Fantasy Football Analysis Draft II - Round 16

by KFFL Staff on August 19, 2009 @ 01:00:00 PDT's Fantasy Football Analysis Draft II brings you behind the scenes with each fantasy football pick. Who did each fantasy football expert consider? What do they need the selected player to accomplish on the fantasy football field to make the pick a success? Tune in for each round and find out! Along the way, we welcome you to share your thoughts on each selection and each fantasy football team as they develop!

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1) Jason Elam, place kicker, Atlanta Falcons

Team: William Del Pilar, | Team Roster

Reason: I like old man Elam and waited for my kicker last because for the first time in my nearly 20 years of playing this hobby, I finally believe, generally speaking, kickers are a dime a dozen. Over 93 percent accuracy in two out of the last three years, Elam kicks in a dome and is on a balanced team that just traded for the league's best tight end in Tony Gonzalez. That means an even more balanced offense that is sure to continue to move the ball consistently. Elam also converted all 10 of his attempts between 40 and 49 yards, and over the last three years he has only missed one field goal from inside 40 yards. Finally, he kicked at least two field goals in nine games last year. What is there not to like with my final pick?

2) Ryan Longwell, place kicker, Minnesota Vikings

Team: Ian Riley, OPEN Sports | Team Roster

Reason: I love the fact that he will kick 10 times this season in a dome, and of his away games only three (Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Chicago) pose serious risks for adverse weather. The two things I look for in my kickers are an above-average offense, and the conditions they kick in - Longwell has both on his side this season.

3) Robbie Gould, place kicker, Chicago Bears

Team: Scott Engel, | Team Roster

Reason: Basically, when I take a kicker, I throw a dart. As Jay Cutler settles in with the Bears, the offense might be settling for more field goals than touchdowns - Gould might be productive early. As Cutler develops full control of the offense, they should move the ball crisply so I think Gould is going to be consistent for them all year.

4) Nate Kaeding, place kicker, San Diego Chargers

Team: Ryan Lester, | Team Roster

Reason: I needed a kicker. Kaeding is pretty good. San Diego should have a good offense again. He plays in warm weather. Prediction: top-10 fantasy kicker.

5) Kris Brown, place kicker, Houston Texans

Team: Herbie Teope, Time Warner Cable | Team Roster

Reason: My readers and viewers know how I feel about this position, which I always save for the last round. Since we're required to offer analysis, I like Brown because he's on a prolific offense, his scoring has improved in each of the last three seasons and the Texans have a Week 10 bye. The latter means I don't have to concern myself with this position until the season is well underway.

6) New England Patriots team defense

Team: Paul Hickey, | Team Roster

Reason: To say I was surprised that this unit was available in the last round is a bit of an understatement. I know they lost linebacker Mike Vrabel and safety Rodney Harrison, but honestly, safety Brandon Meriweather and linebacker Jerod Mayo can more than fill their shoes. Expect the Pats' defense unit to be solid again in 2009.

7) Jeff Reed, place kicker, Pittsburgh Steelers

Team: David Dorey, | Team Roster

Reason: I know, for a fact, that kickers are too inconsistent from year to year to bother taking one early no matter how good it may look to have Stephen Gostkowski on your team. I know that Reed will be no less than solid and could be a top guy. Best of all, he has a Week 8 bye, and I do not have to jockey my roster around just to field a kicker for two months.

8) Green Bay Packers team defense

Team: Tony Holm, | Team Roster

Reason: I really like the Packers D as a late-round pick. They're not very popular as a choice this season but their schedule is arguably the lightest in all of football. That will help push them into the realm of a solid sleeper defensive choice.

9) Shayne Graham, place kicker, Cincinnati Bengals

Team: Cory J. Bonini, | Team Roster

Reason: I fully expect a bounce-back season from Graham and the Bengals' offense. Graham has been a top-10 fantasy kicker for the better part of his career, sans last year's rough showing, and I think he'll reclaim his spot in this group in '09.

10) Nick Folk, place kicker, Dallas Cowboys

Team: Jeff Pasquino, | Team Roster

Reason: Taking a kicker that doesn't have the same bye as my defense was one purpose here. Plus, after all, this is a kicker. Folk has no threat to his job, and Dallas will have to score early and often to keep pace with several teams. An early season start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers followed by two home games will be just fine to get started for 2009.

11) Michael Vick, quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

Team: Paul Greco, | Team Roster

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles
Is it worth gambling on Vick?

Reason: Why not? If I'm willing to give him a second chance, so should the Eagles fans. Will he be much value to my team? Probably not, but why not take a flier with my last pick of the draft. I could have gone with Brett Favre, but I'm a Jets fan, so no thank you.

12) David Akers, place kicker, Philadelphia Eagles

Team: Sara Holladay, | Team Roster

Reason: Akers is on a high-powered offense that will likely hit the red zone time and time again, giving him ample opportunity for field goals. I anticipate a good 25 field goals and 45 extra points for Akers this season, making him a top fantasy kicker. In addition, Akers has a pretty solid record kicking in December's cold weather, ensuring that he'll pull through during the fantasy playoffs.

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