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MLB | Bernie Carbo: I wanted to break Keith Hernandez's arms

Fri, 14 May 2010 01:32:49 -0700

Baseball veteran Bernie Carbo said he tried to hire goons to find former St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets 1B Keith Hernandez and "break his arms" after the former All-Star outed Carbo in federal court as the man who introduced him to cocaine, according to The New York Post. Carbo, now 62, told ESPN that he wanted to punish his former teammate for ratting him out to the feds. Carbo said he called the thugs off after they convinced him that he would be easily implicated.

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Mets | Reyes, K. Hernandez get into altercation

Fri, 04 Jul 2008 10:13:49 -0700

The New York Post's Bart Hubbuch reports New York Mets SS Jose Reyes and Mets analyst Keith Hernandez had to be separated on the team's charter plane Thursday, July 3, after Reyes confronted Hernandez following critical remarks Hernandez made. A team source described the situation aboard the plane as "very heated." One player told The Post that he thought Reyes and Hernandez were close to exchanging punches until others stepped in. Reyes said yesterday he was angry at Hernandez after numerous friends and relatives told him Hernandez accused the Mets of "babying" Reyes during the broadcast of Sunday's game. According to one account, strongly denied by both Reyes and Hernandez, what set Reyes off during the flight was when Hernandez allegedly responded to Reyes' concerns by saying: "I was just doing my job - you should do yours."

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Mets | K. Hernandez reprimanded by team's television network

Mon, 24 Apr 2006 21:05:15 -0700

The Associated Press reports New York Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez was reprimanded by the team's television network for "inappropriate" remarks made about a female member of the San Diego Padres training staff. Kelly Calabrese, the Padres' full-time massage therapist, was seen high-fiving C Mike Piazza in the dugout Saturday, April 22, after a home run. Hernandez said women "don't belong in the dugout" and repeated the statement later in the broadcast after finding out she was a part of the team's training staff. Hernandez added during the broadcast, "I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout. You know I am only teasing. I love you gals out there -- always have." SportsNet New York issued a statement saying, "We immediately addressed the issue with Keith and reprimanded him, and he publicly apologized during Sunday's game." His apology said he did not mean to offend anyone, but that the baseball's rulebook only allowed a head trainer and assistant trainer in the dugout. However, a MLB memo previously sent to all clubs states one member of the conditioning staff is allowed in the dugout in addition to the two trainers.

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Cardinals | McGwire to Help Close Busch

Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:56:01 -0700

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Rick Hummel reports former St. Louis Cardinals 1B Mark McGwire will be one of around 100 former Cardinals in attendance to help close Busch Stadium Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Others expected include SP Steve Carlton, CL Lee Smith, 1B Keith Hernandez, SP Bob Tewksbury and SP John Tudor.

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Retired | Hernandez On Ballot

Sat, 29 Nov 2003 21:22:07 -0800

The Associated Press is reporting 1B Keith Hernandez is on the 2004 Hall of Fame ballot. Votes must be submitted by Dec. 31 and results will be announced on Jan. 6.

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MLB | Hernandez Missing Two World Series Rings

Sun, 19 Oct 2003 17:50:41 -0700

The AP reports former major league first baseman Keith Hernandez is missing two World Series rings from his Manhattan apartment and believes they were stolen. Hernandez is missing a 1982 St. Louis Cardinals and 1986 New York Mets World Series ring, each estimated to be worth $10,000.

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