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Tigers | Lyon files for free agency

Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:40:39 -0800

Tom Singer, of, reports Detroit Tigers RP Brandon Lyon filed for free agency Monday, Nov. 9. He qualifies as a Type B free agent.

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Free Agents | Koch Not In Hurry To Return

Wed, 06 Apr 2005 00:20:13 -0700

The Tampa Tribune's Scott Carter reports free-agent CL Billy Koch, recently cut loose by the Toronto Blue Jays, was spotted at the Tuesday, April 5 game between the Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Devil Rays and told reporters he is in no hurry to return to baseball.

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Free Agents | Pavano Won't Make Decision Immediately

Sat, 20 Nov 2004 01:14:50 -0800

The Associated Press' Ron Blum is reporting free-agent SP Carl Pavano is likely to take until mid-December or later before deciding which team to sign with, his agent said Friday, Nov. 19.

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Free Agents | Mondesi Narrows Search

Thu, 27 May 2004 00:14:58 -0700

The Associated Press reports free-agent OF Raul Mondesi has narrowed his search to three teams where he would like to play this season. Mondesi, released by the Pittsburgh Pirates Friday, May 21, has indicated interest in the Anaheim Angels, Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox.

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Free Agents | Walker, Detroit Tiger?

Tue, 30 Mar 2004 00:14:18 -0800

According to The Detroit Free Press, free-agent P Kevin Walker has the Detroit Tigers "on top of the list" of teams he'd like to join. Walker, released earlier this month by the San Diego Padres, cited his relationship with Tigers manager Alan Trammell, whom he knew when Trammell was a coach for the Padres before rejoining the Tigers.

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Free Agents | Boone Hopes For 2004 Return

Sat, 27 Mar 2004 23:38:05 -0800

The Dayton Daily News's Hal McCoy reports free-agent 3B Aaron Boone (torn ACL) hopes to return late in the 2004 season from injury and play for a better contract after 2005. Half of the 30 teams have contacted Boone's agent regarding a below-market value deal for Boone to re-establish himself on the baseball canvas.

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Free Agents | Wait Six Months

Thu, 29 Jan 2004 23:56:45 -0800

Updating an ongoing story, The Associated Press reports Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Quevedo will decide within six months whether to charge free-agent P Ugueth Urbina with a crime for firing a gun last Friday in Venezuela.

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Free Agents | Urbina Charges Dismissed

Sun, 25 Jan 2004 22:39:05 -0800

Updating a previous item, The Associated Press is reporting a judge in Venezuela ruled free-agent P Ugueth Urbina was the victim of a robbery attempt when he fired his gun out a car window, and the judge has dismissed gun charges against Urbina.

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Free Agents | Urbina Arrested

Sat, 24 Jan 2004 23:15:51 -0800

The Associated Press is reporting free-agent P Ugueth Urbina has been arrested for allegedly firing gunshots into the air in an upscale Caracas neighborhood. Police arrested Urbina early Friday morning for firing a gun out the passenger window of an SUV, Chacao police chief Leonardo Diaz Paruta said in comments published Saturday in El Nacional newspaper.

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Free Agents | Wells Has Surgery

Thu, 04 Dec 2003 00:04:53 -0800

The Providence Journal reports free-agent P David Wells (back) had surgery on a herniated disk in his back Wednesday, an operation that will require a 10-12 week recuperation period.

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Free Agents | Next Time, Maybe A Mouth Transplant?

Tue, 02 Sep 2003 23:52:45 -0700

The Associated Press is reporting free-agent P John Rocker (rotator cuff) expects to be throwing off a pitching mound again early next year after surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Rocker was released June 27 by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, his third team since the Atlanta Braves traded him in 2001.

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MLB | Offerman Signs With Atlantic Team

Tue, 06 May 2003 22:39:20 -0700

The AP reports former major league shortstop Jose Offerman signed with the Bridgeport Bluefish of the independent Atlantic League on Tuesday. Terms of the deal were undisclosed. Offerman was released by the Montreal Expos on the final day of spring training.

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MLB | Henderson In Jersey?

Mon, 21 Apr 2003 23:59:16 -0700

The AP reports 44-year-old free agent Rickey Henderson will sign this week with a team in the independent Atlantic League, his agent said Monday. Henderson narrowed his choice to three clubs based in New Jersey -- the Newark Bears, Camden Riversharks and Somerset Patriots. Baseball's career leader in runs, stolen bases and walks wants to start playing as soon as possible, agent Jeff Borris said. The Atlantic League begins its regular season May 1, the earliest among independents.

