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Richard Childress Racing | Appealing suspensions

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 08:51:53 -0700

Richard Childress Racing will appeal the six-week suspensions for Craig Smokstad, the car chief for driver Paul Menard's No. 27 Sprint Cup ride, and crew member Grant Hutchens. They will not appeal the $100,000 fine and six-week suspension of crew chief Slugger Labbe, though, and they will also not appeal the loss of 25 championship driver and 25 championship owner points.

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Richard Childress Racing | Paul Menard's crew chief fined

Thu, 23 Aug 2012 08:59:22 -0700

Richard Childress Racing crew chief Slugger Labbe, the crew chief for driver Paul Menard, was fined $100,000 for illegal modifications on the car during the Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway last weekend. Labbe was also suspended until Oct. 3. Menard and owner Richard Childress were each docked 25 points. Car chief Craig Smokstad and crew member Grant Hutchens were also suspended.

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