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HT | Musgrave's move to HT paying off

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 11:46:03 -0700

Jared Turner, of SceneDaily.com, reports HT Motorsports driver Ted Musgrave's move to HT this offseason is paying off. Musgrave's "tryout" started off poorly after he crashed the team's only truck. After the crash crew chief Danny Rollins asked Musgrave if he would be there tomorrow and Musgrave replied with "You don't have another truck here." Rollins, knowing Musgrave was seeking other teams as possibilities, immediately ordered a fabricator at the team's Martinsville, Va., shop to cut the nose off of another truck and have it hauled to Daytona. Rollins then told Musgrave not to worry and that he would have the destroyed truck ready to go the next day. Musgrave then posted the sixth-fastest lap of the test session. He is now 11th in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, something the one-car team, with 16 employees, has never experienced before.

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