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Abreu Abner OF
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Aguilar Omar RP
Alburquerque Al RP
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Bay Jason OF
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Beimel Joe RP
Belisario Ronald RP
Bell Ricky 3B
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Beltran Miguel 1B
Beltre Omar P
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Benson Joe OF
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Bergeron Peter OF
Betancourt Javier 2B
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Boggs Mitchell RP
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Bonevacia Arthur OF
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Bowker John OF
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Braddock Zach RP
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Braun Steve INF
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Bream Daniel P
Brenly Michael C
Brignac Reid SS
Britton Chris P
Broadway Larry 1B
Brooks Cedrick OF
Brown Brandon INF
Brown Brooks P
Brown Domonic OF
Brown Emil OF
Brown Jordan OF
Brown Roosevelt OF
Brown Tim 1B
Brownlie Bobby P
Broxton Jonathan RP
Bruney Brian RP
Bucci Nick P
Buchanan David SP
Buchholz Taylor RP
Buck Dallas P
Buckner Billy SP
Bucktrot Keith P
Budde Ryan C
Buehrle Mark SP
Buente Jay P
Bullard Adam P
Burg Alex INF
Burgos Ambiorix RP
Burgos Enrique RP
Burke Chris OF
Burke Jamie C
Burnett Alex RP
Burnette Chase INF
Burns Andy 3B
Burns Brad P
Burns Mike P
Burrus Josh OF
Burton Jared RP
Burton T.J. P
Bush Homer 2B
Butler Brent 2B
Butler Zach P
Butto Francisco P
Byrd Paul SP
Byrdak Tim RP
Cabrera Everth 2B
Cabrera Jose RP
Cain Nick OF
Calero Kiko RP
Calhoun Dan P
Cali Carmen RP
Callaspo Alberto 3B
Caminero Arquimedes RP
Campbell Derek 3B
Campos Vicente P
Cancel Robinson C
Canizares Barbaro 1B
Capellan Jose M. P
Carbonell Daniel OF
Cardullo Stephen INF
Carlixte Paul SS
Carlos Roberto SS
Carmona Ysmael P
Carp Mike 1B
Carpenter Christopher P
Carpenter David L. RP
Carr Adam P
Carr Nick P
Carrara Giovanni RP
Carrasco D.J. RP
Carrasco Felix 1B
Carrasco Hector RP
Carroll Brett OF
Carson Matt OF
Carter Anthony P
Carvallo Felix P
Casey James P
Cassel Jack SP
Castellanos Hugo P
Castillo Alberto RP
Castillo Jorge INF
Castillo Julio P
Castillo Yunior P
Castro Angel P
Castro Ramon C
Castro Simon P
Catchot Sheldon P
Celis Fernando P
Cerse Yolian 2B
Chamberlain Joba RP
Chang Yao Wen P
Chavez Endy OF
Chen Hung-Wen SP
Choate Randy RP
Chulk Vinnie RP
Church Ryan OF
Cid Delvi OF
Clark Zach P
Clarke Chevy OF
Clemens Paul SP
Clemente Nicolo P
Cleveland Jeremy OF
Closser J.D. C
Clowers Shawn P
Cockrell Taylor P
Cody Chris P
Coffey Todd RP
Coggin Dave SP
Coghlan Chris OF
Colabello Chris 1B
Colla Michael P
Collins Tyler OF
Collmenter Josh RP
Collymore Malik OF
Colome Jesus RP
Colon Alexi P
Colonel Chris 3B
Comer Kevin P
Commings Sanders OF
Concepcion Gerardo P
Conger Hank C
Constante Jacob P
Consuerga Randy P
Conti Jason OF
Contreras Carlos P
Contreras Juan
Cook Aaron SP
Coon Brad OF
Cooper Jason OF
Corpas Manuel RP
Corporan Carlos C
Correia Kevin SP
Coste Chris C
Cousins Scott P
Cox Steve 1B
Coyle Sean 2B
Crain Jesse RP
Cramer Bobby RP
Crawford Carl OF
Crede Joe 3B
Crichton Stefan P
Cropper Dan P
Crosby Bobby SS
Cruceta Francisco P
Crutcher Austin OF
Cruz Axel P
Cruz Juan RP
Cruz Luis P
Cruz Tony C
Cummings Tyler P
Cunningham Aaron OF
Cunningham Todd OF
Curtis Colin OF
Curtis Eric P
Curtis Jermaine INF
Cust Jack OF
D'Antona Jamie 1B
Daal Rodney C
Daley Matt RP
Damon Johnny OF
Danks John SP
Danks Jordan OF
Darrow Rudy RP
Davidson David P
Davis Ben P
Davis Vincent P
