR
Scott Tremayne DL
Scruggs Jared P
Sears Josiah FB
Sebald Brandon TE
Segond Sam OL
Semmes Jason DL
Senat Deadrin DT
Senatus Lito WR
Sentimore Darrington DL
Serna Alexis PK
Settle Tim DT
Shabaj Agim WR
Shack Dartangon OG
Shada Adam CB
Sharpe Brandon LB
Shaw Seymore RB
Shead Adam OL
Shead Traylon RB
Shelton Coleman C
Shemaria David OT
Shepherd Nathan DT
Sherden Tyler RB
Shumake Elbert DL
Shurman Ryan C
Sikes Maurice SS
Silva Manny FS
Silva Steve RB
Simmons Jon DL
Simmons Rayon RB
Simpson Jason SS
Sims Brian C
Sims Edward WR
Sims Lorenzo CB
Sims Shane OL
Singleton Lionell CB
Skaggs John P
Slocum Marques DL
Slowley Rashaad RB
Slowly Rashaad RB
Smilo Chris DL
Smith Adrain RB
Smith Antonio Z. ST
Smith Braden OG
Smith Brandon LB
Smith Brandon L. SS
Smith Brandon X. FB
Smith Bret WR
Smith Cameron LB
Smith David OG
Smith George WR
Smith Ito RB
Smith Jamar RB
Smith Jeff X. QB
Smith Kareem LB
Smith Lyle RB
Smith Maurice RB
Smith Monte LB
Smith O.J. FB
Smith Razzie CB
Smith Ricky SS
Smith Roquan LB
Smith Spenser LB
Smith Tre RB
Smith Tre'Quan WR
Smith Tre’Quan WR
Smith Tyrell WR
Smith Van S
Smith Vyncint WR
Smith Wesley CB
Smith Willie X. CB
Smythe Durham TE
Snyderwine Will PK
Soelberg Nathan CB
Sofele Isi RB
Soucy Andrew DL
Spann Chris LB
Speaks Keller TE
Spears Kevin LB
Spencer Caleb WR
Spiller Charlie WR
Spincer Brandon SS
Spinney Mark C
Spitale Carl OT
Spooney John RB
Sprague Chris P
Springer Justin LB
Springs Arrion CB
St. Brown Equanimeous WR
St. Clair Robert DL
St. Louis Pat LB
St. Louis Patrick LB
St. Pierre Jonathan C
Stallings T.J. RB
Stallworth Taylor DT
Stallworth Travante WR
Stamper Ryan LB
Stanley Eric OT
Stanley Kevin CB
Stanovich Adam OL
Stanton Jeffrey CB
Staton Quinton OG
Steele Bruce WR
Steinkuhler Baker DL
Stephenson II Melvin CB
Stevens Jordon DL
Stevens Nick QB
Stevenson Gerald WR
Stevenson Ivan CB
Stewart Antwan SS
Stewart M.J. CB
Stewart Sidney WR
Stewart Walter DL
Stewart Zary DL
Stice Luke FB
Stocco John QB
Stockton Isaac FB
Stonum Darryl WR
Streelman Erick TE
Street Kentavius DE
Strickland Mark FS
Stringer Kyle P
Stringer Nick OL
Sturdivant Joe CB
Suggs Daman DL
Sullivan Andy CB
Sullivan Chandon CB
Sullivan Charles WR
Sumler Tacoi WR
Summers-Gavin Matt OT
Surratt Johnny OT
Sussman Ken DL
Sutter Steve OT
Sutton Courtland WR
Sutton Jimmie CB
Sweat Josh DE
Swindall Brandon WR
Sykora Tyler QB
Sylvestre Junior LB
Tabb Carl WR
Tackmann John SS
Tadman Marty SS
Tafaine Victor OG
Talley John CB
Tanney Mitch QB
Taplin Greg DL
Tate Auden WR
Tate Kenny LB
Tatum Bobby SS
Tauiliili Michael LB
Taylor Andre WR
Taylor Dain DL
Taylor Deriontae FB
Taylor Junior WR
Taylor Marcus LB
Taylor Ramonce RB
Taylor Zach DL
Teal Martin WR
Teems Alex CB
Tejada Alex PK
Telemaque Vaughn FS
Telfort Woodly OT
Teller Wyatt OG
Telp Devon WR
Terrell Fletcher CB
Terry Curtis LB
Terry Ryan DL
Tevaga Shannon OG
Thatcher Eric SS
Thellen Darren FS
Thibodeaux Calvin DL
Thomas Chad DE
Thomas Darron QB
Thomas David L. LB
Thomas Ian TE
Thomas Joey X. TE
Thomas Jordan DB
Thomas Jordan M. TE
Thomas Joseph CB
Thomas Maceo DL
Thomas Marcus X. OL
Thomas Matthew LB
Thomas Roc RB
Thompson Chip S
Thompson Dale TE
Thompson Devraun LB
Thompson Mark RB
Thompson Markell TE
Thompson Rodney DL
Thompson Trenton DT
Thorner Chris DL
Thurman Tim TE
Thwreatt Fred DL
Tillman Luke RB
Timmons Tyron WR
Timmons Tyrone WR
Tinsley Gary LB
Toatley Robert OL
Tofi Travis DL
Tolbert Henry WR
Tommie Chris P
Tonga Matangi DL
Torchia Joe TE
Toth Brett OT
Townes Marvin RB
Townsend James WR
Trantin Jake LB
Travis Ryan CB
Trissel Matt FB
Troutman Chevon TE
Tucker Chris DL
Tuitama Willie QB
Tuminello Houston WR
Turman Daccus RB
Turner Alan WR
Turner Don CB
Turner Eric DL
