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Question: The Overall Player Rankings Aren't Generating Properly


In order to properly utilize the Overall Player Scoring based off of a custom scoring system, you’ll first need to implement more information on your league.

Access the Cheat Sheet Calculator main page at:

Go to the Custom Scoring Rules page at:

Next to the custom league(s) you’ve created, you will find options for “teams, starters.” By clicking on this feature, you’ll be prompted with extra information regarding your league, including the number of teams in it and the number of starters at each position. Tip: If your league utilizes flex positions or the ability to do various starters on a given week, utilize the highest possible variable for each position. For example, if your league can start 2 RBs and 3 WRs or 3 RBs and 2 WRs, you’d want to list a “3” in each category for RB and WR to maximize the system’s flexibility.

If there is a position that your league does not utilize, leave the preset value to zero.

After making the proper changes to your league’s settings, click the “Save Numbers” button and your new values will be in place. This will also then allow you to properly utilize the Overall Player Rankings feature within the actual Cheat Sheet Calculator interface.

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