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by Michael Egnak on April 4, 2008 @ 10:47:24 PDT


Agent Ken Rush recently set KFFL up with an interview with Ohio University running back Kalvin McRae. The Georgia native has not missed a game in his entire college career, racking up more than 4,000 rushing yards in his career with the Bobcats. McRae finished 2007 with 1,434 rushing yards on 294 carries while scoring 19 touchdowns. A solid receiver, he also caught 29 passes out of the backfield for 275 receiving yards with another touchdown.

McRae finds himself in a rare spot for a player coming out of Ohio University. Invited to both the Hula Bowl and the NFL Scouting Combine, he's one of the few Bobcats to receive this much attention prior to the draft. The last player drafted out of the school was punter Dave Zastudil, who was picked in the fourth round by the Baltimore Ravens in 2002. Prior to Zastudil, the last player drafted out of Ohio University was in 1976 when the Miami Dolphins grabbed punter Mike Green in the 16th round.

Table: Kalvin McRae - Ohio University - Career Statistics (2004-07)

Rush Yds
Rec Yds

Michael Egnak: Have you met with many teams at this point?

Kalvin McRae: At this point I haven't. I talked to a couple on the phone and a few through e-mail, but face-to-face I haven't.

ME: Are there any teams showing more interest in you?

KM: No, everything's pretty much been the same for everybody.

ME: Where do you expect to go in the NFL Draft?

KM: Right now, anywhere between the fourth round and up is where I'm looking at realistically. It would be great if I could squeeze my way into the third round.

ME: Are there any teams or areas of the country you would like to play in most?

KM: It'd be great to play down south. I was born and raised in the South, raised in Georgia. It'd be a great opportunity for the family to come see me and enjoy some good weather at the same time.

ME: How do you feel you performed at the Hula Bowl?

KM: The Hula Bowl was a good experience. As far as how I did, I think I took advantage of the opportunity I was given. The rotation we had wasn't really set up for a running back to get into a good rhythm and get a lot of exposure. But just the opportunity to go over there and play, and play in front of some of the scouts, was good enough for me. As a matter fact, I did a good job with the opportunities I was given.

ME: Could you discuss your performances at the NFL Scouting Combine and your Pro Day?

KM:I didn't really perform the way I expected to or wanted to, but I think I went out and did my best. I did a good job. I didn't do anything that would hurt myself. I think I ran what people expected me to run. Like I said, I didn't do anything to hurt myself; I pretty much stayed where I was.

ME: Were you focused on any particular drills when you prepared for them?

KM: No, I trained for everything. I put a little more emphasis on the 40 [40-yard dash] with that being the biggest thing scouts want to see.

ME: How do you feel your durability will benefit you over other running backs in this year's draft class?

KM: Hopefully it will benefit me. Just being able to be in the game a long time is huge for a team. Not having to bring another running back in on third down and just getting yourself on the field and helping your team is also huge. I've shown I can do that throughout my college career. I played in every game since I've been in college. I started every game I played from my sophomore to senior year. Hopefully it will help me out a lot.

ME: What other aspects of your game can you bring to the NFL that other backs can't?

KM: On the field, just being that complete running back. Being able to do everything a team needs me to do as far as catching the ball, blocking and running. Off the field, I've never been in trouble. I'm not a person that you're going to have to worry about getting in trouble and going out and making bad decision. I've done everything right on and off the field during my college career, and I'll be able to carry that over to the NFL.

ME: Are there any aspects of your game that you feel you need to improve on?

KM: I could get better at pass protection. I think a person can never get too good at pass protection. I feel like I'm very confident in my pass-protection skills, but it's just an area where you can always get better.

ME: Is there a particular NFL system you feel you fit best?

KM:There's not one I can think of off the top of my head. I feel I can come in and play for any system. I can pick up on an offense and do what I have to do.

ME: Do you feel playing in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) will drive your draft stock down lower than it should be?

KM:I don't know. I do feel like if I went to a bigger school, I probably would have gotten more exposure than playing in the MAC. I think the MAC conference has proven to have players capable of playing in the next level. A lot of the guys they've put out have gone on to have successful careers in the NFL, so I don't think it will hurt me.

ME: What are some ways you're trying to prove you can put up big numbers against top-talent on a weekly basis?

KM: I don't really know how you can prove it other than playing the game. Some of the bigger schools I've played against in my career, I've tried to go and have a good game against. But I think that's a situation where it's going to show whenever you step on the field at the next level.

ME: Have any coaches or former players offered you advice on how to handle the NFL Scouting Combine or your Pro Day?

KM: No.

ME: You've been going through this process sort of blind?

KM: Kind of sort of just taking it as it comes. Our last player to get drafted was a punter, and I don't even know the last player to go the combine. I talked to wide receiver Chris Henry from the Cincinnati Bengals; he and I have the same agent. He game some advice on what to expect and how to handle some things.

ME: Do you feel pressure that you're one of the few from Ohio University to have this much exposure coming out of college?

KM: No pressure at all, just honored. Me going through the combine and this whole process, I can now turn around and give advice to some of the young guys who will go through this process after me. Now they'll have somebody who's gone through the process and have someone they can call to get advice from.

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