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Question: Mock Draft Compilations - Results Appear to be Blank


KFFL's Expanded Draft Compilations, found at:

give you the ability to display various data from within our gathered drafts (both real and mock drafts) to get a more accurate means for where players are being selected on average. The options available to you are:

-- Date Range: Choose the date range of data that will be included. We recommend using at least the last two weeks.
-- Number of Teams in League: Modifies the drafts to show just the number of leagues specified.
-- TE Mandatory Leagues: Modifies whether or not the tight end position is unto itself or combined with wide receivers.
-- Scoring System: the ability to show results from combinational or touchdown only leagues
-- Experts Leagues: simply gives the output of data pulled from "expert league" drafts
-- Position: the ability to show the results on a position-by-position display

After selecting the criteria you want shown, simply hit the "Apply Filter" button. The draft compilations results will then display in the lower portion of the page. NOTE: If no results display, please readjust your criteria settings. The more specific you become, the less draft data there will be available. Certain criteria can result in no data found, meaning no polled drafts fall into all the category specifications you're looking for (in other words, the format you're trying to show is a very unique league).

-- Avg Ovr - the average draft spot overall the player is being selected at
-- Avg Rnd - the average round the player is being selected in
-- Drafts - the number of drafts that meet the criteria of your search
-- High - the highest spot the player has been chosen in the drafts polled
-- Low - the lowest spot the player has fallen to in the drafts polled
-- Pos - Player's position
-- Player Name - Name of the player chosen
-- Team - NFL team the player is under contract to

Keep in mind these ARE NOT PLAYER RANKINGS. These are simply averages of where players are being drafted in recent fantasy football league drafts. Each draft can be completely different, so these results are by no means an exact science. These results are simply utilized to give you a general idea of where players are being taken on average. That, of course, does not mean that is where the player will be selected in your fantasy league draft(s).

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