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Ravens | Dilfer remains bitter towards Billick

Fri, 02 Feb 2007 09:48:49 -0800

Jamison Hensley, of the Baltimore Sun, reports San Francisco 49ers QB Trent Dilfer is still bitter about Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick's decision to replace him with QB Elvis Grbac after the team's championship season and does not plan to speak with Billick again. "He grossly misunderstood the talent of that football team, myself specifically," Dilfer said. "I totally agree with so many things he did. But to this day, I am so sad I didn't have the chance to face the challenge of repeating." "I have absolutely zero desire to talk to Brian Billick."

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Jets | Grbac Turns Down Offer

Mon, 25 Aug 2003 10:29:41 -0700

ESPN.com reports the New York Jets contacted the agent for retired QB Elvis Grbac, but Grbac was not interested in returning to the league.

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Chiefs | Deja Vu With Green?

Thu, 27 Feb 2003 02:15:25 -0800

The Kansas City Star reports the Kansas City Chiefs once again failed to reach an agreement with QB Trent Green on a new contract. Green's agent, Jim Steiner, said Green was prepared to become a free agent if necessary. "The Chiefs have told me they won't keep him under the current contract, so we understand that could happen," Steiner said. "That's not our preference and wouldn't be our choice. Our preference is to make a deal. That's what Trent wants. That's what the Chiefs want. There's no mystery about anyone's desires. We're working toward that." The Chiefs history with Steiner and one of his quarterbacks doesn't make the final hours of negotiating appear promising. Two years ago Steiner represented Chiefs QB Elvis Grbac.

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NFL | Grbac Not Coming Out Of Retirement

Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:21:51 -0800

Updating previous reports, Len Pasquarelli for ESPN.com reports former NFL QB Elvis Grbac has abandoned plans to return to the league in 2003 and will instead remain retired. “No, he’s not coming back, that’s it,” said his agent, Jim Steiner. “He’s changed his mind on that. It won’t happen.”

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NFL | Grbac Will Remain Retired

Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:20:59 -0800

Updating previous reports, Len Pasquarelli of ESPN.com reports former NFL QB Elvis Grbac will remain retired. "No, he's not coming back, that's it," said Grbac's agent Jim Steiner. "He's changed his mind on that. It won't happen."

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NFL | Agent Promoting Grbac

Tue, 14 Jan 2003 08:29:06 -0800

Updating previous reports, Jim Steiner, agent for QB Elvis Grbac, has begun making phone calls to teams to see if they are interested in signing Grbac, who just recently announced he is coming out of retirement. The Denver Broncos aren’t the only team he has called. “I don’t know what’s going to be available,” Steiner said. He didn’t give specific confirmation that he had talked to Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan, but said, “Mike knows Elvis is available.” The Broncos have not expressed whether they are interested in Grbac as of yet.

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NFL | Grbac Wants Back

Mon, 13 Jan 2003 00:27:04 -0800

The Kansas City Star, citing a SportsLine.com story, reports QB Elvis Grbac would like to return to the NFL, possibly with the Denver Broncos. "I've had a year to sit and think about things, and I would like to end my retirement," Grbac told Sportsline this week. "There is a lot of speculation going on with the quarterback position in Denver, and I think that would be the perfect situation for me."

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Seahawks | Elvis - Probably Won't Enter the Building

Mon, 28 Oct 2002 22:59:11 -0800

John Clayton reports for ESPN.com the Seattle Seahawks have reportedly contacted retired QB Elvis Grbac. Grbac is expected to reject the offer to visit and stay in retirement.

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Browns | No Calls to Grbac Yet

Thu, 10 Oct 2002 13:18:18 -0700

ESPN.com’s Len Pasquarelli reports the Cleveland Browns have not made contact with retired QB Elvis Grbac, who has expressed an interest in joining the team if they need him to help out their banged up quarterback position.

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Browns | Grbac Willing to Step In

Wed, 09 Oct 2002 15:18:08 -0700

Jay Glazer, of SportsLine.com, reports quarterback Elvis Grbac told him that he would consider coming out of retirement for a few weeks to help the Cleveland Browns if they needed him. Grbac, currently vacationing in Arizona, said he'd do it because of his relationship with Browns' president and CEO Carmen Policy. "I'd consider it in a heartbeat," Grbac said. He also noted that he's turned down other teams that have had interest and he's ruled out playing for any other team.

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