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This product is no longer available.

Looking for your fantasy sports stimulus package? We have it! All of our features that were once premium are now being offered for free!

To use some of the features we have, you will need to register to customize your fantasy experience on Once completed, you will be able to save specific information to your account for use any time you access KFFL. For example, if you input your own scoring rules into our Cheat Sheet Calculator, as a registered user, the next time you visit, the system will have your customized scoring in place.

  • Breaking News E-mail - This optional feature sends you e-mail alerts when key breaking news items happen
  • Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Calculator - create your own scoring system specific to your fantasy leagues
  • Fantasy Football Player Projections - The numbers behind the madness. See what statistics we project for every fantasy-worthy player this year
  • MyHOTW - Hot off the Wire had led the way on the internet for over a decade. Now, you can track just the players you want to track!
  • Player Watchlist - the latest news on your selected players e-mailed directly to you as the news happens
  • Player versus team statistics - Find out how a player has performed against a specific opponent over the years

  • By signing up for KFFL's free account, you agree to receive emails from KFFL regarding fantasy sports.

This product is no longer available.