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Fantasy baseball FAAB rationale: AL LABR, Mixed Tout

By Nicholas Minnix


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Disabled list: Unlimited
Bids of $0: No
Vickrey bidding (winning bid reduced to $1 plus second-highest bid): No
Salaried player must be active unless not on his club's 25-man roster.

I'd like to have bid on Elliot Johnson, but I wasn't willing to drop any of my eligible players to get him, for obvious (if you glance at my roster and consider the rules) reasons. He runs a little, and he's playing frequently. The latter is almost certainly a short-term thing. If he were eligible for the outfield or, perhaps, even CI, I'd have dropped a bid.

I initially entered $2 bid for him, in fact, but I dropped it to $1 and then contemplated the merits of pursuing him. If I'd stayed in, then I may have stuck with a buck. Even if I hadn't, Baseball HQ's Dave Adler was certain to have walked away with him anyway, thanks to the tiebreaker. His place in the standings broke a tie with another owner who'd also bid a deuce.

All this for Elliot freakin' Johnson? You bet.

Tout Wars - Mixed

Rosters | Full transaction list (with failed bids) | Standings

OBP replaces BA
Disabled list: Unlimited
Bids of $0: Yes
Vickrey bidding (winning bid reduced to $1 plus second-highest bid): Yes

reserve JHammel Bal This RHP is toward the end of my fantasy rotation, but I'd be dumping a batter -- Jason Bay or Darwin Barney -- if I were to win one of these P's.
1. bid 19 on HBell Ari I don't figure I'll win this RHP because, in a 15-team mixed league, when folks smell SVs in the water, there's a frenzy. Final price: $38, reduced by Vickrey from $41.
2. bid 7 on SKazmir Cle I listed this LHP ahead of Jimenez because I determined (guessed, based on results, timeline) that Kazmir has found a greater plane of consistency. He's living in his Zen moment.
3. bid 7 on UJimenez Cle I initially placed this RHP ahead of Kazmir because, if he has it together, he may pitch deeper into games more often. Jimenez came with more volatility, though, so I switched.
reserve ACallaspo LAA This RHB is providing depth at 3B while Kevin Youkilis is on DL, but I keep seeking more of that, especially if the acquisition is of a base-stealer. Callaspo is a last-resort drop.
1. bid 0 on RGrossman Hou Same reason as last week: Stab at PT on the cheap for prospect with some speed. He's patient -- perhaps too patient, according to some -- and runs. Likely a future casualty, in part because of my trade.
2. bid 0 on MIzturis Tor Switch hitter is picking it up, but he hasn't run yet. His multiple-position eligibility is nice, but I have a few with such flexibility, so his timidness on base paths drops him behind Grossman.
reserve ACobb TB This RHP was likely out the door in a swap. Bay or Barney -- probably both if I were to win two P's -- would be gone. It was Bay, because I have plenty of OFs and Bay is fodder.
1. bid 7 on SKazmir Cle OK, the other reason I decided to place him ahead of Jimenez: Validation that I could let go of the regret I felt after I dropped him last month.
2. bid 7 on UJimenez Cle I would gladly have taken both Cleveland Indians starting pitchers because I was about to deal Alex Cobb, who was a popular target of my league-mates.

I strongly contemplated increasing my bids for each of the pitchers whom I chased for the same reason that I pursued the possibility of winning more than one pitcher. I mentioned last week that I'd like to pursue stolen bases via trade. I had offers on the table that involved the acquisition of FAAB. I was going to decide whether to accept one by Monday's lineup deadline based in part on the outcome of this week's FAAB run. I'd already swapped Wilson Ramos for two FAAB bucks.

If I landed one of these somewhat costly pitchers, then I could more easily deem the FAAB I'd gain in a deal as a worthwhile inclusion for the players I would've been giving up. It'd sorta be like gaining that player in the deal. (Large quantities of FAAB bucks as barter aren't usually enough to sway me because my bidding patterns seem to differ from those of others.)

It hurt to enter some of those bids. I drafted Scott Kazmir in the reserve round ($0). I dropped him two days after he made his first start. Why? I was hasty to activate him in mid-April, but I created roster-cluck by rushing him back. I figured that he'd attract the least short-term interest because of his disastrous first outing against the Houston Astros.

It was ... initially. For a couple of weeks, I typed him into my list of players to consider for $0. As the deadline approached on each of those Sundays, I lost the cojones to toss him in. What if that last good start was just teasing? (What does shriveling sound like?) And had I noticed that Eric Mack summoned the bollocks to put in for Kazmir two weeks ago (but not get down to him), I might've raised my urgency. Kudos, E-Mack, kudos.

Alas, I came up short just about everywhere. (Given that your opinion of Robbie Grossman is probably pretty low, you likely suppose it to be everywhere, period.) Bell is a good investment, but I wasn't going to win him (he'd have cost me $42 to do so) or upset about it. I wanted at least one of those Indians, though.

I think that one of the reasons I failed to get either of the FAABed Tribesman is that I underestimated how many teams are staring at deficits related to pitching at this juncture. At least one other must be my competition's beliefs in the turnarounds of these two hurlers ... who project to be pretty good sources of strikeouts. K's are so important.

So what's the lesson? Be patient?

WTF ever. Be aware is what it is. In a mixed league, there's no need to run a player who hasn't pitched in the bigs since 2011 out there for his first turn -- even if it comes against Houston. If Kazmir had spent another two weeks on my roster (as he almost certainly would've), then I probably would've held him. I'd be a little deeper and not miss Cobb so much.

Oh yeah, Cobb. My fruitless FAAB session gave me little incentive to consider a FAAB-rich deal. Derek VanRiper (RotoWire) appealed to my needs by offering Michael Bourn and Jonny Gomes for David Ortiz and Alex Cobb on Monday morning. After some Minnix-initiated haggling, we agreed to a swap for those players, except that David DeJesus replaces Gomes.

DVR, who's trying to dig out of a bit of a hole, took a risk to acquire some serious upside for the price of a pretty bankable commodity (or, kinda, two). It worked for me. My place in the standings to date isn't much of a measurement of the quality of my team. I'll need to find supplemental sources of power. Luke Scott, a draft-day reserve, could be part of the solution.


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