KFFL Exclusive Interview: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah

by Cory J. Bonini on February 18, 2011 @ 12:37:02 PDT


KFFL.com draft analyst Cory J. Bonini recently conducted the following interview with Utah Utes cornerback and 2011 NFL Draft prospect Brandon Burton.

1) Discuss your process of deciding to declare for the draft as a junior.

Uhm, my decision process ... I just sat down with my family, friends and coaches, and uhm, just evaluated, ah, you know, my draft status and got my feedback from the NFL. Sat down, like I said, with a couple other people and just decided to go ahead and make the move, the next step to the NFL draft.

2) Have you reached out to any NFL players about the draft process? If so, what advice were you given?

Uhm, yeah, the advice I was given was, just, I made the decision regarding coming out, uhm, so just put everything I have into it. You know, if I can do that, everything will go fine and I couldn't fail at anything I wanted to accomplish.

3) Do you plan on participating in all of the drills at the Scouting Combine?

Ah, I do.

4) What is your favorite memory at Utah? 

Brandon Burton, draft prospect

Uhm, favorite memory at Utah ... I'm gonna have to say, just, ah, hanging out with teammates. You know, memories like team dinners, barbeques, interacting with the community, are probably the most memorable times.

5) How much pride do you take in your special teams play? 

I take <inaudible> pride in my special teams play. You know, to me, it's just as important as my defensive plays. Uhm, so, I'm always loving to go down and make the play on special teams. I feel that special teams <inaudible> can break the game, so I kinda, kinda play like it.

6) What aspect of your game do you feel like you need to improve the most?

You know, if I had to choose something, I'd say my eyes. Uhm, you know, I think a lot of defensive backs sometimes get caught looking in the backfield when they're not supposed to. So, I have to say just improvement on my eyes.

7) Compare yourself to a past or current NFL player: Who would it be and why?

I wouldn't say a certain player, but if it was a certain player I'd like to be compared to, uhm, ah, does it have to be a corner?

No, it can be anybody.

I'd like to be compared to, uhm, I'd say, Jerry Rice. You know, he was the ultimate professional about everything on and off the field, so I'd have to say I'd like to be compared to him.

8) Coming from a family with the academic credentials of yours, how important is it to you to finish your Economics degree at Utah? 

I came out early and I am very close to finishing my degree, and it was very important in my household, I mean, education, academics comes first. My mom is a doctor, my dad is a chemical engineer, so you know they preached to me every day about getting an education, so getting my Economics degree is very important to me.

9) How do you relieve stress and spend your free time?

I try to do regular stuff. I sit down and watch movies, go out and see movies. I might go to dinner with some friends. Nothing too exciting <laughs>. I just try to do everything I can when I have time, so just really do something to sit down and relax cause I've been on my feet all day doing drills or something, so something that relaxes me, relaxes my mind. 

10) Do you play fantasy football?

I'm very familiar with it, actually I haven't played, but it was a big thing in our locker room at Utah and we had a lot of players that played fantasy football. I never actually got into it, but pretty soon I think I will.

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