Fantasy Baseball: Lane Pryce and Victor Martinez

      April 16, 2012 @ 16:45:59 PDT

This weekend, did you take names a la Lane Pryce?

(Spoiler alert)

Did you defend your manhood by hand-delivering some Queensbury Rules to emasculate your rival? Did you follow that up by making a move on that universally desired bombshell?

Even if you didn't let your bro flag fly in the style of Mad Men's most satisfying, testosteroney episode of its young fifth season, take the small victories where you can, even if they at first seem foolish or risky. They can pay off eventually.

I hope that happens for my stashing of Victor Martinez for what turned out to be an overbid: $3 ($100 FAAB cap) in mixed Tout Wars. I was surprised I was the only one to attempt tucking away the Detroit Tigers' catcher - err, catcher-eligible DH - in a 15-team, two-catcher league. Figured $1 would result in a tie, maybe $2, as well.

His sore-thumb, DL-brandished presence must sit in my lineup for the next week, as is standard for any player you add. But at this point of the season, and in replacing promising but slow-moving part-time youngster Devin Mesoraco, it's hardly a crippling sacrifice. He'll go right back on my DL next week until that MRI sometime in July, which I'll have circled on my calendar. Or entered on my mobile one.

(Plus, being in the same discussion with Baseball HQ's Ron Shandler in just about anything ... pretty cool.)

Maybe I'm daydreaming about being in the running this summer, but V-Mart's potential to suit up for at least a month this year could turn the tides at a generally vulnerable position for me. Affixing him to either a Geovany Soto on the rebound or a rising Mesoraco (both? another surging squatter?) could help me deliver a devastating knockout punch of my own to my 14 esteemed competitors.

Bully. Now I just need to find Joan....

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