Diary of a Fantasy Madman: FAABing and Catching and Closing, Oh My!

by MastersBall.com on April 17, 2014 @ 10:48:56 PDT


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By Zach Steinhorn

Recent thoughts on my Mixed Tout Wars team:

RP Francisco Rodriguez, Milwaukee Brewers
K-Rod worth that bling?

It would have been nice to add a third closer to my Mixed Tout Wars squad, but there's no way I would've felt comfortable shelling out 61 FAAB dollars for Francisco Rodriguez's services. I mean, I do think there's a good chance that he will hold onto the Brewers' ninth inning job for awhile, maybe even the rest of the season, but we're dealing with hypotheticals here. Nearly two-thirds of an entire season's FAAB budget is no hypothetical.

In an e-mail conversation with Cory Schwartz, whose $60 bid topped my $33 attempt, he noted that he's not a fan of the Vickrey bidding system as it encourages and even rewards irrational bidding. Being that the erratic Jose Veras was his second closer, he had an obvious need for an additional saves source and was quite confident that he wouldn't need to pay anything close to $60, so why not enter in a crazy-high bid?

Makes sense, but by the same token, all it takes is one other owner with the same idea to thwart these best laid plans. Yeah, technically he "saved" 26 dollars, but how would he have felt if he had to pay 60? Or even 50? Losing out on K-Rod is a bummer, but at least I can take solace in knowing that because of me, Cory has 11 fewer FAAB dollars at his disposal. Vickrey adds another element to this game that we all love, the mind-game element, and I sort of like it.


It would have been nice to add a third closer. That's because right now, my third closer would become my second closer since my second closer has become my first closer since my first closer, David Robertson is headed for the DL. Still with me?

So what am I supposed to do now? Enter in an irrational bid for Shawn Kelley because it sounds like he will act as the Yankees' closer until Robertson returns? That doesn't sound too smart in the case of Kelly, who is totally unproven in the closer role. But the Cory strategy might be my best option here just to protect myself in the event that Robertson's groin injury is more serious than originally thought. The good news is that it's not considered serious, and Robertson is fully expected to return when eligible.


I'm still freaking out about this whole Ryan Braun numb thumb situation, but I'm feeling a little better about it now. Today, my $38 auction-day investment finally made a positive contribution to my team. And he did it in dramatic fashion, belting three homers and driving in seven in a 10-4 Brewers victory over the Phillies.

Is this a sign that Braun has found a way to manage the injury, or is it more of a fluke and actually a golden opportunity for me to sell high? If I decided to trade him today, what could I realistically get in return? Dealing Braun as soon as possible would surely alleviate what figures to be a season-long headache.

But in an expert league like Tout, one monster game is simply not enough of a sample size to affect his market value. The bottom line is that the thumb issue isn't going away. I usually cringe when all of those self-proclaimed fantasy experts use the "sell-high" term.

So why am I even thinking about this? Maybe selling high based on one game works in a league full of novices, but in Tout? Forget about it. And besides, what if I traded Braun right now for 60 cents on the dollar and he ends up having a Ryan Braun MVP-type season? I would be a lot more upset if that were to happen than if I don't trade him and he drives me nuts all season. Yup, I really do think about this kind of stuff all the time.


Next up: catchers....

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