Fantasy Baseball Round Table: Researching and preparing FAAB, pickups

by Todd Zola, on April 23, 2014 @ 12:04:32 PDT


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Tim Heaney

When researching for my six leagues that carry a FAAB process, I have KFFL's Hot off the Wire open (cheap plug). Because a ton of news happens over the weekend, I always give a thorough read of each WW list (sorting by % owned as well as stat-period rankings for an informational balance) and every Friday night line up preliminary waiver targets, with a spreadsheet for all my leagues.

If I'm not on duty when news breaks Saturday, I do a late-night sweep of any big events. I do the same after each wave of Sunday contests so I can get my final read on players I may have interest in. Thanks to the recency bias, Sunday happenings always seem to influence a player's market value, either through good or bad performances, so I also try to play the over- and undervaluation game in what I guess owners will do in terms of looking to add a player.

Other methods include:

  • Keeping watch lists of players on each waiver wire, including potential farm call-ups, as well as a makeshift log of who has been dropped and which FAs made it through the run without finding a team. This makes things easier in weekly pickup games so you can identify some desired adds sooner -- it doesn't hurt to check whether Gregory Polanco types are still available in your league.
  • Comparing and contrasting a few probable pitcher sources, including and the respective services of the league host sites. Some update more quickly than others, so Google News can rectify any discrepancies. 
  • Tracking updated FAAB totals for each league heading into Sunday, and calculate how much I can theoretically spend per week. Of course, each situation is unique and dictates how closely I should stick to a set weekly allotment. Dire situations call for deviation from the norm, after all.
  • Checking for any schedule advantages (two-start pitchers, someone whose team is playing seven games, if someone is facing all RHP, etc.)
  • Exploring any trade opportunities that could facilitate FAAB strategies.

Who says we fantasy analysts don't have lives?

Lord Zola closes us out....

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