The Labadini Plan

by on March 30, 2010 @ 10:00:00 PDT


Spend $251 on offense, and grab nine $1 pitchers during the end game. During the season, you trade your excess offense for pitching. Best types of $1 pitchers to draft are middle relievers (you can always get starters later) and pitchers coming off injuries or off-years.

What you potentially gain: This strategy can have a large impact on the balance of value in the draft, significantly increasing the cost of the remaining hitters and decreasing the cost of pitchers. Essentially, you will have created an artificial scarcity, and once the other owners catch on, that will likely cause a run on offense. End result is that, of the nine $1 pitchers you pick up, at least a handful of them will be under value and worthwhile to keep.

Conditions necessary for success: You must be able to maximize your points in all the offensive categories. Your league must allow free drops for free agents. You must be confident in your trading abilities.

Risks: You must be able to manage your roster during the season to gain more balance, but the other owners may be too ticked off to trade with you.

Result: With optimal execution, there's a high probability of finishing in the money. We've heard of no incidence of anyone winning outright with this strategy. Yet.

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