Fantasy Baseball's Tumbling Dice: What I Would Do

by Lawr Michaels, on April 1, 2014 @ 14:29:12 PDT


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I hate to kick a dead horse. In fact, as an animal lover (we have three each of dogs and cats, and holding that line is tough) just the thought of a dead horse, metaphorical or not, makes me sad.

Brandon Beachy, SP, Atlanta Braves
Play loopholes

Furthermore, I had planned on writing about working the waiver wire and FAAB this time out here at KFFL, but, as I concocted the words for this week in my head, I kept coming back to Fantasy Sherpa Scott Swanay, and his waiver wire challenge.

Since a lot of what I like to do this time of year is try to be aggressive with my money and roster over the first month, and since I kept falling into "What would I do were I Scott?," I thought I would sort of combine the two and deal with the latter issue for the most part. That is because a most of what I would do in either situation is largely the same.

To refresh -- and you can detail in my piece of last week, "Frank Zappa Says" -- Scott wound up with $61 on the table as he made his last Tout Wars Mixed League purchase. So, he slammed down all $61 on the injured Brandon Beachy, knowing the Atlanta hurler would be out all year. So, taking a cue from Glenn Colton, Scott made the buy knowing he could cash the money in and thus have $161 to the $100 of FAAB the rest of the league would have to start the season.

A couple of caveats are that in Tout owners can trade their FAAB as part of a deal, and that Tout uses Vickrey bidding. Vickrey is a system where the winning bid is awarded to the team that makes the highest bid wins the player, but not necessarily at the bid price, but at the cost of the second highest bid plus a dollar. Note we can also submit $0 bids.

One last reminder: Since the league is mixed, the issue of inter-league swaps goes out the window.

What would Lawr's plan be?

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