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Fantasy Football Over/Under: Tim Tebow the starter by Week 8?

By Keith Hernandez

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine on the topic of the New York Jets that centered on their QB controversy between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. As if Tebowmania hadn't reached a fever pitch last year in Denver, the phenomenon is now in New York, which won't do Sanchez any favors if he struggles out of the gates.

Because Sanchez and Tebow will constantly be under the microscope, my buddy and I had a little over/under bet on the possibility of Tebow pushing to become the starter. I took the side of Sanchez holding onto the starting gig at least past Week 8.

I'm definitely not sold on Sanchez as a top-notch starting QB in the NFL now, or at any point in his career. Although he's slightly improved in various aspects of his game in each of his three seasons, he's still largely mediocre. A 55.3 career completion percentage and a QB rating of 73.2 is nothing to write home about.

Tebow's career marks aren't any better (47.3 completion percentage, 75.1 QB rating). Leading the Broncos to the postseason last year was special, but his development as a passing QB has likely reached its apex. Gang Green's move to acquire him from Denver was likely done to light a fire under Sanchez, who they're still hoping can be their franchise QB.

It's clear to begin the 2012 that the Jets will go with Sanchez as their starter. Tebow will be used in a variety of roles from special teams to the wildcat QB to zone options. The former Florida Gator could even be used at positions other than quarterback.

While Tebow's insane work ethic has made him an overachiever in the NFL in terms of success in the win column, it's become more evident that he isn't a starting QB in the league, and Rex Ryan and his staff seem to be accepting that.

They still believe in Sanchez - to a degree - and it looks like they're trying to make his life a little easier in order to maximize his output. The fans and media will be all over Sanchez and the coaching staff immediately if the team or Sanchez fail, but I'm thinking they'll be patient enough to stick with him at least for half of the year.


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