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by Mike Mady on April 2, 2007 @ 16:00:00 PDT


It is not rare to see teenagers drafted into the NBA, NHL and MLB; however, in the NFL it is pretty much unheard of at least until now. At just 19 years old, Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye not only will be drafted before his 20th birthday, he has a chance to be drafted in the top-10 a rare accomplishment for a rare talent. 


Okoye is a native of Nigeria, where he spent the better part of the first decade of his life. He began school at the age of 2 and excelled. He had the equivalent of an American ninth-grade education by the time he was 12. The 180-pound 12-year-old enrolled in football in an effort to maintain his weight.

What was originally a hobby meant for health developed into a college scholarship and eventually made Okoye the NCAA's youngest player (16). Showing improvement every season, Okoye became a fulltime starter his junior year and a team captain his senior year where he posted 55 tackles with eight sacks. Now Okoye is preparing to make the jump to the NFL and be the youngest player in the league; however, being the youngest in a group is something Okoye is accustomed to.


Okoye has many tremendous attributes to his name, working hard to develop many of them throughout his college career; however, the most appealing of all his age is something he hasn't had to work for. The thought of a 6-foot-2, 302-pound defensive tackle that ran a 4.97 40-yard dash has played a full college career and is coming off an outstanding season is enough to turn heads. Now add in the fact that he hasn't reached his 20th birthday, and you'll catch the eye of every general manager in the league.

Okoye, however, is much more than "a kid with a future." He has many of the tools required for success right now. His size and quickness make him tremendous against the run; his quick first step and athleticism make him equally effective against the pass. He has displayed good power and strength, showing that he can handle double teams. He also uses his strength, quickness and a combination of effective line stunts to collapse the pocket quickly.

All of the positive characteristics, qualities and skills possessed by Okoye have tremendous potential for improvement because of his age. Working with a NFL coaching staff and NFL training staff will only aide Okoye's development to help him continue to improve, as he's done through college. Okoye has the potential to be a dominant player for years to come.

Okoye's upside doesn't stop at his age or his on-the-field strengths. He's also a hard worker who's mature beyond his years and a good team player.


All the attention garnered by Okoye's age has raised questions as well. Mainly, is he being overvalued because he is only 19? Some believe that scouts and general mangers are more interested in his age than his talents, attracted to the long-term potential rather than the current player.

Also, Okoye's age raises concerns of maturity. Although he has displayed great maturity thus far, how will he adjust to the fame of the NFL?

Okoye also needs some work on technique and the use of his hands. He has the tendency to disappear at times during games; he will need to improve his overall constancy.

Despite a tremendous senior year Okoye's previous three seasons were not nearly as impressive 66 tackles and 2.5 sacks during that time. However, he was only 16, 17 and 18, respectively, during those seasons.

Draft Placement

Okoye is a great talent with tremendous upside. He figures to be a top-15 and possible top-10 selection in April's draft.

Okoye has the tools to be an effective player within a year; however, it is what he could develop into that's appealing. With the proper coaching Okoye could be one of the league's elite defensive tackles for years to come.

The concerns surrounding Okoye are not limited to him, as most young defensive tackles have the same problems. All of his negatives can be negated with time and proper coaching.

Okoye not only has the most upside of any defensive tackle in the draft, he may be the best defensive tackle in the draft. He potentially could go as high as No. 6 overall to the Washington Redskins and doesn't figure to fall out of the top 20. Expect the St. Louis Rams to give him strong consideration if they don't outright select him at No. 13 overall.

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