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Difference-making QBs won't be found in this NFL draft class

By Keith Hernandez

Yes, I know, all of you die-hard football fans out there are itching for the 2013 NFL Draft already. Especially those that had disappointing fantasy football seasons in 2012 or are in keeper leagues. After Super Bowl XLVII, the draft will become the main focus until training camps kick off this summer.

But hold your horses. This year's draft class doesn't boast talent even close to what we saw last year. We were spoiled in 2012 with the play of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, the top-two overall picks, in their rookie seasons.

San Diego Chargers WR Eddie Royal
Nassib a fit for Buffalo?

Ryan Tannehill was taken eighth overall and Brandon Weeden surprised with a first-round selection at 22nd overall. This year, though, we'll be lucky to see two quarterbacks drafted in the first round.

The fact is, there just aren't very many highly graded quarterbacks entered in the draft this year. And that's saying something, since the Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets are in need of an upgrade to the position - badly.

The Chiefs, who own the No. 1 overall selection, will not reach and draft a QB with that top pick. That could change as the draft nears, or they could opt to trade down, but that once again signals the reluctance of teams to reach for these QB prospects that most are lukewarm on right now.

Realistically, the only quarterback that is a lock (right now) to go in the first round is West Virginia's Geno Smith. However, he didn't participate in the Senior Bowl last week, so a poor showing at the Combine could interrupt that plan.

USC's Matt Barkley (shoulder) would have had a good shot at a first-round showing if he wasn't injured. I guess he still could if he shows he's fully healthy between now and April 25, but it's doubtful.

Mike Glennon and Ryan Nassib are the others that could squeak into the first day of the draft, but don't expect it. They both have major flaws that were pointed out during last week's Senior Bowl.

Of course, I could be wrong. The draft is still a ways off, and the Scouting Combine typically drastically affects players' draft stock based on their performance, which is quite silly to me in most scenarios.

In the end, don't get too excited if the Jets or Cardinals (hypothetically) get antsy on the draft's first day and reach to grab someone they were enamored with at the Combine or in interviews. None of these prospects will become the next RGIII in their first year, however.


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