Dawkins Lance OF
De La Cruz Joan P
De La Cruz Robert 3B
De La Rosa Ruben RP
De Los Santos Fautino RP
De Los Santos Miguel P
DeJesus Victor OF
Delcarmen Manny RP
DeLeon Jorge P
Delgado Jose 2B
DeMark Mike P
Denorfia Chris OF
DePaula Julio RP
Despaigne Jorge P
Dessens Elmer RP
DeVall Brett P
Devine Joey RP
DeVito Chris P
Dew Owen P
DeWitt Blake 2B
Diamond Thomas SP
Diapoules Mark P
Diaz Juan X. 1B
DiBenedetto Thomas SS
Dickey R.A. SP
Dickson Cody P
Dingman Craig P
Dirks Andy OF
Dixon Deshun OF
Dobbs Greg 3B
Dominguez Juan SP
Dopirak Brian 1B
Dorn Danny OF
Dowdy Justin P
Downs Darin P
DuBose Eric SP
Duchene Kevin P
Duchscherer Justin SP
Duff Matt P
Dufner Kristopher SS
Dukes Elijah OF
Dunn Scott RP
Duran Daniel 3B
Duran Elvis P
Durazo Erubiel 1B
Dykstra Cutter INF
Eagan Clark OF
Earls Kaleb P
Easley Damion INF
Eaton Adam T. SP
Edgerton Jordan 3B
Edgin Josh RP
Edwards Tom 1B
Egbert Jack SP
Eichelberger Jared P
Eigsti Ryan C
Ekstrom Mike RP
Elander Josh OF
Elder Dave P
Ellington Brian P
Embree Alan RP
English Jesse RP
Eppley Cody RP
Escalona Edgmer RP
Escobar Edwin RP
Escobar Kelvim RP
Espinal Willy P
Espinoza Roberto C
Espinoza Sergio RP
Estes Shawn SP
Estrada Johnny C
Evans Cody P
Evans Raleigh P
Eveland Dana RP
Exposito Luis C
Fabian Robinson P
Fairley Wendell OF
Falcon Ryan P
Farina Alan P
Farina Alex P
Farnsworth Kyle RP
Farnsworth Nick INF
Farotto Alex P
Farrell Jeff P
Fasano Jim INF
Federowicz Tim C
Feliciano Jesus OF
Felix Mike P
Fernandez Alex OF
Fernandez Jose A. INF
Ferrante Victor OF
Fielder Prince 1B
Fien Casey RP
Fiore Tony RP
Fiorentino Jeff OF
Flames Miguel C
Flande Yohan P
Flores Kendry SP
Florie Bryce RP
Floyd Cliff OF
Floyd Gavin SP
Fogg Josh SP
Foppert Jesse SP
Ford Shelby 2B
Fornataro Eric P
Fox Chad RP
Fox Ryan OF
Francisco Ben OF
Francisco Frank RP
Francisco Juan 1B
Frandsen Kevin 2B
Franklin Wayne P
Frankoff Seth P
Frasor Jason RP
Frederick Kevin RP
Freeland Jarrett P
Freire Alejandro 1B
Frey Chris OF
Frias Carlos SP
Frieri Ernesto RP
Fujikawa Kyuji RP
Fuller Chais SS
Fuller Justin SS
Fultz Aaron RP
Furtado Micah 2B
Fyhrie Mike P
Gabbard Kason SP
Gac Ian 1B
Gaetti Joe OF
Gall John OF
Gallegos Fernando P
Gamel Mat 1B
Garcia Alex INF
Garcia Christian RP
Garcia Danny 2B
Garcia Emmanuel OF
Garcia Hugo P
Garcia Omar OF
Garcia Onelki P
Garcia Willy OF
Gardenhire Toby INF
Gardner Joe SP
Garland Jon SP
Garner Perci P
Garza Matt SP
Gassner Dave SP
Gathright Joey OF
Gaynor Casey P
Gelinas Kevin P
Giarratano Tony SS
Gigliotti Jeremy P
Gilmore Jon OF
Girodo Chad RP
Gload Ross 1B
Gold J.M. P
Golson Greg OF
Gomez Kenny P
Gomez Mariano P
Gomez Roberto P
Gonzalez Adrian 1B
Gonzalez Alex SS
Gonzalez Mike RP
Goodnight Michael P
Goodwin Devin INF
Gordon Brian SP
Gossage Kevin C
Gould Jeremy P
Grabow John RP
Grace Robert P
Graham J.R. SP
Graves Danny RP
Gray Jeff RP
Green Sean RP
Green Shawn OF
Greenberg Adam OF
Greene Chase P
Greene Khalil SS
Greene Tyler P
Greenwalt Kyle P
Greenwell Bo INF
Gregg Kevin RP
Gretzky Trevor OF
Grieve Sean P
Griffin A.J. SP
Grimm Justin P
Grindell Nate OF
Grove Jason OF
Grullon Geuris P
Gueller Mitch P
Guerrier Matt RP
Guillen Jose OF
Gunsolus Mitchell 3B
Gunsolus Mitchell SS
Gurka Jason RP
Guzman Cristian 2B
Guzman Jesus 1B
Hafner Travis DH
Hagerty Luke P
Hairston Scott OF
Hallerman Jason P
Hammock Robby C
Hammond Chris RP
Hansack Devern P
Hansen Craig RP
Harang Aaron SP
Harden Rich SP
Harikkala Tim P
Harkcom Cody P
Harper Travis RP
Harrilchak Cory OF
Harrington Matt P
Harris Brendan INF
Harris Mark P
Harris Mitch P
Harris Reggie P
Harrison Matt SP
Hart Michael P
Hartsock Aaron P
Harvey Ryan P
Hauff Michael P
Hawpe Brad 1B
Hayhurst Dirk P
Haynes Nathan OF
Head Miles 3B
