Darrell Hackney Interview

by on April 18, 2006 @ 16:00:00 PDT


KFFL's Michael Egnak recently conducted an interview with Alabama-Birmingham quarterback Darrell Hackney.

Michael Egnak: Where do you expect to go in the NFL Draft?

Darrell Hackney: Really, I have no idea. My Pro Day went well and the Combine went well, so I really have no idea where I'll go in the draft.

ME: Have any teams showed more interest in you than others?

DH: No, I don't feel that way. Other people feel that way like my coaches and agent, they feel that way. But I'm not trying to listen to that stuff and believe all that right now. You have no idea what's going to happen on Draft Day.

ME: Are you scheduled to visit with any teams between now and the draft?

DH: I worked out Thursday (April 13) for the Atlanta Falcons.

ME: Are there any others?

DH: That's it for right now.

ME: Have you visited with any other teams before?

DH: No, I've been getting phone calls from teams though. Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles called, too.

ME: Do you think you improved your draft stock with your performance at the NFL Combine and at your Pro Day?

DH: I really do. With my workout at the Combine, it was average because you really don't get that many throws and they really can't see you make harder throws. So with the teams that came to my Pro Day, they really got to see me all-out. To see how far I can throw, how strong my arm is, to move around in the pocket and everything. I even got on my knee at the end and threw from the 50-yard line through the goal-post, on one knee.

ME: What teams were at your Pro Day?

DH: The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach took me through all the drills.

ME: For fans who aren't familiar with you, what characteristics do you bring on and off the field that you want them to know about you?

DH: On the field, I bring leadership, my charisma, I'm a likeable person, I can make people follow my lead and I go all-out on every play. I never leave anything on the field. Off the field, you can say the same thing. I do a lot of community service in the Atlanta area and I really helped change the program at UAB. Wherever I go in the draft, I can help change their program too.

ME: Is there a specific team you would like to play or a certain area of the country you prefer to live in?

DH: No, there's no specific team or specific part of the country. I just want to play football and live out my long-life dream.

ME: Is there a favorite team you had growing up?

DH: Everybody loved the Dallas Cowboys growing up. They were America's team, so I'll pick the Cowboys.

ME: What do you feel are your strengths that help set you apart from the competition?

DH: My accuracy, my arm strength and my ability to break tackles in the open field. I'm hard to prepare for because I do all things well. My speed is OK for a big guy. I weighed in at 239 pounds and ran a 4.76 and a 4.82, so I think my speed is OK. And I can make every NFL throw.

ME: Is there a specific quarterback in the NFL you compare yourself to or look up to?

DH: I look up to all NFL quarterbacks, even the backups. They're at a position that I want to reach, starters and backups. I look up to them all. I don't compare myself to any other quarterbacks; I'm my own special person. 

ME: What areas do you feel you still need to improve at?

DH: I just need to see more defenses. In college, I saw a limited number of defenses and in the NFL, you see every defense possible known to man. That's why I need to watch more film. I watch film everyday, I'm still watching film.

ME: Do you feel playing for a small school has hurt your draft stock?

DH: I wouldn't say that it hurt my draft stock. I think its people's opinions that UAB is a small school. We play at least two elite college teams every year, and we show how good we are when we're playing those teams. We went down to the wire with Tennessee this year. That one put us on the map. I don't think UAB has hurt my stock, but I think it's the people who have their opinions about UAB that has hurt my stock.

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