KFFL Fantasy Football Analysis Draft

KFFL.com's Fantasy Football Analysis Draft brings you behind the scenes and provides you with the mindset behind why a certain player is selected where. Whether you are a rookie to the game of fantasy football or a savvy vet, you can always pick up something new to add an extra wrinkle or two to your strategy each year.

Our 12-team, 16-round fantasy football draft will bring you pick-by-pick coverage along with a detailed analysis of why each selection was made. Our team will share their fantasy football predictions with you along the way! As with every fantasy football draft, there are always a number of directions in which to go or philosophies to utilize. Our mission is to help educate you about why we went in a certain direction with each fantasy football pick by sharing what we were thinking at the time of the selection.

This is not a "fantasy football mock draft." This is a real league that will be played out over the course of the 2012 season, so everyone involved is drafting with the sole purpose of putting together the best possible team. Around here, bragging rights are everything - as is the taunting - so you can be sure each participant will be putting his best foot forward to stand out.

Like a pick? Hate a pick? Loving the way a certain team is rounding out, or do you think a team is ready to be fed to the wolves? We encourage you to share your feedback on each selection in the article comment area. Let us hear it!

Draft Results and Analysis

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League Details

League Participants

  • Cory J. Bonini, KFFL General Manager
  • Ryan R. Bonini, KFFL Founder
  • Jared Byrd, Hot off the Wire Analyst
  • Dan Dobish, Hot off the Wire Analyst
  • Ryan Dodson, Hot off the Wire Analyst
  • Jack Douglas, KFFL Contributor
  • Tim Heaney, KFFL Managing Editor
  • Keith Hernandez, Hot off the Wire Editor
  • Eric McClung, KFFL Contributor
  • Nicholas Minnix, KFFL Managing Editor
  • Tim Piotrowski, Hot off the Wire Analyst
  • Brian Polking, KFFL Contributor