Fantasy Football Rankings: WR - Week 2
    September 18, 2009 @ 21:20:56 PDT

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FAN POS - Where the player should rate on a fantasy roster. Examples:
1 - Rated No. 1 fantasy player on fantasy roster
2 - Rated No. 2 fantasy player on fantasy roster
3 - Rated No. 3 fantasy player on fantasy roster
3 or Inj/Bye - Rated as a No. 3 or injury/Bye week replacement on a fantasy roster (depending on league size or roster situation). Player is either a regular No. 3 or should be played if your starter is injured or on a Bye. This is done to signify a situational match up vs. a typical No. 3 who should be started...
Bench - Not recommended as a starting option.

INJ-TBD - Signifies the player is injured and his playing status has yet to be determined.
INJ-PUP - Signifies player is injured and currently on the Physically Unable to Perform list. The player will not be able to play until the team activates him from this list.
INJ-NFI - Signifies player is injured and currently on the Non-Football Injury list. The player will not be able to play until the team activates him from this list.

GTD - Signifies a game-time or game-day decision to be made on the player.

There are a few other variations as well, depending on the match ups each week.
Tier - Grouping of players with the point that players in the same tier may be moved up or down by the end user if he favors one over the other. Player values within each tier can be viewed as similar/close to each other.
SP - Player has an ideal match up and is expected to exceed typical production. However, keep in mind tier rankings. For example, a "strong play" in tier five does not exceed a "weak play" in tier three.
WP - Player has a poor match up and is not expected to meet typical production. However, keep in mind tier rankings. For example, a "weak play" in tier three shouldn't be benched for a "strong play" in tier five.

Free Agent Breakdown
FA - Player who could be available on your league's free agent wire and should be considered as a player to acquire if you need help at the specific position.
FA-WL - Player who could be available on your league's free agent wire and should be watched closely, as he may be worthy of acquiring soon if you need help at the specific position.
FA-OW - Player who could be available on your league's free agent wire and should be considered as a pickup for a one-week play. In other words, the player has a solid match up for the coming week and would only be a short-term option.

Rnk Chng Breakdown
NR - Player was not ranked prior to the initial ranking release.
UP-X - Player has moved up the rankings since the previous update and the number (X) indicates where he was last ranked.
DN-X - Player has moved down the rankings since the previous update and the number (X) indicates where he was last ranked.

Statistics - displayed statistics cover the past four weeks (three to four games).

