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It's Nick Foles' time to shine in Philly

By Keith Hernandez

Now that we are comfortably in the second half of the NFL season, some of us (unfortunately) are already looking to what next year may bring. Nicholas Minnix touched on a pair of rookie wideouts yesterday and their potentially promising outlooks for not only 2013 but the tail end of this campaign.

Nick Foles, of the Philadelphia Eagles, is another obvious candidate. With Michael Vick concussed and unlikely to return to Philly next season, there's a chance that Andy Reid and the coaching staff would favor sitting Vick out for the rest of the season in order to take a look at the young QB.

Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles
Foles ready to fly?

Reid isn't ruling Vick out for the rest of the season, but that doesn't really mean much. Yahoo!'s Jason Cole suggests Reid may lobby to play Foles for the remainder of the year as a way to salvage his job for at least another season. Makes some sense, and I could see that happening easily. Vick's concussion seems serious enough, too.

Who is this Foles fellow, anyway? And can he make enough noise in these last seven weeks to warrant fantasy attention? Well, the 23-year-old Arizona Wildcat alum has the tools to become a very adequate gunslinger in this league, that's for sure.

Foles impressed the Eagles a great deal in the preseason, but like most rookies, he hasn't had experience in games that "matter," other than his 22-for-32, 219-yard performance against the Dallas Cowboys last week after Vick was knocked out. Not bad, but he definitely made some rookie mistakes.

He has great size (6-foot-6, 234 pounds) and a strong arm to heave the ball deep when he needs to. Foles also has plenty of weapons around him in the passing game - Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek - to succeed through the air and one of the more versatile running backs in the league (LeSean McCoy).

He won't look quite as good as he did against second- and third-stringers in the preseason, but if he indeed plays out this season for Philly, expect flashes of brilliance from this kid.

The rest of the Iggles' schedule isn't nearly as imposing as their first half, either, with nice matchups against the Washington Redskins (this week and in Week 16), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 14) and Cincinnati Bengals (Week 15). It's probably not wise to rely on Foles from here on out unless you're in a league with more than 12 teams. But keeper-leaguers and those looking for a potential QB sleeper next season should follow this development closely.


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