Headley Chase 3B
Healy Tucker P
Heathcott Slade OF
Hebert Michael P
Heckathorn Kyle P
Heere Brian OF
Heidenreich Matt SP
Heisey Chris OF
Helms Wes 3B
Hennessey Brad SP
Henry Bryan C
Henry C.J. OF
Henry Jordan OF
Heredia Felix RP
Hermida Jeremy OF
Hernandez Orlando RP
Hernandez Pedro P
Hernandez Roberto X. RP
Hernandez Runelvys P
Hernandez Yadiel OF
Hernandez Yoel RP
Herrera Alex P
Herrera Carlos SS
Herrera Jonathan SS
Herrera Marcos P
Hester John C
Hewitt Anthony SS
Hicks Graham P
Hidaka Takeshi C
Hidalgo Richard OF
Higuera Walter OF
Hill Aaron 3B
Hillenbrand Shea 1B
Hilliard Chris P
Hilligoss Mitchell SS
Hinckley Mike RP
Hines Nathan OF
Hinze Kody 1B
Hirsh Jason SP
Hodges Casey P
Hodges Wes 3B
Hogan Gary P
Hollon Clint RP
Holm Steve C
Holt Brad P
Holt Tyler OF
Homblert Rafael P
Hong Shen-Cin P
Hoover J.J. RP
Horst Jeremy RP
Horwitz Brian OF
Hottovy Tommy RP
House T.J. SP
Houston Ryan RP
Houston Tyler 3B
Howell Gabe 3B
Howington Ty P
Hoying Jared OF
Hsu Chih-Wei 1B
Hu Chin-Lung SS
Huber Erik INF
Huckaby Ken C
Hudson Orlando 2B
Hudson Tim SP
Hughes Landon P
Hughes Luke 2B
Hughes Rhyne 1B
Hurley Trevor P
Huseby Chris P
Inge Brandon 3B
Inglett Joe 2B
Inman Will P
Iriki Yusaku P
Izturis Cesar SS
Jackson Aaron P
Jackson Joe OF
James Chuck RP
James Kenny OF
Jaspe Jonathan C
Jean Elou P
Jemiola Zach P
Jenkins Aaron P
Jenkins Chad RP
Jenkins Tyrell SP
Jenks Bobby RP
Jennings Desmond OF
Jennings Hayden OF
Jensen George P
Jensen Kyle OF
Jepsen Kevin RP
Jimenez Cesar RP
Jimenez Jorge 3B
Jimenez Jose INF
Jimenez Juan P
Jimenez Luis 3B
Johnson Dan 1B
Johnson Daniel P
Johnson Dave P
Johnson Jeremy T. P
Johnson Kade C
Johnson Keith SS
Johnson Reed OF
Johnson Rett P
Johnson Tyler RP
Johnston Seth SS
Jones Beau P
Jones Chad P
Jones Greg M. P
Jones Hunter RP
Jones Jacque OF
Jones Justin SP
Jones Tyler P
Jordan Taylor SP
Jorgensen Ryan C
Joseph Donnie RP
Joynt Brian 3B
Jungmann Taylor P
Ka'aihue Kila 1B
Kafka Ari P
Kahn Stephen P
Kaiser Kody OF
Kawagoe Hidetaka P
Kazmir Scott SP
Kearns Austin OF
Keegan Trey C
Keiter Ben P
Kelley Scott P
Kelly Ryan P
Kendrick Kyle SP
Kennedy Adam 2B
Keppinger Jeff 2B
Key Brad 3B
Kianes Jose OF
Killian Colby P
King Ray RP
King Thomas P
Kingsale Gene OF
Klein Phil P
Knight Brandon SP
Kobayashi Hiroyuki RP
Kobernus Jeff 2B
Kohlscheen Stephen P
Kolb Dan RP
Koo Dae-sung P
Koonce Graham 1B
Koronka John SP
Kouzmanoff Kevin 3B
Krasne Will P
Kreuzer Josh INF
Kroeger Josh OF
Kruml Ray OF
Kubel Jason DH
Kunz Eddie RP
Kussmaul Ryan P
LaHair Bryan 1B
Lamb Mike 3B
Lamb Will P
Lambo Andrew 1B
Lambson Mitchell RP
Lane Braxton OF
Langwell Matt P
Lansford Jared RP
LaPorta Matt 1B
Larish Jeff 1B
LaRoche Andy 3B
Latos Mat SP
Lawrie Brett 2B
Layfield Scotty P
Leblanc-Poirier Mathieu P
Lebron Luis P
Ledbetter Ryan P
Ledezma Wilfredo P
Lee Chia-Jung OF
Lee Cliff SP
Lenoir Bobby INF
Leon Arcenio P
Leslie Myron 3B
Levrault Allen RP
Lewis Scott SP
Liddi Alex 3B
Lieber Jon P
Ligtenberg Kerry RP
Linares Juan Carlos OF
Linares Leando P
Linares Yordanis OF
Lincecum Tim SP
Lincoln Brad RP
Lincoln Mike RP
Lind Adam 1B
Lindblom Josh P
Lindstrom Matt RP
Linebrink Scott RP
Lintz Seth P
Litsch Jesse RP
Lo Chia-Jen RP
Lo Duca Paul C
Locke Jeff SP
Logan Boone RP
Loney James 1B
Long Wes SS
Lopez Felipe 2B
Lopez Rodrigo SP
Love Dante C
Lowe Mark RP
Lowe Sean SP
Lowry Noah SP
Lubanski Chris OF
Lucroy David P
Lukasiewicz Mark RP
Lundahl Chad SS
Lyon Brandon RP
MacDougal Mike RP
Machado Alejandro SS
Machado Robert C
Machi Jean RP
Machuca Luis P
Macias Drew OF
Madrigal Warner RP
Maertz Santo P
Magnuson Trystan P
Magruder Chris OF
Maholm Paul SP
Main Michael P
Maine John SP
Maine Scott P
Majewski Gary RP
Major Marc P
Malaska Mark P
