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Fancy fantasy football: Rookie WRs Michael Floyd, Mohamed Sanu rising

By Nicholas Minnix

Here it is 2012, and I'm already thinking about 2013 ... and beyond.

Cicinnati Bengals WR Mohamed Sanu
In sea of Giants, Sanu standing out

Unless you play in a 14-team league with 16-man rosters or a 12-team league with 20-man rosters - or something deeper - these two players won't even show up in your periphery.

But Cardinals wideout Michael Floyd, the 13th overall pick this year, and Bengals receiver Mohamed Sanu, the 21st choice in the third round, are establishing boundaries. In the past few weeks, Arizona's rookie has earned more looks, and Cincinnati's has earned more playing time. These developments are far from unexpected, but they're still exciting when they begin.

Neither of these players is star-caliber. That Floyd isn't may come as a bit of a surprise. That I'd feel the need to say so about Sanu may come as a bit of a surprise, too. Each should be good, however - very good, I expect - and that's exactly what their teams need them to be.

And what will make them dangerous in the fantasy game. In deep keeper and dynasty leagues, each of these players may turn out to have been worth the wait, assuming that an owner's sacrifice to keep him isn't great. In 2013, both will most likely be sleepers for those in single-year leagues.

The Cardinals need a quarterback. A pretty good one. Andre Roberts' rookie deal runs through 2013, so Floyd will have to contend with him for looks for at least that long, but the Notre Dame product came to the desert to be Larry Fitzgerald's foil. The QB situation is the primary barrier to Floyd's degree of relevance.

The Bengals already have one of those: Andy Dalton. They also came into this campaign hoping that Sanu, Marvin Jones, Armon Binns or Brandon Tate would stake a claim to the team's No. 2 wide receiver position at some point. The staff had an open mind, but they subtly conveyed that their hopes were highest for Sanu. They had good reason. Opposite A.J. Green, Sanu should eventually flourish. He may be a PPR beast in a couple of years.


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