Rockies Arms Plan

by on March 9, 2009 @ 00:00:00 PDT


You go into the draft and build a pitching staff of all low skills arms, or pitchers on the Colorado Rockies, thereby conceding the ERA and WHIP categories. You spend heavily on all offensive categories and saves, and buy poor skills but high IP $1-$3 starting pitchers. A 210/50 split here is a possibility.

What you potentially gain: This strategy frees you up to focus your efforts on fewer variables. The element of surprise helps give you an edge over the other owners. In addition, you can spend the entire season never worrying about your pitchers getting blown out.

Conditions necessary for success: You absolutely must be able to maximize your investments in the other categories. This strategy is difficult in low parity leagues since there is a ceiling to how many points you can get (which is likely lower that the Sweeney Plan). You have to find the optimal mix of starting pitchers because you have to try to preserve any chance of finishing well in wins. Poor skills hurlers on excellent offensive teams are prime commodities, which is why any Rockie starter will do.

Risks: Being found out early on in a draft could mean that you will get bid up on the other categories you need to maximize. If your starters don't somehow keep you competitive in Wins, you're sunk.

Result: In a recent survey of over 500 leagues, no league winner every finished last in both ERA and WHIP. But don't take that as a sign; see it as a challenge.

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