Mallett Justin P
Malm Jeff P
Maloney Matt SP
Maness Seth RP
Mann Jim P
Manship Jeff RP
Manzanillo Santo P
Manzella Tommy SS
Marban Jorge P
Marceaux Jacob P
Margalski Ben C
Mariot Michael P
Marks Justin SP
Marmol Carlos RP
Marquis Jason SP
Marrero Gilbert 1B
Marshall Jay RP
Marshall Sean RP
Marte Damaso RP
Marte Luis RP
Martin Kyle RP
Martinez Carlos M. RP
Martinez Cristhian RP
Martinez Fabio P
Martinez Felix SS
Martinez Jorge SS
Martinez Luis X. SP
Martinez Samuel P
Martinez Yoffri P
Martone Luca INF
Mastroianni Darin OF
Mateo Marcos RP
Mathews Shane P
Matos Julius SS
Matsuda Nobuhiro 3B
Matthes Kent OF
Mattheus Ryan RP
Matthews Kevin P
Matthews Mike RP
Matthews Jr. Gary OF
Mattingly Preston OF
Mattison Kieran P
Matusz Brian RP
Matz Chretien OF
Maxfield Zach 1B
May Darrell SP
Mayberry Jr. John OF
Mayes LaCurtis P
Mazurek Dave P
McCarthy Mike P
McCormick Mark P
McCoy Pat RP
McCulloch Kyle P
McDonald James SP
McFarland Chris 2B
McGowan Dustin RP
McGrady Tracy P
McGuinness Chris 1B
McKeon Josh P
McLouth Nate OF
McPherson Dallas 3B
Meadows Brian RP
Meadows Tydus OF
Mecir Jim RP
Medders Brandon RP
Mederos Chris P
Medica Tommy OF
Medina Jhondaniel P
Medina Michael OF
Medrano Jesus INF
Melotakis Mason P
Mench Kevin OF
Meque Jacobo P
Mercado Angel OF
Mercurio Matthew 3B
Meredith Cla RP
Merklinger Dan P
Metropoulos Joey 1B
Meyer Edinho C
Meyers Chad DH
Meyers Mike P
Mezquita Brandol
Miadich Bart P
Michael Levi SS
Mijares Jean P
Mijares Jose RP
Miles Kuyaunnis OF
Miller Brad INF
Miller Jayson P
Miller Ryne P
Miller Travis RP
Miller Trever RP
Miller Wade SP
Milton Eric SP
Minami Kazuaki P
Miner Zach RP
Miranda Ariel P
Miranda Sergio SS
Mitchell Jared OF
Mitchell Travis OF
Mock Garrett SP
Moeller Chad C
Molina Marcos P
Molina Nestor SP
Mollica Ryan P
Monroe Craig OF
Montero Yunior P
Montgomery Christian P
Montz Luke C
Moody Shayne SS
Moore Scott 3B
Moore Ty OF
Moore Tyler OF
Mora Melvin INF
Morales Franklin SP
Morales Miguel P
Moreno Diego P
Moreno Edwin RP
Moreno Gerson P
Moreno Victor P
Morgan Kyle 1B
Mori Shinji RP
Morla Ronny P
Morrissey Adam INF
Moseley Dustin SP
Moss Brandon 1B
Moss Tim 2B
Moye Andy SP
Mulder Mark SP
Mullee Conor RP
Mullen Scott SP
Mummey Trent OF
Munson Eric C
Munson Kevin RP
Murphy Clark OF
Murrill Chris OF
Mustelier Ronnier INF
Myers Brett SP
Nakamura Takafumi P
Nam Yoon-Hee P
Nance Shane SP
Nathan Joe RP
Naughton Joel C
Navarrete Jorge P
Navarro Raymar P
Naylor Drew P
Negret Juan Carlos
Nelson Bubba P
Nesbitt Angel P
Neuberger Scott OF
Newton Jeremy P
Nick David 2B
Niekro Lance 1B
Niemann Jeff SP
Niesen Eric P
Nieuwenhuis Kirk OF
Nieves Wil C
Nix Jayson SS
Nix Laynce OF
Nolasco Ricky SP
Norton Greg OF
Nova Boanerges P
Novoa Roberto P
Nunez Efrain P
Nunez Vladimir RP
O'Flaherty Eric RP
Oduber Ryan P
Oeltjen Trent OF
Ohman Will RP
Ohme Kevin RP
Ojeda Augie 2B
Okajima Hideki RP
Okamoto Naoyo P
Oliveira Joe C
Olson Garrett RP
Ondrusek Logan RP
Ool Kevin P
Orenduff Justin P
Ortegano Jose P
Ortiz Alejandro INF
Ortiz Ramon RP
Orvella Chad RP
Osik Keith C
Otsuka Akinori RP
Oviedo Juan RP
Owens Henry J. RP
Owens Jerry OF
Owens Rudy SP
Owings Connor OF
Owings Jon Mark OF
Oxspring Chris P
Ozuna Pablo INF
Padilla Jorge OF
Padilla Juan P
Pagan Angel OF
Pagnozzi Matt C
Panayotovich Adam P
Parise Pete P
Parisi Mike SP
Parker Jarrett OF
Parnell Bobby RP
Parrish John SP
Patel Dinesh P
Patterson Corey OF
Patterson Jarrod 3B
Patterson Scott RP
Patton David P
Patton Troy RP
Paul Xavier OF
Paulino Ronny C
Payton Jay OF
Pease Dustin P
Peavy Jake SP
Pelchy Kyle P
Pellot Hector INF
Pelzer Wynn SP
Pena Ariel SP
Pena Luis P
Pena Richard P
Pena Wily Mo OF
Penalver Frank P
Pendleton Lance RP
Peralta Jhonny 3B
