Bernhard Plan

by on March 10, 2009 @ 00:00:00 PDT


Instead of punting categories to optimize your expenditures, you draft a team in which every batter gives you 300-499 AB. If you succeed, you will lead your league in AB and finish in the top three in all hitting categories on sheer volume alone. This plan was named by writer Mike Vogel... "the Plan is so ugly, it's beautiful, like Sandra Bernhard."

What you potentially gain: A successful Bernhard will net you 42 percent of the total points from your hitters which means you only need to capture a third of the pitching points to reach 75 percent, which is normally enough to finish in the money. In addition, building a team around these middle-of-the-road hitters gives you an offense that can better withstand injury. It is always easier to replace a 350 AB player than a 550 AB player.

Conditions necessary for success: You have to be satisfied with an offensive lineup that contains no superstars.

Risks: There is no pitching side to the Bernhard Plan, so you have to fend for yourself there.

Result: Tricky to execute, but provides a high probability of finishing in the money.

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