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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: QB - Week 6 (with video)

By Herija C. Green
Edited by Cory J. Bonini

If you are serious about winning your fantasy league football championship, stay on top of your fantasy football team throughout the year.

Each week during the NFL fantasy football season, KFFL brings you its Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, which breaks down players to pick up. Be aggressive when picking up fantasy football free agents. Even if you do not need a player, you can tuck him away for depth or block others from adding him to their fantasy football team.

Note: Percentage of polled leagues in which player is available in parentheses

Fantasy football free agents: Look to acquire

The following players will have greater significance in deep fantasy football leagues. In shallow fantasy football leagues, they are not as high of a priority but should be considered based on your fantasy football team's needs.

Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals (58 percent)

Christian Ponder, QB, Minnesota Vikings
Stop Pondering, start adding him

Kolb took a beating in Week 5, being sacked nine times as the Cardinals fell for the first time in 2012. For all the abuse he sustained, however, he still completed 28 of 50 passes for 289 yards and was not intercepted. With 613 passing yards in his last two games, Kolb is a capable reserve.

Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings (51 percent)

After not throwing a single pick during the first month of the season, Ponder was uncharacteristically sloppy in Week 5 with a pair of interceptions in an otherwise easy romp over the Tennessee Titans. On the plus side, the 258 yards passing were his most since Week 1, and he threw for two touchdowns for the third time in four games.

He's not exciting, but he is definitely the kind of player that could cover a Bye or fill in for your starter during a particularly tough matchup.

Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns (88 percent)

Offensive balance is akin to a four-letter word in Cleveland, home to the only remaining winless club in the NFL. Following Sunday's loss to the New York Giants, Weeden has now attempted at least 35 passes in every game this season; and over the last four weeks he has averaged 292.5 yards, 1.25 touchdowns and 1.25 interceptions per game.

Weeden is making better decisions as a passer and with the Browns perpetually playing from behind he has a chance to continue posting some fairly respectable numbers.

Fantasy football free agents: Watch list

These fantasy football free agents shouldn't be on your immediate list. They may have had a big week. They may have talent but are buried on the depth chart and merely awaiting an opportunity. Still, fantasy football players must know who they are for their potential contribution in the future.

NEW - Tim Tebow, New York Jets (86 percent)

Head coach Rex Ryan may have given Mark Sanchez an endorsement on Tuesday, saying there's "no question" the USC product remains the starter, but with the season threatening to get away from the Jets you have to wonder just how long the leash will be.

Tebow is no prototypical passer, but his ability to run and make plays gave him appreciable fantasy value last year. Repent, brothers and sisters, Tebow Time may be nigh!

NEW - Brady Quinn, Kansas City Chiefs (99 percent)

Quinn took over for an injured Matt Cassel (concussion) in the fourth quarter and completed all three of his passes for 32 yards. Given that Quinn only played about five minutes this past Sunday, he was on pace to go 32-for-32 for 384 yards over a full 60 minutes. Not bad, right?

Jokes aside, Quinn steps in just in time to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their patented "Cover No One" defense, which has resulted in a league-high 345.3 passing yards allowed per game. Given how poorly Cassel has played, a decent performance could create a long-term chance for Quinn.


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