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by Bryce McRae on April 9, 2010 @ 14:00:00 PDT


Fantasy Baseball Closer Hot Seat: AL | NL

Fantasy baseball closer depth charts: AL | NL

In fantasy baseball, the closer position remains volatile. Rarely does every closer hang on to the job for an entire season - injuries, poor performance and managerial decisions can cloud a team's bullpen picture.

Should you be concerned about a struggling stopper? Which relievers are climbing the depth chart? Are any injuries popping up?'s Fantasy Baseball Closer Hot Seat keeps you informed when you're looking for saves.


Job security (JS) score 1 (unstable) to 5 (untouchable)
Health (H) score 1 (injury-prone) to 5 (durable)

Mound meetings

  • Baltimore Orioles RP Mike Gonzalez
    BAL doesn't like this Gonzo
    Baltimore Orioles closer Mike Gonzalez worked into and out of a mess yesterday against the Tampa Bay Rays. He followed two K's with a walk, a single and a walk. Manager Dave Trembley had a contingency plan ready (Cla Meredith) but allowed Gonzo to work through it. The next batter (Ben Zobrist) popped out to right. Gonzo needs to locate his pitches better. He also acknowledged being too amped up while trying to make a good impression. Trembley realizes Gonzalez is a bit high-strung on the mound. A perfect ninth would probably help quiet any concerns.
  • Frank Francisco blew a SVO for the Texas Rangers Thursday against the Toronto Blue Jays. He was also tagged with the loss. Francisco gave up a home run to the rejuvenated Vernon Wells and a triple to Lyle Overbay, among four hits and one walk in the inning. His stuff wasn't any good, but at least he's not hurt.
  • In that same game, Toronto manager Cito Gaston again called on Jason Frasor in the ninth. He also started warming up a reliever (southpaw Scott Downs) after Frasor put the first man on for the second day in a row. Frasor buckled down and earned his save, as he did yesterday. Gaston left Frasor in, too, after a mound visit and with the left-handed Josh Hamilton (the final out) up.
  • Joakim Soria threw 32 pitches in 1 1/3 innings for the Kansas City Royals Wednesday. Afterward, manager Trey Hillman reaffirmed what he said this offseason: Soria won't be seeing many two-inning save chances. The righty battled health problems and inconsistency last year, at least in part because of usage volume and patterns. It's comforting if Hillman can keep his word.
  • Kerry Wood (back) was expected to throw from 110 feet today. He's looking at a bullpen session early next week, if all goes well. It's a step in the right direction. He should be on the DL for at least three and a half more weeks; he wants to be smart and not rush it.

Fantasy Baseball Closer Hot Seat: AL | NL

Fantasy baseball closer depth charts: AL | NL

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