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Question: Player Watchlist - How do I Add NFL/MLB Players to My Watchlist/MyHOTW


To add players to your player watch list and/or your MyHOTW (NFL or MLB), you'll want to access your "Player Watchlist" through your MyKFFL page.

Under the "Player Locator" box, you will see search utilities to find the player(s) you are looking to keep track of. Once a player has been added to your watchlist, any news on that player will be displayed to you on through your MyHOTW page in addition to being emailed to you if you choose to leave that option set to the pre-default of mail sending options.

1) To add a new player, first choose which sport your player plays in (NFL or MLB). If it is an NFL player, click the "NFL" option next to the "sport" heading. If it is an MLB player, click the "MLB" option next to the "sport" heading.

2) Type in the player's last name into the "Last Name" box. Please be sure to spell it correctly to ensure your search request properly returns the proper information on the player you are searching for.

You can make your search more specific by also putting in the player's first name, selecting his position and/or team.

3) Press the "Perform Search" button.

The system will then search for the player you are requesting. If more than one player comes up on the following screen, it means more than one player met the search requirements in your previous search. You can then select the player amongst the group you were looking for.

Once you have clicked on the player's name, you will be brought to his individual profile page. To add this player to your Watchlist and your MyHOTW page, you will want to click on the "Add to Watchlist" option on this page. This will automatically add the player to your Watchlist. You can remove him at any time in the future.

To add additional players to your Watchlist, please repeat steps 1-3.

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