RkFan PosTierRnk ChngWide ReceiversTMVs.TM PosSPWPFAGRec TDRun TDRec YdsRun YdsNo. RecYds / RecRun Att2pt All
111 Andre JohnsonHOU@TEN1SP  10035048.800
212 Larry FitzgeraldARI@JAX1SP  110710611.800
312 Greg JenningsGreg Jennings newsGBCIN1SP  1101060617.701
413 Vincent JacksonSDBAL1   110560511.200
513 Dwayne BoweKCOAK1   11040041000
614 Reggie WayneIND@MIA1 WP 11016201016.200
714 Marques ColstonNO@PHI1 WP 11030031000
814 Roddy WhiteATLCAR1 WP 10042058.400
914 Calvin JohnsonDETMIN1 WP 10090033000
1014 Randy MossNE@NYJ1 WP 10014101211.800
1114 Wes WelkerWes Welker newsNE@NYJ2 WP 100930127.800
1214 Roy WilliamsDALNYG1 WP 110860328.700
131 or 25 Brandon MarshallDENCLE1 WP 10027046.800
141 or 25 Steve SmithCAR@ATL1 WP 1002143710
151 or 25 Jerricho CotcheryNYJNE1 WP 10090061500
161 or 26 Justin GageTENHOU1SP  110780711.100
171 or 26 Santonio HolmesPIT@CHI2SP  1101310914.600
181 or 26 Devin HesterCHIPIT1SP  110900422.500
191 or 26UP-25T.J. HoushmandzadehT.J. Houshmandzadeh newsSEA@SF1SP  1004806800
201 or 26 Nate BurlesonSEA@SF2SP FA-A110740710.600
2127 Terrell OwensBUFTB1SP  10046022300
2227 Chad OchocincoCIN@GB1SP  100898517.810
2327 Anquan BoldinAnquan Boldin newsARI@JAX2SP  10019029.500
2427UP-45Michael ClaytonTB@BUF2SP  100930518.600
2527 Louis MurphyOAK@KC SP  110870421.800
2627 Hines WardPIT@CHI1SP  1001030812.900
2728 Santana MossWASSTL1   100602300
2828 Mark BradleyKCOAK3   100730418.300
2928 Braylon EdwardsCLE@DEN1   10012011200
302 or 39 Derrick MasonBAL@SD1   100470411.800
312 or 39 Eddie RoyalDENCLE2 WP 1001802900
322 or 39 Devery HendersonNO@PHI3 WPFA-L1101030520.600
332 or 39 Ted Ginn Jr.MIAIND1 WP 10026921320
34310 Donald DriverGBCIN2SP  10039049.800
35310 Antwaan Randle ElWASSTL3   10098071400
36310 Mark ClaytonBAL@SD2   110779515.410
37310 Steve SmithNYG@DAL2   100800613.300
38310 Domenik HixonNYG@DAL1   10010011000
39311 Pierre GarconIND@MIA3 WPFA-L1002403800
40311 Austin CollieIND@MIA5 WPFA-L10015027.500
41311 Chansi StuckeyNYJNE2 WPFA-A11064041600
42311 Greg CamarilloMIAIND2 WP 10020021000
43311 Patrick CraytonDALNYG2 WPFA-A1101355433.810
443 or flex12 Bernard BerrianBernard Berrian newsMIN@DET1SP  100000000
453 or flex12 Laveranues ColesCIN@GB2SP  10011011100
463 or flex12 Laurent RobinsonSTL@WAS2SP FA-A100870517.400
473 or flex12 Earl BennettCHIPIT2SP FA-A10066079.400
483 or flex12 Donnie AverySTL@WAS1SP  10046867.710
493 or flex13 Lee EvansBUFTB2SP  10025038.300
503 or flex13 Percy HarvinMIN@DET3SP  110362231220
513 or flex13 Sidney RiceMIN@DET2SP  10017028.500
523 or flex14 Lance MooreNO@PHI2 WP 10038021900
533 or flex14 Robert MeachemNO@PHI4 WPFA-A110510225.500
543 or flex14 Miles AustinDALNYG3 WP 11042014200
55Flex or bench15 Andre CaldwellCIN@GB4SP FA-L1005406900
56Flex or bench15 Jerheme UrbanARI@JAX4SP  100740514.800
57Flex or bench15 Kenny BrittTENHOU3SP  100850421.300
58Flex or bench16 DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson newsPHINO1 WP 10093324.520
59Flex or bench16 Isaac BruceSFSEA3 WP 10074-8418.510
60Flex or bench16 Josh MorganSFSEA1 WP 100380312.700
61Flex or bench16 Torry HoltJAXARI1 WP 100470315.700
62Flex or bench17 Michael JenkinsATLCAR2 WP 100410410.300
63Flex or bench17 Davone BessMIAIND3 WP 10057078.100
64Flex or bench17 Bryant JohnsonDETMIN2 WP 100450411.300
65Bench18UP-78Sammie StroughterTB@BUF  WP 10025038.300
66Bench18 Legedu NaaneeSDBAL4 WPFA-WL10049059.800
