Fantasy Baseball Round Table: David Price or Matt Moore, more

by Todd Zola, on May 8, 2013 @ 14:30:00 PDT


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Nolan Arenado or Aramis Ramirez?


Odd to go the prospect over the vet, but I have nothing but good feelings about Arenado, especially since I saw him this spring.


A-Ram: I'll take my chances with his injury history. No ballpark is Coors Field, but Miller Park is a pretty good place to hit, and I'd much prefer Ramirez's track record at the dish to the number of things that could go wrong for the inexperienced Arenado.


Washington Nationals OF Bryce Harper
... Harper? Tough call?

Arenado, the obvious keeper preference, plays in Coors Field, so that works in his favor, but I feel that his rest-of-the-season projection is a pro-rated output of what A-Ram typically does. And I think, despite his plus peripherals in contact and plate discipline, that Arenado will take a small step back as his book becomes bigger for opposing pitchers. Ramirez's typical production will do for me, especially since he typically heats up in the coming months, and if my third-base lot is solid, I'd be looking to sell Arenado in a few weeks. Given the way the position has produced this year, though, that's hardly going to be the case in most formats.


I am already on record as saying that I think Arenado will have 20 home runs (assuming of course he stays in the Rockies lineup) but I think Ramirez will drive in more runs and likely have a higher batting average so I would take him for total contributions.


I'm with Perry in that I expect Arenado to display more power than most scouting reports suggest (solid contact rate, hits fly balls and calls Coors Field home). That said, I'll take the rather quiet but solid production Ramirez has provided the past several seasons. Despite just returning from the disabled list, Ramirez has actually been very durable the past couple of seasons.

WINNER: Ramirez 4-1

And of course…

Mike Trout or Bryce Harper?


Harper, it's his turn. Trout is still killer, but sort of back to earth. Harper is still reaching. And, Washington is going to get hot. Watch out when they do.


Harper: Same answer as it was before this season began, because Harper's ability to hit for power is more reliable than Trout's, and power is a scarce commodity these days. My projections from May 8 through season's end would probably have each earning a dollar amount similar to that of the other -- something within $5 of the other, I'm sure -- and I'd opt for the one I view as the better homer hitter.


Harper. Better power with enough steals to supplement it. Trout has recovered, but I don't think his clip will move that much higher than its .275 heading into today.


Sadly this will be a recurring question and I say that because BOTH are terrific young players and great to have on fantasy teams. But I think the advantage goes to Trout because even if Harper has more HR and RBI, Trout will score more runs and steal more bases and hit for a higher average because he hits both LHP and RHP well while Harper will not have as good an average against LHP.


I agree with the Captain Hook's analysis verbatim. That said, I agree with Nick in that it is close enough that if you prefer the pop, take Harper.

WINNER: Harper 3-2

Lord Zola's Wrap-Up

Price versus Moore is both an exercise in mining the advanced metrics and comparing an established veteran to an up-and-comer. The knights predominantly trust regression and favor Price.

Perez versus Ruiz is really asking if Perez will hit as expected going forward. The knights believe he will, but as I pointed out, this is a bit of a leap of faith based on a limited track record in the majors.

Arenado versus Ramirez was included as a reminder that we were spoiled last season by a couple of historical anomalies and expectations should be tempered. That said, our lone dissenter, Lawr, cited what amounts to a personal scouting report to trust what the numbers are saying. Ultimately, this is what's most important. It's your team, your call. Numbers are great, I believe in the power of numbers and they are a driving force behind this game. But, experience is also a great teacher and trust me, Lawr has seen his share of ball, so if he sees something special in Arenado, there's a pretty good chance it's real. While you don't want to base a decision on one live game, let alone a single at-bat or two, trust your eye and instincts.

Trout versus Harper was mostly a subtle shot at the mindset to which Perry alludes. From an analytical basis, they're both outstanding and it comes down to needs.

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