The impact of heavyweight playing time

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An advantage of accruing an abundance of AB or IP is that published Roto values lose some relevance - to be specific, weighted stats, such as BA and WHIP, become less influential. Owners of high-AB or high-IP teams can therefore tap a skewed talent pool.

The impact of a weighted stat varies by situation - for example, a hitter targeted for a .220 BA over 500 AB will hurt a team with 5500 AB more than a team with 6500 AB, because the hitter represents a larger share of total AB in the first case. Yet Roto guides clearly assign a dollar value to a hitter's BA, irrespective of the rest of the roster. How is this done? Answer: There's an invisible benchmark.

At Baseball HQ, the AB benchmarks are 5450 AB in the AL, and 5015 AB in the NL; the IP gauge is about 1050 IP for both leagues. These are the "standard" teams against which the contributions of weighted stats are figured. Now, if your team has compiled higher-than-expected mileage, low-BA hitters and high-ERA pitchers will cause relatively less damage to you; therefore, their values rise. The deviation may come to only a few bucks, but it does exist.

The upshot is that, if you have a lot of AB or IP, and you're trolling for non-weighted stats like HR and W, you can be less mindful of woeful averages. (The converse is also true: Players projected for excellent averages are less valuable to high-AB and high-IP clubs.)

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