Chris Chester Interview

by on April 7, 2006 @ 16:00:00 PDT


KFFL's Michael Egnak conducted an interview with Oklahoma offensive lineman Chris Chester.

Michael Egnak: Do you miss playing tight end, or do you enjoy playing as an offensive lineman more?

Chris Chester: I enjoy just pretty much playing football.

ME: Do you prefer center or guard?

CC: I prefer center, but I don't think there's much of a difference.

ME: Do you think you could play tight end in the NFL at all?

CC: Yeah, if the team needed me to.

ME: Where do you expect to go in the NFL Draft?

CC: I don't know, my agent saying somewhere in the first day.

ME: Has anyone contacted you about taking you?

CC: No, not really.

ME: Are you scheduled to visit with any teams between now and the draft?

CC: Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams.

ME: Do you think you improved your draft stock with your performance at the NFL Combine and at your Pro Day?

CC: Yes, I do.

ME: Has anyone said you did really well and jumped up their draft boards?

CC: Coaches said I did well, that my performance solidified my athleticism.

ME: Has anyone said which position you would likely play in the NFL?

CC: At center.

ME: For fans who aren't familiar with you, what characteristics do you bring on and off the field that you want them to know about you?

CC: On field, I think I'm quite persistent and a hard worker - off the field as well in preparing yourself for football.

ME: Is there a specific team you would like to play or a certain area of the country you prefer to live in?

CC: Not really to be honest. Just whoever gives me an opportunity to play, I'm interested.

ME: What do you feel are your strengths that help set you apart from the competition?

CC: Athleticism, No. 1, the condition I'm in and tenacity.

ME: What areas do you feel you still need to improve at?

CC: Just play more football so I can learn all the subtleties about it and about my position.

ME: What are you going to do to try to improve in these areas?

CC: Just film and stuff and talking to people. Being real particular about what I watch in the film room.

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