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It is Saturday morning and I am usually either doing the first draft of the next Captain's Log or perhaps proofreading it by now, for publication during the week.

But this Saturday is different. This Saturday I am trying to figure out what to do in a 20 - yes I said TWENTY - team league. I guess the good news is that I have the seventh pick Sunday night so I know I will get a stud right away. But, good grief Charlie Brown, look at all the excellent players who will disappear over the next 26 picks while I wait.

I would love to start the draft with Troy Tulowitzki, but if he is gone I am guessing I will start with one of the top first basemen and while I would like Andrew McCutchen to make it back to 2.14, it is probably more likely I will have to choose between two good second basemen. With the Rangers having announced that Ian Kinsler will lead off this year, I think I will take him over Dustin Pedroia - I will just have to carry a good backup for Kinsler's annual trip to the DL.

Texas Rangers OF Nelson Cruz
Cruz: the "leftovers"

Well that was the pre-plan. Let's look at what actually happened, and my thought process assembling a team in this very deep format:

1.07 As luck would have it Tulo was mine.

2.14 A surprise here as while both Pedroia and Kinsler were gone, Nelson Cruz was there. I took Nelson.

3.07 I wanted to get a Tier 2 SP, so I took Justin Verlander.

4.14 I took Pedro Alvarez as the third base spot had dried up severely and I didn't want to go lower there (I did think I could wait on 1B and even 2B).

5.07 If Mike Napoli had not been there for me I would have really waited on a catcher.

Aside: Did I tell you how long it seems to wait 26 picks? If I don't take Napoli with that fifth pick, I not only miss out on him but perhaps the next few choices. Because the league is on Yahoo!, we are only drafting one of each infielder. Still the difference between a contributor and the 20th best catcher is severe. More so, once you get past the top few names at second base, wait, because there will be a usable player for that spot late in the draft. So it is catcher, third base and shortstop where I decided I needed to draft a solid player while waiting at first base and second base.

6.14 With pitchers flying off the board in 20-pick rounds, I needed to get a solid corps, even if it meant delaying on closers, so Ted Lilly hopped aboard.

7.07 Dan Hudson added as well giving me three solid starting pitchers.

8.14 Here I picked Angel Pagan - I was hoping to add three double digit homers/20+ swipes to my outfield.

9.07 Joel Hanrahan became my first closer.

10.14 OK I had waited enough and got the solid if unspectacular Adam LaRoche.

11.07 I wanted to pair Pagan with Andres Torres but some Giants fan snagged Andres, so I got Austin Jackson who should have already been rostered.

12.14 Second base goes to Danny Espinosa: 20/20 potential with the youngster.

13.07 Fernando Rodney becomes my second closer, for anyone who can spell save is getting drafted in this league.

14.14 He may start the year in the minors but I think Michael Pineda will be solid when he arrives in Seattle.

15.07 I added Alexi Casilla for speed and the 2B/SS eligibility.

16.14 Rick Porcello - I like the upside on an improved Tigers team.

That fills the basic roster and in the four reserve rounds I added Peter Bourjos, Tyler Clippard, Mike Moustakas, and J.P. Howell (who will go to a DL slot right away and let me add another pitcher - but he could have value when he returns).

Did I mention to you how long it is between picks in 20-team leagues?

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