Turner Joseph RB
Tutogi Taimi FB
Tverdov Pete DL
Tyler Tremaine CB
Tymes Brian WR
Udofia Udeme DL
Upchurch Roy RB
Upton Rickey RB
Usry Donald C
Uzzi Omoregie OG
Valdes-Scantling Marquez WR
Van Acker Brian C
Van Camp Jeff QB
Van Der Kamp Kirby P
Van Orsow Jeff DL
Van Wieren C.J. TE
Van Zant Martel CB
Vance Matt LB
Vander Esch Leighton LB
Vannoy Yale QB
Varner Christian SS
Vaughn Joe OL
Vaughn Justan CB
Vaughn Robbie FS
Vea Vita DT
Verbit Matt QB
Verhalen Scott P
Villante Gian LB
Vinson Terrell CB
Volcin Ricardo SS
Wade Chris DL
Wade Lawrence SS
Wadley Akrum RB
Wagner Aaron LB
Wagner Michael RB
Wahlstrom Easton LS
Waldrop Dan Vili OG
Walker Clay OG
Walker D.J. SS
Walker Dontae RB
Walker Jermaine LB
Walker Jerome DL
Walker Jimtavis RB
Walker Jo Jo WR
Walker Keeon SS
Walker Tracy S
Walkins Joe CB
Wallace Jesse TE
Wallace Levi CB
Wallace Taz LB
Waller Marteze RB
Walls Greg DL
Walner Belleus CB
Walton Mark RB
Ward Denzel CB
Ward Trabis RB
Ware Mike DL
Warker Michael QB
Warner Fred LB
Warner Stephen C
Warren Antonio RB
Warren III Chris RB
Warrick Jacorey WR
Washington Al DL
Washington Brian TE
Washington Calvin CB
Washington James WR
Washington Quenton CB
Washington Richard WR
Washington Tavarius OL
Washington Terrance CB
Washington Terrence SS
Washington Terry CB
Washington Tony Y. OT
Washington Walter QB
Watje Brian TE
Watkins Jacoby CB
Watkins Nick LB
Watson Anthony RB
Watson Derrick CB
Watson Jordan WR
Watts Armani FS
Watts Marcus SS
Weah Jester WR
Weatherford Drew QB
Webb Damon S
Webb Jody RB
Webber Kyle OT
Weber Jake C
Weber Joe FB
Weiser Mark TE
Welch Philip WR
Wellendorf Andy WR
Wells Maurice RB
Wells Patrick CB
Welsh Sean OG
Wendel Dennis OT
Werner Jason LB
Wesley Scott RB
West Adam DL
West Ken DL
West Michael CB
Wetzel Keegan LB
Wheeler Stefol OL
Whitaker Brandon RB
White Brandon WR
White Brian LB
White Derrick LB
White Durrell DL
White Jamaal FS
White John RB
White Ka'Raun WR
White Kyzir CB
White Mike QB
White Norman WR
Whitehead Jordan SS
Whitley Nickoe S
Whitney Chris QB
Whitworth L.V. RB
Wicker Jojo DE
Wieneke Jake WR
Wilcox JJ SS
Wilkerson Prathon CB
Wilkins Adrian WR
Wilkins Jordan RB
Williams Antarrious LB
Williams Anthony X. SS
Williams Cedric OG
Williams Connor OT
Williams Darien SS
Williams Darious CB
Williams Darrel RB
Williams David DL
Williams Demond CB
Williams Deunta FS
Williams Jason M. WR
Williams Jason X. WR
Williams Jeremy X. DL
Williams Johnny DL
Williams Jon TE
Williams Juice QB
Williams Keron LB
Williams Korey LB
Williams Kwesi CB
Williams Kyle E. SS
Williams Michael T. DL
Williams Michael X. FS
Williams Nick D. SS
Williams Ralph ST
Williams Roger SS
Williams Stanley CB
Williams Trai OL
Williams Travis J. CB
Williams III Roger CB
Williamson RJ SS
Williamson Sam DL
Willis Armond LB
Willis Odell DL
Wilmer Aaron QB
Wilson Cedrick WR
Wilson Charles DL
Wilson Dionte LB
Wilson James OG
Wilson Jomo WR
Wilson Rob SS
Wilson Shaq LB
Wims Javon WR
Wims Lorenzo DL
Winfrey Jarret OL
Wingert Brian PK
Winn Marcus FS
Winston William OT
Wiseman Anthony CB
Witt Patrick QB
Witucki Kyle TE
Woazeah Justin CB
Wolff Adam DL
Wood Marion WR
Wood Marvin CB
Woodall Justin SS
Woodard Rashard CB
Woods Michael CB
Woods Shannon RB
Woodside Logan QB
Woodward Jr. Wesley LB
Wooten Morris LB
Worley Chris LB
Wort Tom LB
Wright Abe DL
Wright Barry LB
Wright Chris WR
Wright Roderkus DL
Wright Sakeen WR
Wright Stan TE
Wuebbles Austin OG
Wujciak Alex LB
Wyatt Jordan CB
Wynn Charles RB
Wynn Isaiah OT
Yaussi Deric PK
Yearwood Jose CB
York Carson OG
Young Jerrell FS
Young Kyle OL
Young Trevon DE
Young Trey WR
Young Warren DL
Young Winston RB
Zacharie Zeke TE
Zaharias Kyle TE
Zimmerman Tymere WR
Zuniga Nicholas OT
Zuttah A.J. DT