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Question: How Can I Code in Scoring by Distance for Bonus Points?


Because KFFL’s preseason projections are season-long projections, week-by-week data is calculated through averages of the season, rather than on a game-by-game basis. In such cases, the results generate an average based on the entire year rather than calculating a Player A will score X touchdowns from 1-10 yards, X TDs from 11-20 yards, etc.

For leagues that utilize distance-based scoring, the best method of inputting your yardage and touchdowns into KFFL’s Cheat Sheet Calculator would be taking an average score from the previous year (or years if you want to be even more specific) of the top five players at each position and then calculating each touchdown based off that number, as it would then also take into account the average touchdown points based upon the average score you’ve inputted and create a new baseline structure for points. For example, if your league awards 4 points for touchdowns from 1-10 yards, 5 points from 11-20 yards, 6 points from 21-30 yards, etc., the average points scored by touchdown for the top five players at quarterback a year ago may have been 5.4 points. This, in turn, would be your new baseline for each touchdown scored.

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