Fantasy Football Analysis Draft II - Round 9

by KFFL Staff on August 19, 2010 @ 10:30:00 PDT's Fantasy Football Analysis Draft (FAD) brings you behind the scenes on all 16 rounds of an actual fantasy football league draft. Each of our experts participating give you their thoughts and analysis as to why they chose the player they did. This is not a mock fantasy football draft, as this league will be played out during the course of the 2010 fantasy football season, so each participant is drafting to win this year.

This is our second Fantasy Analysis Draft of the summer. Click here to check out the first one and see how players are changing in value!

How do you feel about each selection? Would you have made the same move? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments area at the bottom of the page. If you disagree with a pick, let your thoughts be known.

1) Devin Hester, wide receiver, Chicago Bears
Team: Matt Pitzer, USA Today | Team Roster

Devin Hester, WR, Chicago Bears
Matt likes Hester as CHI's top WR

Reason: I'll take my chances on Hester turning into a high-catch option in Mike Martz's new offense. Hester should be able to succeed in that offense; he has the quickness and agility to beat the defender to a spot and can be dangerous in the open field. He should be the Bears' best receiver, and I could see 60-70 catches. The only problem is that this is two Bears picks in a row.

2) Kenny Britt, wide receiver, Tennessee Titans
Team: Ian Riley, | Team Roster

Reason: He may not start the season as the Titans' WR1, but my money is on him finishing as one. Britt was the only Titans receiver to catch more than 50 percent of the passes thrown his way and led the team in receiving yardage (701 yards) while hauling in just 42 passes. At this stage of the draft I go after value selections and superior athletes with breakout potential, and Britt fits that mold.

3) Mike Williams, wide receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Team: Jim Day, | Team Roster

Reason: Williams slid into the fourth round in the NFL Draft because of issues at Syracuse, but since coming to Tampa Bay he has been a hard working model citizen. He has already earned the starting slot because of his great play in camp, and he has the ability to put up solid numbers for a rookie on a team that is just dying for a playmaker. As long as he can keep his head on straight, I look for Williams to quickly become a stud in this league as long as QB Josh Freeman can keep up. Look for big things from Williams, I am.

4) Donald Brown, running back, Indianapolis Colts
Team: William Del Pilar, | Team Roster

Reason: When I looked at the running back position I was going to hold off for Chicago Bears RB Chester Taylor, because I have Matt Forte. Was also willing to hold off and shoot for a player such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Derrick Ward, Minnesota Vikings' Toby Gerhart, Atlanta Falcons' Jason Snelling or even the Jacksonville Jaguars' Rashad Jennings to back up Maurice Jones-Drew after Taylor was taken. However, when I saw Brown sitting there, I knew he was the only running back left that would see legitimate playing time without needing an injury to do that. Everyone else left almost everyone else had big question marks. I was stunned but grateful he was still on the board in round nine and changed my strategy from a tight end or backup quarterback and took him! It paid off, but I missed out on key backups. I never considered anyone else because once Taylor was taken, my decision was made: Grab one of the last running backs with upside.

5) Cadillac Williams, running back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Team: Tony Holm, | Team Roster

Cadillac Williams, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
A healthy Caddy could be dangerous

Reason: There may be no one higher on Caddy in 2010 than I. He is the offense. The situation is tremendous for him to succeed, with a young QB with no receivers to speak of, outside of Kellen Winslow, the running game, and the only real option in it, will see a lot of action. Coupled with the fact that Williams should also be the goal line back, he represents great value in the ninth round.

6) Lee Evans, wide receiver, Buffalo Bills
Team: David Dorey, The Huddle | Team Roster

Reason: I need to get a safer guy since I took Dez Bryant as my WR2. I considered guys like the Kansas City Chiefs' Chris Chambers or the Baltimore Ravens' Derrick Mason, who will always get something and yet rarely get a lot. I like Evans, because he is being slighted after a 2009 season when the Bills' offense went into the trashcan and Terrell Owens was there to take catches away from Evans. Last year he had only 44 catches for 612 yards and seven scores. He had only three games over 50 yards all year. In 2008, with Trent Edwards and no Owens, Evans was good for 63 catches for 1,017 yards and three scores. He had 10 games with more than 50 yards and four matchups topping 100 yards. He's no savior for my team, but he can make a fine WR3 and is underrated. 

7) Darren Sproles, running back, San Diego Chargers
Team: Ryan Lester, Lester's Legends | Team Roster

Reason: Sproles won't be very active in running situations, but he should catch 40-plus passes. He gives me solid RB depth and allows me to focus on other areas of my team the rest of the draft. I looked at New England Patriots running back Laurence Maroney and Detroit Lions wideout Nate Burleson. Sproles should reach 900 total yards, 45 catches and five TDs.

8) Steve Slaton, running back, Houston Texans
Team: Herbie Teope, Time Warner Cable | Team Roster

Steve Slaton, RB, Houston Texans
Slaton could be a PPR beast

Reason: Slaton was in the running for the starting job when I pulled the trigger before the weekend, so I felt good about this pick. The running back darling of 2008 has plenty to prove after last season's debacle, where he fumbled away the starting job before losing time to a neck injury. The good news is Houston's backfield became less crowded when rookie Ben Tate suffered a likely season-ending ankle injury in the preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals. The bad news is Slaton fumbled at the goal line, meaning the starting job is likely Arian Foster's to lose at this point. Taking that into consideration, my enthusiasm is tempered and Slaton now fills a need for depth.

9) LaDainian Tomlinson, running back, New York Jets
Team: Jeff Tefertiller, | Team Roster

Reason: I desperately needed a RB3 and Tomlinson was the one I liked best. Shonn Greene, while a great talent, has only a little over 100 career regular-season carries. I have no delusions that this is the old Tomlinson, but he could be a serviceable RB3.

10) Brett Favre, quarterback, Minnesota Vikings
Team: Cory J. Bonini, | Team Roster

Reason: I couldn't pass up the value of this pick. Before announcing he would return, Favre was sliding because of the uncertainty surrounding his future. In the ninth round, as my backup to the Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco, Favre represented the best value on the board. I'm not sure how much fun it will be trying to decide between him and Flacco each week, though. Favre should be good for at least 3,800 yards and 25 touchdowns if he doesn't miss any time.

11) Donovan McNabb, quarterback, Washington Redskins
Team: Paul Hickey, | Team Roster

Reason: This just continues to prove my theory that you can wait until Round 9 to take your starting QB. Both McNabb and Eli Manning were available here, and I think McNabb will have a huge year in Mike Shanahan's offense hooking up with Santana Moss and Chris Cooley.

12) Owen Daniels, tight end, Houston Texans
Team: Adam Zdroik, | Team Roster

Reason: Daniels was in line to be a top-five tight end last year before tearing his ACL. As long as he's healthy, I just found a gem in the late rounds. I think he will turn into a better option than the Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez and the Philadelphia Eagles' Brent Celek, who were both picked in Round 6.

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