67Bench18 Bobby EngramKCOAK2 WP 10019029.500
68Bench18 Mario ManninghamNYG@DAL4 WP 110580319.300
69Bench18 Kelley WashingtonBAL@SD7 WP 100430314.300
70Bench18 Kevin CurtisKevin Curtis newsPHINO2 WP 10026021300
71Bench18 Brandon StokleyDENCLE3 WP 11087018700
72Bench18 Troy WilliamsonJAXARI2 WP 10010011000
73Bench18 Muhsin MuhammadCAR@ATL2 WP 100410410.300
74Bench19 Roscoe ParrishBUFTB4 WP 100400400
75Bench19 Josh ReedBUFTB3 WP 100000000
76INJ19UP-NRBobby WadeMIN@DET4 WP 000 0 00 
77Bench19 David AndersonHOU@TEN4 WP 10014011400
78Bench19 Chris HenryCIN@GB3 WP 10018011800
79GTD19UP-NRSteve BreastonSteve Breaston newsARI@JAX3 WP 100000000
80Bench19UP-93Brian ClarkBrian Clark newsTB@BUF  WP 10017011700
81Bench20 Nate WashingtonNate Washington newsTENHOU2 WP 100801800
82Bench20 Darrius Heyward-BeyOAK@KC1 WP 100000000
83Bench20 Mike WallacePIT@CHI5 WP 100320310.700
84Bench21 James JonesGBCIN3 WP 100000000
85Bench21 Chris ChambersSDBAL2 WP 100000000
86Bench21 Malcolm KellyWASSTL2 WP 100601600
87Bench21 Malcom FloydSDBAL3 WP 10017011700
88Bench22 Mike FurreyCLE@DEN3 WP 1002804700
89Bench22 Jabar GaffneyJabar Gaffney newsDENCLE4 WP 10025038.300
90Bench22 Arnaz BattleSFSEA6 WP 10022021100
91Bench22 Brad SmithNYJNE3 WP 1000150010
92Bench22 Joey GallowayNE@NYJ3 WP 100000000
93Bench23UP-NREarly DoucetEarly Doucet newsARI@JAX5 WP 100000000
94Bench23 Maurice StovallMaurice Stovall newsTB@BUF3 WP 10013011300
95INJ23UP-NRJavon WalkerOAK@KC4 WP 100000000
96Bench23 Johnny KnoxCHIPIT  WP 10082024100
97Bench23 Ben ObomanuSEA@SF7 WP 10011011100
98Bench23 Deon ButlerSEA@SF4 WP 100701700
99Bench23 Keenan BurtonSTL@WAS3 WP 100501500
100Bench23 Rashied DavisCHIPIT3 WP 100000000
101Bench23 Limas SweedLimas Sweed newsPIT@CHI3 WP 100000000
102Bench23 Jordy NelsonGBCIN4 WP 100000000
103Bench24 Devin ThomasWASSTL4 WP 200000010
104Bench24 Joshua CribbsCLE@DEN2 WP 1001062530
105Bench24 Mohamed MassaquoiMohamed Massaquoi newsCLE@DEN4 WP 10018011800
106Bench24 Jason AvantPHINO3 WP 10018011800
107Bench24 Hank BaskettPHINO5 WP 100601600
108Bench24 Jeremy MaclinPHINO4 WP 100000000
109Bench25 Brian HartlineMIAIND4 WP 10013026.500
110Bench25 Yamon FigursDETMIN5 WP 100701700
111Bench25 Dennis NorthcuttDETMIN3 WP 100000000
112Bench25 Derrick WilliamsDETMIN4 WP 100000000
113Bench25 Sam HurdDALNYG4 WP 100000000
--INJ-- Mike Sims-WalkerJAXARI3   100000000
--INJ-- Kevin WalterKevin Walter newsHOU@TEN2   100000000
--INJ--DN-81Johnnie Lee HigginsJohnnie Lee Higgins newsOAK@KC3   1000190010
--INJ--DN-46Antonio BryantAntonio Bryant newsTB@BUF1   100290214.500
--GTD-- Deion BranchDeion Branch newsSEA@SF3   100000000
--OUT-- Andre' DavisAndre\HOU@TEN3   10014034.700
--OUT-- Brandon JonesBrandon Jones newsSFSEA4   100000000
--OUT-- Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez newsIND@MIA2   100000000
--OUT-- Chaz SchilensOAK@KC5   100000000
--OUT-- Hakeem NicksHakeem Nicks newsNYG@DAL3   1001802900


  • P - Probable - player has a 75 percent chance of playing
  • Q - Questionable - player has a 50 percent chance of playing
  • D - Doubtful - player has a 25 percent chance of playing
  • O - Out - player is not going to play
  • IR - Injured Reserve - player is out for the remainder of the season

Fantasy Rankings - Week 2: QB | RB | RB-PPR | WR | WR-PPR | TE | TE-PPR | PK | DT | DL | LB | DB

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