Fantasy Football Analysis Draft I - Round 9

by KFFL Staff on June 23, 2009 @ 01:00:01 PDT


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Will Jackson be more than just a handcuff?

1) Fred Jackson, running back, Buffalo Bills

Team: Ilan Mochari | Team Roster

Reason: Having drafted Bills running back Marshawn Lynch in Round 3, I needed his accomplished backup - more than I needed a No. 1 tight end. Likely to start at least three games for Lynch, Jackson should improve on his 2008 totals. I'm expecting 45 receptions, 1,000 yards from scrimmage and five touchdowns.

2) LeSean McCoy, Running Back, Philadelphia Eagles

Team: Mike Egnak | Team Roster

Reason: With Westbrook hurting, McCoy could see time as a starter in 2009. McCoy ran for 1,488 yards last year in college, and he found the end zone 21 times. McCoy does have some receiving skill, as well, which will benefit him with the Eagles' pass-happy offense. If Westbrook stays healthy the entire year, I expect McCoy to rush for about 500 yards with three or four touchdowns. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see McCoy start a few games with Westbrook's recent ankle surgery.

3) Willis McGahee, running back, Baltimore Ravens

Team: John Kotch Jr. | Team Roster

Reason: McGahee (knee, ankle) had another disappointing season last year that was shrouded with health issues and rumors of being undisciplined. He's also going to have to share carries with running backs Ray Rice. Under the circumstances, he's not likely to top last year's numbers, but there's a possibility he could surprise if he can stay healthy and motivated. I thought he was a decent value at this point in the draft and that there's a good chance he could exceed expectations. Last year, McGahee had just 170 carries for 671 yards with seven touchdowns. I expect him to end up with about the same level of production, maybe a little better - 200 carries for 800 yards, with eight touchdowns.

4) Laurence Maroney, running back, New England Patriots

Team: Bryce McRae | Team Roster

Reason: It's early for Maroney, but running backs are flyin' off the board. A broken bone in his shoulder played a big part in his dismal 2008 season; that shoulder supposedly is healthy. I think he offers the most upside of any backs in New England's offense. He has the talent and the players surrounding him are explosive.

Will Sproles be lightning in a bottle again?

5) Darren Sproles, running back, San Diego Chargers

Team: Keith Hernandez | Team Roster

Reason: The bite-sized Sproles should see more action this year after proving his worth with LaDainian Tomlinson injured last year. Sproles has made the most of his opportunities and has a knack for the big play. I'm hoping for 10-12 attempts per game, which would be a big increase from 2008.

6) Ted Ginn Jr., wide receiver, Miami Dolphins

Team: Matt Wilson | Team Roster

Reason: Needing a decent No. 4 wide receiver/occasional flex option, I am intrigued with Ginn's potential. He is entering what I hope will be his magical third-year breakout season. Despite Ginn's lack of consistency in 2008, he became a decent flex option while nearly doubling his 2007 numbers. With wide receiver Greg Camarillo coming off knee surgery, with wide receiver Davone Bess looking like just a decent possession guy and with a tough rushing schedule, the Dolphins will have no choice but to feature Ginn. I am expecting at least 70 catches for 1,000 yards and nine scores from him.

7) Greg Olsen, tight end, Chicago Bears

Team: Tim Piotrowski | Team Roster

Reason: I decided to choose Olsen over Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Kellen Winslow and Houston Texans tight end Owen Daniels because of the quarterback he is playing with as well as the inexperienced wide receiver corps on the Bears. I would like to see around 65 catches, 750 yards and six touchdowns.

8) Josh Morgan, wide receiver, San Francisco 49ers

Team: Cory J. Bonini | Team Roster

Reason: This pick was made with my fingers crossed. I would have preferred Ted Ginn Jr., and I am kind of kicking myself for not taking Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin here. I think Morgan can have a fine season if a few factors work out in his favor. For example, Morgan still needs to secure a starting job. It appears he has, but it's very early in the offseason. If Morgan catches 50 balls for 700 yards and scores three or four times I'll be pleased.

9) Domenik Hixon, wide receiver, New York Giants

Team: Tim Heaney | Team Roster

Reason: Not overly excited here, but considering I waited to take a No. 4 receiver, Hixon will do. He posted some pleasant PPR outputs down the stretch while replacing Plaxico Burress last season. Hix also has enough experience in Kevin Gilbride's offense to at least hold off rookies Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden for awhile. I could see a 65-catch season from Hixon if he takes to a bigger workload.

10) Owen Daniels, tight end, Houston Texans

Team: Nicholas Minnix | Team Roster

Reason: Both teams behind me have a tight end, so this pick is admittedly a poor one strategically. I won't complain about the name, though; Daniels is in an underrated, burgeoning offense and is the No. 2 option in this dangerous passing attack. I would have preferred to secure a backup passer in the Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger, though.

Will Taylor find the Fountain of Youth in New England?

11) Fred Taylor, running back, New England Patriots

Team: Ryan R. Bonini | Team Roster

Reason: Ponce de Leon should have been friends with Bill Belichick, who has a knack for turning back Father Time. Taylor, limited to just 13 games last year and 556 yards rushing, had a solid 3.9 yards-per-carry average behind a banged up Jacksonville line and playing against extra men in the box. He's a year removed from a 1,200-yard season, and Belichick will find a way to get every ounce out of gas out of his tank. When it comes to veterans, in Belichick I trust. The Pats' backfield is deep, but Taylor is the best pure runner amongst them. I need 700-800 yards and five scores to make me happy, but I anticipate much more out of my No. 4 back in what is likely his final hurrah.

12) Earnest Graham, Running Back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team: Kostas Bolos | Team Roster

Reason: In addition to serving as a handcuff to Derrick Ward, whom I selected earlier in this draft, Graham has additional value in this format as a pass-catcher. He has averaged 36 receptions and seven touchdowns the last two seasons. Graham should also serve as Tampa's goal line back.

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