Fantasy Baseball Round Table: What do you do during the All-Star break?

by Todd Zola, on July 9, 2014 @ 11:02:38 PDT


This time next week will be the All-Star break. What will you do during the four-day break from fantasy box scores with respect to managing your fantasy squads?

Lawr Michaels

Well, we are off to the mountains with our music community (about 75 of us) for our annual "get out of the city, eat, sleep, read, sleep, jam, kayak, swim, sleep, and goof around week."

SS Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Jeter festivities a reason to clear head

Big fun.

I still have columns to do, though.

And, if I am in a league where I am in contention, now is the time I want to cut a deal. 

In the leagues where I am not in contention, I want to try to swap for next year (if keeper leagues) and for my throw back leagues, think about football season.

Tim Heaney

A recharge period of a day or two is a good idea. Step away from the computer and smartphone. We who play in industry leagues are probably in several of them, and any period of respite will help you gain clarity -- and perhaps allow you to say hi to your family for a bit.

I'm with Lawr, though, on initiating trades soon after that. With not much else going on, you can see where your true needs are and what can be done over the final two months or so. The All-Star festivities will still keep baseball on the minds of your league mates, so while you're talking about who was snubbed or Derek Jeter's midsummer finale, you can strike while the iron is at least simmering.

Perry Van Hook

Well the three days without box scores are certainly a shock to the system and normal routine.

I do try and enjoy the days off and watch the All Star game itself for enjoyment. If I watch the HR Derby it is more for entertainment purposes but I would be more likely to go see a movie with my wife on a "night off."

It used to be in my AL- and NL-only home leagues the ASB was a time for more trading but that seems to start earlier or wait for the deadline in later years. Plus since I don't live in LALA-land any more I don't try and organize an All Star Game party for league members as I used to do.

Zach Steinhorn

I always go into the All-Star break planning on taking a few days off from fantasy, but more times than not, a few days turns into one day, at most. With no box scores to monitor, I need my fantasy fix, so I tend to spend more time than usual exploring trade possibilities. As Lawr mentioned, for those in keeper leagues, now is an ideal time to once and for all decide if you are a buyer or a seller. I do enjoy watching the All-Star festivities though, as long as none of my fantasy players get injured.

Lord Zolaís Wrap-up

Iím actually on-the-clock with a couple of my gigs, helping out ESPN with some All-Star break content and will be working the Derby and All-Star game for MLBAM. But I am looking forward to a few days without games as a means to catch up with my spreadsheets and do a real extensive scrub of playing time expectations for the second half. In addition, I am really looking forward to having some free time to work on my own daily fantasy spreadsheet. Of course the time to take advantage of DFS is early in the season before there is matriculation. But as both my research advisor in grad school as well as my boss for 15 years in industry both said independently, thereís three ways to do something: the right way, the wrong way and Toddís way.

I actually have a slightly different take towards trades and recharging, etc. I completely agree with everything that has been said. However, this is the only time of the season for a little "me" time between me and my teams. Iíll respond to trades if queried but I wonít initiate anything. A lot can slip through the cracks when we do what we do so I like to kick back and catch up on what I may have missed. Have I been playing someone in a mixed league that is now in a platoon while leaving a regular on the bench? I also like to review all my injured players and get the most updated return date info.

For me, the recharging comes from the confidence Iím as prepared as possible to take on the proverbial second half. Time off would be nice but my venturing into the daily arena has interrupted those plans. However, Iím perfectly OK with that as the enjoyment I derive from playing DFS balances that out.

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