Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: DT - Week 6

by Tim Heaney on October 13, 2010 @ 17:55:00 PDT


If you are serious about winning your fantasy league football championship, stay on top of your fantasy football team throughout the year.

Each week during the NFL fantasy football season, KFFL brings you its Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, which breaks down players to pick up. Be aggressive when picking up fantasy football free agents. Even if you do not need a player, you can tuck him away for depth or block others from adding him to their fantasy football team.

Note: Percentage of polled leagues in which player is available in parentheses

Fantasy football free agents: Look to acquire

The following players will have greater significance in deep fantasy football leagues. In shallow fantasy football leagues, they are not as high of a priority but should be considered based on your fantasy football team's needs.

Kansas City Chiefs (61 percent)

KC has averaged 2.33 sacks and 1.00 interceptions over its last three games and was a hot free-agent target earlier in the year. Despite KC's early success, many were tempering their analysis of the Chiefs' prominence, with looming matchups against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 5 and the Houston Texans in Week 6.

When you stymie Peyton Manning, you should be proud. It should also earn you rejuvenated fantasy life; they held firm for most of the Week 5 game, and their Week 6 tussle is looking more winnable. Houston has allowed 3.00 sacks and 1.00 interceptions per game over the last four weeks. Depending on the injury status of Jacoby Jones (calf), that could make KC's matchup better.

Think ahead: After Week 6, the Chiefs line up against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. So far this year, those squads have allowed at least a pair of sacks per game. The Broncos' passing game aside, these offenses have also been painfully erratic. 

Fantasy football free agents: Watch list

These fantasy football free agents shouldn't be on your immediate list. They may have had a big week. They may have talent but are buried on the depth chart and merely awaiting an opportunity. Still, fantasy football players must know who they are for their potential contribution in the future.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (89 percent)

Even with their sack ineptitude since Week 1 (1.33 per contest in their last three games), Tampa Bay leads the NFL with 2.33 picks per game in that time, including three against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 5. The Tampa 2.1 is harkening back to its roots.

Tampa's deep coverage could succeed this week against the New Orleans Saints - many teams have used similar big-play-preventing coverages against the defending champs and kept their attack at bay, relatively. The Saints' run game doesn't scare anyone right now.

If you can't stomach that matchup - we don't blame you - the Bucs will soon try to pillage the St. Louis Rams (Week 7), Arizona Cardinals (Week 8), Carolina Panthers (Week 10) and San Francisco 49ers (Week 11). Not bad for waiver wire booty. 

Fantasy football free agents: One-week plays

The following fantasy football pickups are for those who need injury or bye week replacements. They are not players you immediately acquire - unless your team is in dire straights. Some have, however, shown some life and should be followed in case they materialize as options beyond their temporary use.

Miami Dolphins (59 percent)

Miami, who's coming off a bye, has registered 2.00 sacks and 1.00 interceptions per game in their last three contests. Two of those came against steady offenses in the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

Will the Green Bay Packers be productive if Aaron Rodgers (concussion) can't play in Week 5? Highly doubtful, even with all their receiving weapons - heck, Jermichael Finley (knee) is already out of commission for the next game. Even if Rodgers can play, it isn't like this offense doesn't have a decrepit running game and dinged O-line anyway. They've given up six sacks in the last two weeks - imagine the possibilities with the green Matt Flynn trying to lead an unbalanced offense? 

A Rodgers absence would make this a more promising matchup for Miami. If you have to act early in locking it up, at least there's reason to do so.

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