Percel Eriberto P
Perdomo Luis M. RP
Perez Adrian P
Perez Eduardo X. P
Perez Felix OF
Perez Neifi INF
Perez Odalis SP
Perez Pedro P
Perez Rafael RP
Perez Ruben C
Perez Timo OF
Perez Wilfrido RP
Perez Williams SP
Perry Ryan SP
Perry Tyrone 1B
Pestano Vinnie RP
Peterson Steve P
Petralli Ben C
Pickering Calvin 1B
Pickrel Jeremy OF
Piedra Jorge OF
Pimentel Guillermo OF
Pinder Branden P
Pinero Marcos C
Pluta Anthony P
Podsednik Scott OF
Polanco Oliver P
Politte Cliff RP
Porzio Mike SP
Powell Landon C
Powers Connor INF
Powers Josh C
Powers Michael P
Poythress Rich 1B
Prady Ricky OF
Presley Alex OF
Pridie Jason OF
Prihoda Luke P
Prince Josh OF
Pujols Wilfrido OF
Purcey David RP
Putkonen Luke RP
Putnam Zach RP
Quantrill Paul RP
Quentin Carlos OF
Quesada Pavel 3B
Quigley Ryan P
Quinlan Robb 3B
Quintero Henry 3B
Quist Dayne P
Rabe Josh OF
Rabelo Mike C
Raburn Ryan OF
Radcliffe Kendall OF
Rafferty Ryan P
Ramirez Carlos C
Ramirez Emanuel P
Ramirez Hanley 1B
Ramirez Julio E. OF
Ramirez Nestor P
Ramirez Santiago P
Rasmus Cory RP
Rauch Jon RP
Ray Chris RP
Raynor John OF
Redmond Todd SP
Reed Eric OF
Reed Evan RP
Reineke Chad SP
Renzi Sean P
Repko Jason OF
Resop Chris RP
Reveles Steven SS
Revere Ben OF
Reyes Al RP
Reyes Arturo P
Reyes Dennys RP
Ribas Gabe P
Richardson Juan 3B
Richy John P
Rickard John C
Riedling John RP
Riefenhauser C.J. RP
Righter Matthew P
Rijo Fernando P
Rincon Ricardo RP
Rios Alex OF
Rivas Luis 2B
Rivera Carlos P
Rivera Saul RP
Rivero Armando P
Rivero Brohiglyn P
Rivero Jose OF
Roa Joe P
Roberts David P
Roberts Grant RP
Roberts Joshua P
Roberts Nate OF
Robertshaw Britt P
Robertson Nate P
Robinson Kerry OF
Rodriguez Alex 3B
Rodriguez Felix RP
Rodriguez Francisco RP
Rodriguez Francisco X. P
Rodriguez Guillermo C
Rodriguez Henry RP
Rodriguez Javier OF
Rodriguez Joely P
Rodriguez Jose P
Rodriguez Julio P
Rodriguez Mike P
Rodriguez Oscar P
Rodriguez Pedro P
Rodriguez Wandy SP
Roibal Reiner P
Rojas Angel
Rojas Jr. Mel OF
Rollins David P
Roman Edwin OF
Romero Deibinson 3B
Romero Ricky SP
Rondon Bruce RP
Roof Eric C
Roof Jonathan INF
Roof Shawn SS
Rook Jason OF
Rosa Carlos RP
Rosario Alberto C
Rosario Francisco RP
Rosenthal Trevor RP
Ross Cody OF
Ross Robbie P
Rowell Billy P
Rowland Jeff OF
Rucker Kevin OF
Rundles Rich P
Runzler Dan RP
Rupe Josh RP
Rusch Glendon P
Rusch Matthew P
Russ Chris P
Russell Adam RP
Rust Evan RP
Rutledge Josh 2B
Ryan B.J. RP
Rynard Storm P
Saarloos Kirk P
Sabino Luis OF
Sadler Billy RP
Salas Fernando RP
Salas Juan RP
Salazar Jeff OF
Salazar Richard P
Salcedo Adrian P
Saldivar Santos P
Sale Josh OF
Salem Emeel OF
Salome Angel OF
Salvo Andrew INF
Sampson Julian P
Samuel Francisco RP
Sanchez Angel P
Sanchez Gaby 1B
Sanchez Jonathan RP
Sandoval Abigail INF
Sandoval Juan P
Sandoval Orlando OF
Sands Carson P
Sanit Amauri RP
Santana Andy P
Santana GianCarlos P
Santana Kelvin P
Santos Randy P
Santos Sergio RP
Sappelt Dave OF
Sardinha Dane C
Sarianides Nick P
Sattler Daniel P
Sauer Stephen P
Saunders Joe SP
Savery Joe RP
Scarbery Chad P
Schafer Jordan P
Schierholtz Nate OF
Schimpf Ryan 2B
Schmidt Jason SP
Schmidt Konrad C
Schmidt Nicholas P
Schoeneweis Scott RP
Schrader Adam P
Schroder Chris RP
Schwimer Michael RP
Scioscia Matt 1B
Scott Will P
Scribner Evan RP
Scribner Troy P
Scutaro Marco 2B
Seanez Rudy RP
Searle Ryan P
Seay Bobby RP
Serafini Dan P
Serrano Alex P
Serrano Jimmy P
Sexson Richie 1B
Shackelford Kevin RP
Sharkey Alan 1B
Shaver Chris P
Shaw Scott P
Shawler Anthony P
Shell Steven RP
Sherrill George RP
Shoppach Kelly C
Short Baron P
Siegrist Kevin RP
Sierra Jr. Ruben OF
Silva Carlos SP
Simmons Kal 3B
Simmons Shae RP
Simonitsch Errol P
Simpson Hayden P
Singleton Jon 1B
Sivira Jonathan OF
