Fantasy Football Analysis Draft II - Round 11

by KFFL Staff on August 13, 2009 @ 01:00:01 PDT's Fantasy Football Analysis Draft II brings you behind the scenes with each fantasy football pick. Who did each fantasy football expert consider? What do they need the selected player to accomplish on the fantasy football field to make the pick a success? Tune in for each round and find out! Along the way, we welcome you to share your thoughts on each selection and each fantasy football team as they develop!

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1) Chris Chambers, wide receiver, San Diego Chargers

Team: Sara Holladay, | Team Roster

Chris Chambers, San Diego Chargers
Which Chambers will we see - '07 or '08?

Reason: I'm banking on a healthier Chambers in 2009, hopefully returning to his 2007 numbers (970 receiving yards, four TDs, 14.7 yards per catch). However, even last year when he seemingly battled injury after injury and missed two games, his yards per catch was still a decent 14.0 and this year he has promise as a bye week replacement or flex fill-in.

2) Jamaal Charles, running back, Kansas City Chiefs

Team: Paul Greco, | Team Roster

Reason: Let the handcuffing begin. Charles has had a great camp so far and if Larry Johnson, who I own, fails, Charles will step right in without missing a beat. Look for Charles to rush for 300-450 yards with two to four TDs.

3) David Garrard, quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars

Team: Jeff Pasquino, | Team Roster

Reason: QB is a big scoring position, so to have a borderline fantasy No. 1 quarterback as my backup is a great turn of events. Garrard is not flashy, but he does have a solid arm and gets Torry Holt this year for the best No. 1 wideout in Jacksonville in several seasons. Garrard can also run a bit and could be the leading QB rusher in 2009. In spots starts, Garrard can be more than capable and get 200-250 yards and one or two scores.

4) Kevin Curtis, wide receiver, Philadelphia Eagles

Team: Cory J. Bonini, | Team Roster

Reason: I needed a fourth receiver and wasn't crazy about anything else at the position. Curtis seems safe enough in terms of his recovery from groin surgery, and my hope is that I don't have to play him more than a few weeks out of the year. I think he will perform closer to his 2007 breakout season than last year's injury-muddled flop of a year.

5) Michael Bush, running back, Oakland Raiders

Team: Tony Holm, | Team Roster

Reason: Good players are starting to dry up in this draft so looking at my team with Brian Westbrook (Philadelphia Eagles), Reggie Bush (New Orleans Saints) and Marshawn Lynch (Buffalo Bills) in my backfield, I thought it best to make a hedge play at the position. I'm a long-time Michael Bush fan, and it doesn't take a genius to see a scenario where Bush is the starting RB for the Raiders and Darren McFadden is the change-of-pace guy. They already prefer Bush at the goal line, and he has done nothing but perform at a high level for the Raiders since Day 1.

6) Chester Taylor, running back, Minnesota Vikings

Team: David Dorey, | Team Roster

Reason: I wanted to get another RB and most of my runners have unclear backup situations; it would also be silly to collect all the RBs on a poor rushing teams. Taylor is hanging out there and the Adrian Peterson owner apparently doesn't want him or waited too long. Taylor will give me some minor points each week if I ever need to use him and if Peterson goes down, I'll probably own a top-10 RB.

7) Michael Crabtree, wide receiver, San Francisco 49ers

Team: Paul Hickey, | Team Roster

Reason: Call this a calculated gamble or call it buying low. Yes, his draft stock is falling due to his ridiculous holdout, but he intrigued me way more than the other options on the board. Crabs may not be on the field until midseason, but when he is signed, in shape and into the lineup, he will post some solid weekly numbers. As my flier No. 5 or No. 6 wideout, I feel pretty good about this pick's upside - despite what some more conservative writers would have you believe.

8) Earl Bennett, wide receiver, Chicago Bears

Team: Herbie Teope, Time Warner Cable | Team Roster

Reason: I'm playing a game of chicken with my backup QB by passing on Trent Edwards to get Bennett, who I don't believe will be available when it's my turn to pick again in Round 12. Bennett did nothing last season, but early reports are all positive and his pre-existing chemistry with QB Jay Cutler can't be stated enough. Given the upside, Bennett, who is projected to start alongside Devin Hester, is a classic high-reward/low-risk player when taken as a No. 4 or No. 5 receiver.

9) Eli Manning, quarterback, New York Giants

Team: Ryan Lester, | Team Roster

Eli Manning, New York Giants
Was it good value on Eli in the 11th?

Reason: I already have Peyton, so why not pair him with his little brother. The backup QBs are getting pretty, scarce and Eli has a sweet matchup against the New Orleans Saints in Week 6, which is when Peyton is on his bye. Drafting Eli in Round 11 seems like a pretty good value pick.

10) Nate Washington, wide receiver, Tennessee Titans

Team: Scott Engel, | Team Roster

Reason: I'm not fully sold that Washington can be more than a regularly effective No. 3 WR yet on an NFL team, but at this point, I'm willing to risk it. Early indications seem to be that the Titans will be creative in trying to get him the ball, and while he won't be dependable, Washington will at least have a few quality outings.

11) Trent Edwards, quarterback, Buffalo Bills

Team: Ian Riley, OPEN Sports | Team Roster

Reason: With New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as my starter, Edwards will just see action for me in Week 8 at home against the Houston Texans, who were 17th against the pass last season. Buffalo also has a favorable passing schedule, added Terrell Owens to team with Lee Evans and looks to work exclusively from the no-huddle this season, giving Edwards some upside as well. After what happened with Brady last season, I wanted a backup I was comfortable with. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.

12) Kyle Orton, quarterback, Denver Broncos

Team: William Del Pilar, | Team Roster

Reason: I did not think we had to draft the receivers I liked this round as I felt I could get them later. The quarterback position was getting bare so I took a chance on Orton as our backup. He's going to a team that has a better offensive coach than the Chicago Bears in Josh McDaniels. The Broncos also have better receivers in Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. You add rookie running back Knowshon Moreno, wideouts Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Stokley, and you have a loaded offense ready to make any quarterback look good. Last year, Orton had a 90.8 quarterback rating and 10 touchdowns before an ankle injury in Week 9. Finally, I like Denver's offensive line as it's much better than Chicago's was last year.

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