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Premium Product/Subscription Related Questions

A1.  I signed up, but I didnít receive my password via email
A2.  What is your privacy policy?
A3.  How Do I Log Into KFFL?
A4.  I forgot my password
A5.  I forgot my username and password
A6.  I can't log into the website with my username and password
A7.  Will my user/password work on both my work and home computers?
A8.  How do I become a member to KFFL's premium services?
A9.  How can I access the reports that come with my subscription?
A10.  How long does my subscription last?
A11.  How can I cancel my subscription or turn off auto-renewal?
A12.  Why did I receive a message saying my subscription has expired?
A13.  How can I turn off auto-generated "new article" notices?
A14.  Do you share my personal information with outside sources?
A15.  I paid for a service, why are there advertisements?

Product Questions

B1.  What is your privacy policy?
B2.  What is the difference between the free and subscriber services?
B3.  What is the difference between Hot Off the Wire Complete and KFFL's Fantasy Football Products?
B4.  Are KFFL's writers and contributors experts on fantasy sports?
B5.  What are some features that KFFL offers that other fantasy sites don't?
B6.  News is free, why should I pay for KFFL's Hot of the Wire Complete?
B7.  Do you offer any trial services?

Pricing and Billing

C1.  What is your privacy policy?
C2.  What are my payment options for subscribing to KFFL?
C3.  Can I subscribe to KFFL without using a credit card?
C4.  Is online ordering secure?
C5.  What is your cancellation/refund policy?

General Website Questions

D1.  How can I contact KFFL via email or telephone?
D2.  Do you have information available with advertising rates for your website?
D3.  Does KFFL have free fantasy football articles?
D4.  Does KFFL have free fantasy baseball articles?
D5.  What does KFFL stand for?
D6.  What is your privacy policy?

Statistics Analyzer

KFFL's NFL Cheat Sheet Calculator

F1.  What Does "Avg Draft" Refer to?
F2.  What Does "Pts" Refer to?
F3.  The Overall Player Rankings Aren't Generating Properly
F4.  How Can I Code in Scoring by Distance for Bonus Points?

Premium Interactive Tools

G1.  Mock Draft Compilations - Results Appear to be Blank
G2.  Player Watchlist - How do I Add NFL/MLB Players to My Watchlist/MyHOTW

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