Sizemore Grady OF
Slack Nicholas P
Slaten Doug RP
Slayden Jeremy OF
Slowey Kevin SP
Smith Chad RP
Smith Dakota P
Smith Eric P
Smith Jake P
Smitherman Stephen OF
Snell Ian SP
Snelling Chris OF
Sodowsky Clint P
Sonnanstine Andy RP
Soto Darwin P
Soto Giovanni P
Spann Chad 3B
Speier Justin RP
Speigner Levale P
Spence Josh RP
Spezial Niko P
Spiegel Mike P
Spivey Seth INF
Spooneybarger Tim RP
Spottiswood William P
Stamler Keith P
Stanford Tim P
Stanley Cody C
Stephens John SP
Stern Adam OF
Stetter Mitch RP
Stewart Cory P
Stewart Ian 3B
Stewart Lucas P
Stilson John P
Stinnett Kelly C
Stockman Phil P
Stokes Jason 1B
Stone Ricky RP
Stoner Tobi P
Stratton Robert OF
Street Huston RP
Strickland Scott RP
Stults Eric SP
Sturtze Tanyon RP
Stutes Michael RP
Suarez Denny P
Suchy Michael OF
Sullivan Cory OF
Summers Houston P
Surkamp Eric SP
Susdorf Steve OF
Sutil Wladimir SS
Sweeney Ryan OF
Swindle R.J. RP
Swisher Nick OF
Tabata Marcos P
Tabb Donnie 2B
Tadano Kazuhito P
Tae-Hyon Chong P
Taschner Jack RP
Tatum Craig C
Taubenheim Ty P
Tavarez Julian RP
Taveras Willy OF
Taylor Andrew P
Taylor Zach C
Teagarden Taylor C
Tejada Miguel SS
Tejeda Moises SS
Tejeda Robinson RP
Telemaco Amaury P
Teran Kleininger C
Terrero Luis OF
Terry Clint P
Thayer Dale RP
Thomas Brad RP
Thomas Clete OF
Thomas Ian P
Thomas Jared P
Thomas Stayton P
Thomas Tony 2B
Thompson Aaron SP
Thompson Brad SP
Thompson Daryl SP
Thompson Sean P
Thomson John SP
Tice Jeremie INF
Tiffee Terry 3B
Toca Jorge 1B
Toregas Wyatt C
Torra Matt P
Torrealba Yorvit C
Torres Andres OF
Torres Joel OF
Towers Josh RP
Traber Billy P
Tracy Chad 1B
Trees Mitch C
Triunfel Alberto INF
Tsao Chin-hui RP
Tubbs Tucker 1B
Tucker Michael OF
Tufts Tyler P
Tully Travis OF
Tupman Matt C
Turgeon Erik P
Turnbow Derrick RP
Uggla Dan 2B
Upton Jr. Melvin OF
Urban Jeff P
Urbina Juan P
Urbina Ugueth RP
Uribe Juan 3B
Valbuena Luis 3B
Valdes Raul RP
Valencia Danny 1B
Valentin Dan P
Valverde Jose RP
Van Dusen Derrick P
Van Every Jonathan OF
Van Mil Loek P
Vance Cory P
Vargas Claudio SP
Vasquez Lary P
Vasquez Luis RP
Vazquez Jorge 3B
Veal Donnie RP
Velazquez Gil INF
Velazquez Miguel INF
Velez Eugenio OF
Veras Josciel SS
Veras Jose RP
Veres Adam P
Verrett Logan RP
Viciedo Dayan OF
Villarreal Oscar RP
Villezcas Marcos INF
Vizcaino Luis RP
Vollmuth B.A. INF
Vucinich Shea SS
Wade Cory RP
Waite Robert P
Walker Andy P
Walker Erik P
Walker Jamie RP
Walker Keenyn OF
Walker Tyler RP
Wall Josh RP
Walla Max OF
Wallace Beau C
Wallace Jeff SP
Walters Jeff RP
Wang Chien-Ming SP
Washington Rico 3B
Watson Sean K. P
Watson Shane P
Weathers David RP
Webb Daniel RP
Weeks Rickie OF
Weijgertse Kevin INF
Weimer Andrew P
Weinhardt Robbie P
Wells Jared RP
Wells Kip SP
Wells Randy SP
Wells Vernon OF
Welsh Guy C
Wesley John P
Wesson Barry OF
West Matt RP
White Rondell OF
White Ryne INF
White Steven SP
Whitlock Josh P
Whitson Karsten P
Wieland Joe SP
Wigginton Ty 3B
Wilkerson Brad OF
Wilkerson Wes P
Wilkes Chris P
Willett Reid P
Williams Dave SP
Williams Michael J. C
Williams Randy RP
Williams Simon OF
Williams Woody P
Willoughby Carlos 2B
Wilson Brian RP
Wilson Paul SP
Winnick Steve P
Winter Haley P
Wise Dewayne OF
Witasick Jay RP
Witt Kevin INF
Wittels Garrett P
Wojciechowski Asher SP
Womack Josh OF
Wood Brandon SS
Wood Travis RP
Woodall Justin P
Woodard Steve RP
Woods Jake P
Worley Vance SP
Wren Kyle OF
Wright Andrew P
Wright Brae SP
Wuertz Michael RP
Wunderlich Phil 1B
Yamakita Shigetoshi P
Yander La O Luis 3B
Yelich Collin C
Ynoa Michael SP
Yofu Tetsu SP
Yoon Suk-min SP
Young Chris R. SP
Young Delmon OF
Zajac Brandon P
Zambrano Carlos SP
Zambrano Victor SP
Zapata Pedro OF
Zarraga Shawn C
Zebroski Tom INF
Zuniga Guillermo

