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Fantasy Football: Playing Pierre Garcon a mistake; RGIII losing his luster?

By Cory J. Bonini

Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon (foot) practiced this week and is expected to play against the Philadelphia Eagles. That may be joyous news to a many, but I cannot help feeling as though Washington's coaching staff is rushing him back into action. After all, it wasn't long ago that Garcon was considering season-ending surgery, one that may still be inevitable.

Pierre Garcon, WR, Washington Redskins
Not worth the risk this week

The 'Skins probably feel the need to get their best playmaker in the passing game back onto the field, yet that decision may be a rash one, no less than a risky choice.

The injury is mainly a deal of pain tolerance. I'm sure they'll shoot up Garcon before the game, but that doesn't ensure he will be able to finish it. Needless to say, this close to the playoffs and with so much on the line, fantasy footballers would be foolish to gamble their fortunes on Garcon's suspect wheel. At least give him a week to demonstrate what he can do in terms of coming out of it in one piece.

Related, even if through nothing but proximity, Robert Griffin III is coming off a bye week but is nearly as risky as his potentially one-legged wideout. RGIII's play slumped in the two games prior to the week off, and things don't get easier from here on out. The freshman passer took the league by storm but may be in for a meeting with the rookie wall. If not, he'll have to do wonders to overcome five divisional games in the next seven weeks.

My expectations for Griffin remain tempered. He probably is no worse than the 12- to 14-point fantasy QB you saw in the two games before his team's hiatus, although his 30-point days are probably behind him for 2012. He has to face the Dallas Cowboys twice, the Eagles twice, New York once again and still has a date with the Baltimore Ravens. If nothing more than a gut feeling, I fear Griffin may have exhausted his peak performances. Tread cautiously moving forward when selecting your starters - he probably isn't a lock for your lineup every week anymore.


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