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Fantasy Football Sleepers: PK - Week 15 (with video)

By Nicholas Minnix
Edited by Keith Hernandez

In this article KFFL breaks down the fantasy football sleepers of the week. We will avoid marquee names because players of that caliber are rarely benched, regardless of their matchup. Instead, we will focus on the players that make your fantasy lineup decisions stressful each week. Read on to learn which midrange to low-end players you wouldn't necessarily consider that you need to get into your lineup.

Note: All statistics are from Week 11 through Week 14 unless otherwise stated.

Fantasy football sleepers: Place kickers

NEW - Graham Gano, Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers

Fantasy value: Midrange No. 1

  • Gano has been more involved in point-after kicks (3.00) than three-pointers (1.33) since taking over three weeks ago. He has made all of his kicks and has averaged a passable 7.0 fantasy points per game.
  • The Bolts have permitted 9.0 fantasy points per matchup, which stems from an average of 2.50 field goal attempts (2.25 made) and 2.25 touchdown cappers.
  • These teams match up fairly well, and Carolina could struggle to find the end zone as much as they did a week ago.

Dan Carpenter, Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings PK Blair Walsh
Rook ready for a rebound?

Fantasy value: Low-end No. 1

  • This year, Carpenter hasn't been quite as reliable in terms of accuracy, but recently, he's been pretty good - 6-for-7 on field goal attempts. Miami hasn't provided him with a ton of opportunities to supplement their total, however; he's attempted 1.75 extra points per game in the same period.
  • Naturally, the Jags' defense has been a cure for the struggles of many teams' offenses. They've allowed the second-most points to kickers this season and the third-most to them in their last four games. A few misses have aided their cause, but booters have still tried 3.25 field goals and 2.75 extra points per game against Jacksonville in the stated time frame.

Ryan Succop, Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

Fantasy value: Low-end No. 1

  • KC has provided Succop with 2.00 field goal attempts and 1.00 extra point attempts per game, marks roughly on par with their uninspiring totals for the season.
  • The Raiders' defense is a tried unit, and even though it's tried, it usually fails. Kickers have attempted 2.75 field goals and 3.25 extra points per game against them. In theory, Succop's O should produce more opportunities for him than usual in this contest.

Blair Walsh, Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams

Fantasy value: No. 1 or bench

  • The Vikes have supplied the rookie Walsh with only 1.00 field goal attempt and 2.00 extra point attempts per game. Those averages are far cries from his rates for the entire season, especially in their first handful of contests or so. Walsh has missed two of the three field goal tries he's had in his last three games, too.
  • Although Jeff Fisher has put his stamp on St. Louis' defense, the unit still has a ways to go before it's regularly formidable and probably can't handle a large dose of All Day. Kickers have missed a few against the Rams recently, or their 2.50 field goal attempts and 1.50 extra point attempts allowed per game might look a little worse.
  • Christian Ponder's disappointing quarterbacking has often stalled Minnesota's offense. Their fortunes have largely been in the hands of humanoid running back Adrian Peterson. The reality is that what this offense does will have more to do with how often Walsh steps onto the field, so the rookie is a risky play.


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