Adair Rick PC
Andrews Jeff PC
Arnsberg Brad PC
Baker Dusty MAN
Barnett Mike TO
Baylor Don TO
Beattie Jim GM
Beeston Paul TO
Beinfest Larry TO
Bichette Dante TO
Bosio Chris PC
Bosley Thad TO
Bowden Jim GM
Brenly Bob MAN
Chambliss Chris TO
Colbrunn Greg TO
Connor Mark PC
Cooper Cecil MAN
Coppolella John GM
Dauer Rich TO
DePodesta Paul TO
Eppard Jim TO
Evans Dan TO
Farrell John MAN
Fletcher Scott TO
Geivett Bill TO
Girardi Joe MAN
Gonzalez Fredi MAN
Gross Greg TO
Guillen Ozzie MAN
Hampton Mike TO
Hansen Dave TO
Hatcher Mickey TO
Hawkins Andy TO
Henderson Steve TO
Henley Bob TO
Howe Art MAN
Howell Jack TO
Iorg Garth TO
Jaramillo Rudy TO
Jenkins Mack PC
Johnson Ron TO
Jones Gary TO
Joshua Von TO
Kerrigan Joe PC
Knorr Randy TO
Lansford Carney TO
Leary Rob TO
LeCroy Matthew TO
Liddle Steve TO
Little Grady MAN
Mabry John TO
Macha Ken MAN
MacPhail Andy TO
Manto Jeff TO
Manuel Jerry MAN
Martinez Buck MAN
Martinez Tino TO
Mason Marty TO
Matheny Mike MAN
Mazzilli Lee MAN
Mazzone Leo PC
McCarthy Steve PC
McCatty Steve PC
McLaughlin Bo TO
Meacham Bobby TO
Miley Dave MAN
Miller Dyar TO
Mottola Chad TO
Mueller Bill TO
Narron Johnny TO
Nieves Juan PC
Nunnally Jon TO
O'Brien Dan GM
O'Dowd Dan GM
Oberkfell Ken TO
Parent Mark TO
Parrish Larry TO
Pedrique Al TO
Pentland Jeff TO
Perez Eduardo TO
Picciolo Rob TO
Plantier Phil TO
Pole Dick PC
Price Bryan MAN
Pujols Luis MAN
Purpura Tim GM
Randolph Willie TO
Ready Randy TO
Riggins Mark PC
Ritchie Gregg TO
Ryan Terry GM
Sandberg Ryne MAN
Sax Steve TO
Shines Razor TO
Sisson Doug TO
Skaalen Jim TO
Skinner Joel TO
Sofield Rick TO
Stanley Bob TO
Stearns John TO
Stelmaszek Rick TO
Tarasco Tony TO
Thompson Milt TO
Torborg Jeff MAN
Tosca Carlos TO
Tracy Jim MAN
Trembley Dave TO
Tuck Gary TO
Valentine Bobby MAN
Varsho Gary TO
Ventura Robin MAN
Waits Rick PC
Walker Greg TO
Waller Tye TO
Walton Bruce PC
Warthen Dan PC
Williams Jimy TO
Wolever Marti TO
Woodward Chris TO
Wright Jim PC
Youngblood Joel TO
Zduriencik Jack GM
Zinter Alan TO

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