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Question: How long does my subscription last?

Answer: This depends on your subscription. Hot Off The Wire Complete (one-year) and Complete Fantasy Package are one-year subscriptions from the date of purchase. All other KFFL subscriptions last until the end of that sports' season. On the MyKFFL page, you can view the remaining time on your subscriptions by following the link to "My Subscriptions".

Fantasy Football Products
For football package products (Touchdown Package, Overtime Package and Total Access Package), they run through the end of the Pro Bowl and contain all of KFFL's playoff coverage. KFFL's Weekly Newsletter lasts for the seventeen week regular season, while KFFL's Preseason Draft Guide lasts until the start of the regular NFL season.

Fantasy Baseball Products
For baseball package products (Home Run Package), they go through the end of the MLB regular season. KFFL's Baseball Draft Guide lasts through the start of the MLB regular season.

NFL Products
For NFL products like KFFL's Hot Off the Wire Complete, the package lasts based on the duration of the sign up. Hot Off the Wire Complete is available on a month-to-month, six-month and year-long subscription.

Where to Look Online
Under KFFL's "MyKFFL" page, you can click on "My Subscriptions" and under each product that you subscribe to you will find the date of which the product(s) you've subscribed to expires.

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