KFFL Fantasy Analysis Draft Scoring System



Yards passing divided by 20 (e.g. 215 passing yards = 10.75 fantasy points).
4 points for every passing TD
Minus one point (-1) for every interception thrown
2 points for every 2-point conversion


Yards rushing divided by 10 (e.g. 89 rushing yards = 8.9 fantasy points).
6 points for every rushing TD
2 points for every 2-point conversion


Yards receiving divided by 10 (e.g. 112 receiving yards = 11.2 fantasy points)
6 points for every receiving TD
1 point for every catch
2 points for every 2-point conversion

All Other TDs:

6 points for any TD scored by recovered or returned fumbles, laterals, or any other means by which a skill position player (QB, RB, WR, TE, or K) is awarded an individual TD, except kickoff and punt returns. No rushing or receiving yardage is awarded for a TD returned on a fumble


1 point for every Extra Point
3 points for every FG of 1 - 30 yards plus .1 point for every yard thereafter
Example: a 43-yard FG would be worth 4.3 points

Team Scoring (Defense/Special Teams):

1 point for every sack
2 points for every team takeaway (interception or fumble recovery)**
6 points for every TD (via interception return, fumble return, punt or kickoff return, blocked FG
return, missed FG return, blocked punt return)*
2 points for every safety
5 points for every shutout ***
2 points for allowing between 1- 5 points ***
1 point for allowing between 6 - 10 points ***

* TDs scored on “fake” FGs or “fake” punts do NOT count as Defense/Special Teams scoring. TDs scored by the offensive team after a blocked FG or blocked punt do NOT count as a Defense/Special teams score. TDs scored on a double-turnover only count for the individual player who scored the TD, not for the team.