University - How to Play Fantasy Baseball

It doesn't matter if you're a fantasy baseball rookie who wants to learn how to play fantasy baseball or a seasoned veteran of the game. Here, you will find essential pieces on the basics of the game as well as the nuances that can make the difference between a fantasy baseball championship and anything less. Other reports will provide you with thoughts from experienced, savvy fantasy baseball players on strategy for draft day and the course of the season, all designed to help guide you to a fantasy baseball title.

Introduction to Fantasy Baseball

How to Play Fantasy Baseball
What is fantasy baseball? How do I begin? What are the basic rules of the game? If you haven't played the game or are wet behind the ears, this report is for you!

Fantasy Baseball League Formats

Fantasy Baseball Scoring: Rotisserie vs. Head-to-Head
Roto leagues have been a staple of fantasy baseball since its inception. However, head-to-head leagues are gaining popularity among casual fans. Which one is right for you?

Fantasy Baseball Categories: 5x5 vs. 4x4
Learn about the most basic scoring systems in fantasy baseball. Then, determine which one is right for your or your rotisserie or head-to-head league.

Fantasy Baseball Player Universes: Mixed vs. AL-only vs. NL-only
The player pool for any league can have a drastic effect on league rules as well as your strategy.

Fantasy Baseball Player Pool: Shallow vs. Deep
Find out the advantages and disadvantages of as well as strategies for leagues with varying roster sizes.

Fantasy Baseball Lineups: Daily vs. Weekly
Some fantasy baseball leagues allow its teams to set their lineups every day. Other leagues permit their teams to set them only once per week. Discover how lineup deadlines for these formats affect the league's players and their strategy.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy

How to Select in a Fantasy Baseball Draft
How does a fantasy baseball snake draft work? What is the best approach to take on draft day in terms of strategy?

How to Bid in a Fantasy Baseball Auction
How does a fantasy baseball auction work? How can you maximize value and assemble the most competitive team?

How to Approach Fantasy Baseball Waivers with FAAB
Many leagues conduct waivers through a process known as the Free Agent Acquisition Budget. How does it work, and what is most effective way to secure the players you desire?

How Changing Leagues Affects Fantasy Baseball Players
When baseball players move from the American League to the National League, or vice versa, it can have an impact on their fantasy value. Learn what to look for and how much of an effect it can have.

Fantasy Baseball League Setup

Starting a Fantasy Baseball League
Whether you wish to found your first fantasy baseball league or have created dozens of them, learn the essentials for putting together a successful league.

Starting a Fantasy Baseball Keeper League
Do you want to establish a brand new keeper league? Perhaps you wish to convert your current fantasy baseball league into one with a keeper format? Discover how to make that happen. Don't forget: Dedication is essential!