Fantasy Baseball Analysis Draft: Round 11

by KFFL Staff on February 24, 2010 @ 00:00:00 PDT


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1) Jason Kubel, OF, Minnesota Twins

Team: Joe Hamrahi, Baseball Prospectus | Roster

I expect the Twins to score a lot of runs, and I expect to see Kubel right in the middle of it all with plenty of HR, runs, and RBI.

2) Chad Billingsley, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers

Team: Ryan Lester, Lester's Legends | Roster

Billingsley regressed a bit in 2009 but still managed to post a 4.03 ERA with a dozen wins. I see him posting numbers more like 2008 when he had a 16-10 record with a 3.14 ERA and 201 Ks.

3) Miguel Montero, C, Arizona Diamondbacks

Team: Doug Anderson, RotoExperts | Roster

Montero is the one young catcher who has the best chance to move into the tier of catchers just below Joe Mauer. He hit .317 with 12 HR in the final 81 games of '09. If he can pull that off for a complete season, I've got the second best catcher with an 11th-round pick.

4) John Lackey, SP, Boston Red Sox

Team: Collin Hager, | Roster

I'm a believer that Boston is going to do wonders for him. There are concerns about his flyball rate, but Curt Schilling had those same worries and he seemed to do just fine. Lackey is a potential No. 1 starter that will be in a better position as a No. 3 and have much less pressure on each outing as a result.

5) Alex Rios, OF, Chicago White Sox

Team: Jeff Paur, RTSports | Roster

Rios has to bounce back, right? Just too much talent. Well, we have heard that before, but I still feel Rios is a good upside pick at this point. He is still young (not even 30) and has never played full time in such a hitter-friendly park. I think a return to past form is very possible. I also thought hard about taking a catcher here, but none of the options did much for me at this point.

6) Billy Wagner, RP, Atlanta Braves

Team: Nicholas Minnix, KFFL | Roster

I say don't reach, then I do - for my No. 2 RP. Statement: Wags is best bet of group left. Seek him at value in your draft.

7) Brett Anderson, SP, Oakland Athletics

Team: Steve Gardner, USA Today | Roster

Tampa Bay Rays SP Matt Garza
Garza should contribute across the board

Anderson showed a ton of upside in the second half of last season and his K/BB numbers are excellent. He's a nice value here in Round 11.

8) Juan Pierre, OF, Chicago White Sox

Team: Harold Nichols, Baseball HQ | Roster

Team needs speed. Pierre showed during the Manny Ramirez suspension that he can still hit for BA and run. There's an upside of 40-plus SB in a full-time role.

9) Russell Martin, C, Los Angeles Dodgers

Team: Ray Flowers, Baseball Guys | Roster

Maybe the extra 20 pounds will allow him to drive the ball deep again. He wasn't as bad as it looked last year, and is still a top-seven option.

10) Brandon Webb, SP, Arizona Diamondbacks

Team: Tim Heaney, KFFL | Roster

A luxury No. 3 starter. Though he's coming back from injury, his risk is tempered when joined with Jon Lester and Jake Peavy. I can wait on SP for awhile.

11) Matt Garza, SP, Tampa Bay Rays

Team: Pasko Varnica, Mastersball | Roster

Time to load up on starting pitchers and drafting Garza in this round is a real pleasure. He may not be a 20-game winner, but he will give me everything else, including a bunch of Ks.

12) Huston Street, RP, Colorado Rockies

Team: Eriq Gardner, The Hardball Times | Roster

I was very tempted to go back-to-back with Street and Heath Bell. After letting sanity prevail, I ended up choosing Street because of age, almost unbeatable peripherals, and he's less of a trade candidate.

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